Best Hotels for kids in Las Vegas

Best Family-friendly Las Vegas Hotels

Most years, springtime in our family means trips to Las Vegas. I know nothing screams “bring the kids” like a trip to Vegas – but I guess I’m a glutton for punishment! So here’s the thing, Vegas has quite a reputation. We all know this. But I’ve found that getting a condo out of town and running to the strip just for work is well…sad? depressing? way too grown up!

In Vegas, I become remarkably picky I’m looking for swank and glitz that you would expect from Las Vegas  – but also a place that keeps their cleanliness standards high and has activities on site for the entire family. That is a tough list for any city, but I feel like I have truly found the BEST hotels for kids in Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas Strip

Oh MGM, what would Las Vegas be without you? Yes they have lots of choices on the strip, so why does the Bay win?


THE POOL! If you need to entertain kids for an entire day…this pool can do it! With a lazy river and slides it is by far superior to many hotels…like anywhere. The hotel has a nice shopping area but is enough off the beaten path that it doesn’t get crowded like other hotels. The buffet is one of the better quality for the price range and they typically have coupons or you can even do the MGM dining pass. It’s a large resort and the air quality is very nice in most places. It is also the location of the shark reef aquarium, don’t expect it to be an all-day attraction…but it is fun for an hour or so!


The parking garage is a bit…yuck. Like most hotels in the area they will make you walk through the casino to get to the room, but it isn’t a long walk and typically is smoke-free. Rooms are also “meh”.

Golden Nugget

Freemont Street, Las Vegas

Yep…you better believe they made the list!


I’m a fan, its true. But let’s add that gigantic caveat once again…I will ONLY stay in the Rush tower. Like I’ve said before, this is a completely smoke-free tower with a private entrance. The great thing about the Golden Nugget is it has been very upgraded, but since it is on Freemont street (less desirable, down the road from the strip) it is always significantly cheaper, meaning I can become a VIP for less money than a standard room on the strip. Now lets talk pool…a shark tank with a slide in the middle? That is a kid fave no matter their age! Babies are mesmerized by the sharks swimming circles and bigger kids go down the slide on repeat for hours. I’m also quite a fan of their buffet for breakfast…very yummy and not expensive!


Although the rooms are superb, the Rush tower is almost entirely King rooms. So once kids need their own bed you are talking multiple rooms or switching to a suite. Also I NEVER get a good view, but hey maybe that is just me.

Palms Place

Off the Strip (and the other side of the freeway) Las Vegas

Not gonna lie…this is probably where we are staying in a few weeks…


While still being attached via an interior walking bridge, it is a separate hotel entirely. Palms Place definitely kicks the “Cool” vibes up a notch or two. The lobby is ultra-sleek and completely separate from the Casino at the Palms. It is actually a hotel/condo so some of the rooms are privately owned and rented through Airbnb. You really feel like you are getting a Vegas experience, but you also know your kids are safe and welcome. Similar to the Golden Nugget, it tends to have a lower price point so it is easy to upgrade to their suites without breaking your budget. The hotels come with a lot of upgrades you wouldn’t expect, beautiful full kitchen, living room, and separate sleeping area. Most suites have killer views and help soothe those “not on the strip” wounds. A quick walk puts you right into the action of the Palms entertainment wing. With a full Cinemark theater and food court, I easily found food my whole family could eat without dragging us to another darn buffet!


Like the Golden Nugget, most of the suites are King beds only. However, Palms Place does have a large living room couch that would easily fit two children. I wasn’t able to view the pool so I am not sure how friendly it is towards kids…but with photos of bikinis and margaritas I’d imagine they may feel a bit uncomfortable. I did have an issue with my sheets smelling a bit of old cigarettes…I’m not sure why that was but they quickly changed them and it wasn’t an issue.

Green Valley Ranch

Henderson, NV

Yesss, technically this is not in Las Vegas, but it impressed me enough to make my list. If you ok with a 30-minute commute to the strip. It is quite the bright shiny light of Henderson, Nevada.


The Resort has been decorated in a beautiful French Country vibe. The lobby is grand and beautiful, but also very separate from the Casino. We quickly reached our rooms and went out to explore the grounds and pool area. The Pool is the real gem of this resort, it was quite large with lots of chairs and even complimentary lemon water. Half of the pool is a very shallow wading pool and the floor is SAND! It was absolutely magical for my toddler to play in the sand and dip toes in the water. The Resort has its own movie theater and dining choices, but what we really loved was that it’s located next to an outdoor mall. We took a fun stroll and ate at a must cheaper (yet still delicious) local restaurant.


We literally got lost in the resort. It is a bit confusing and if you don’t take the right turn, you can end up in a completely different wing of the resorts. The rooms are “Hilton” grade, beautiful bedding, and a great night’s sleep but you could have been ANYWHERE, which is just not very Las Vegas now is it?

Do you have a favorite spot in Vegas I should try? Cast your vote below and I’ll check it out!!

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