Top 10 Best Nevada Tourist Attractions

Top 10 Most Beautiful Things to Do in Nevada

Nevada is one of the most beautiful states in the US. Every year tourists come here to enjoy the casinos and amazing nature around Nevada. I am going to describe the top 10 most beautiful places in Nevada.

10. Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon is another attraction among the Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Nevada. The Red Rock Canyon access about 195, 819 acres. Almost one million tourists visit this Canyon every year. There are 30 miles of hiking trails. Tourists do rock climbing, and mountain biking here. You can go there for a picnic because there are great picnic areas as well.

Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

9. Lehman Caves, Baker

Lehman Caves is another favorite place for tourists among the Top 10 Most Beautiful places to visit in Nevada. This cave was found in 1885. It attracts thousands of visitors every year. The temperature is low here and tourists come here to enrich their photography collection. Candlelight tour is another attraction of Lehman Caves.

8. Lake Mead Cruise, Boulder City

Lake Mead is another attraction among the Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Nevada. It’s the largest reservoir in the U.S.A. It contains the maximum water. Lake Mead Cruise is 112 miles long and you can do cruising, fishing, swimming, boating, photography, water skiing, and so on.

Lake Mead, Nevada

7. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is another favorite place for tourists among the Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Nevada.  The snowy view and weather is going to blow your mind and make you shiver. Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long and it’s in 3rd place among the deepest lakes of North America.  You are free to cruise, fishing, and ice skating here.

Cascade Falls Hiking Trail, Lake Tahoe
Cascade Falls Hiking Trail, Lake Tahoe

6. Grand Canyon Tours, Las Vegas

Grand Canyon is another attraction among the Top 10 Most Beautiful places in Nevada. It’s in second place on the list of the largest canyons in the world. It has been turned into a national park in 1919. You can enjoy about 250 to 300 species of birds here. You may have a tour of the Grand Canyon to enjoy the views. You will get to watch the films made in the parks; and learn about nature, culture, and science from there as well. It’s also suitable for hiking, and rafting. Another attraction is the Air Star Helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Sightseeing Trips

5. Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

You are in Nevada. Then you must have a tour of Hoover Dam, especially for the height lover. The Hoover Dam is 726 feet high from the ground. The construction of this great Hoover Dam took about five years, from 1931 to 1936. Tourists come here for a photo shoot and to enjoy the view from the Hoover Dam. The views of Mead Lake are just an incredible form here.

Hoover Dam

4. Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

The Fremont Street was founded in 1905 along with the foundation of Las Vegas. Fremont Street is a paved street, and it was the first in Las Vegas as well. The first-ever traffic light in the city is also situated here. The environment of Fremont Street is very friendly. There are lots of casinos by the Fremont Street as well. The light show makes people come there whenever they are on a tour of Las Vegas.

Fremont Experience

3. Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of light and nightlife. Among all the night attractions, Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains offers one of the most spectacular views in Las Vegas. It’s totally free to watch the playing of Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains with the light and music. The hotels beside the mountain do great business because the tourist mostly stays at those hotels. The dance form and shape of the Bellagio Fountains keep changing from time to time. People love to increase their photographic skills here.

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas Nevada USA
Bellagio Fountain. By flickr/eric5dmark2

2. Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is called the city of casinos. It seems most of all the casinos over the world are in Las Vegas. You may find the different types and friendly casinos over there. The most interesting facts about the Las Vegas Casinos are mostly enjoyable not only because of the gambling but also for the whole environment, the music, dance, drink, laughter, and all. You can also stay at the hotels and enjoy the Las Vegas circus. The tourist makes their tour to Las Vegas because of the casinos as well.

Binions Las Vegas Million dollars

1. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas

More than 37 million tourists visit Las Vegas Strip every year.  Las Vegas is the brightest city, if anyone looks from the sky at night. The first casino in Las Vegas was first built on Highway 99; its name was Pair O-Dice Club. Las Vegas is mainly famous for gambling, Casinos, and shopping. The nightlife of the Las Vegas Strip is the most enjoyable in Las Vegas Strip.  There are hold so many events over the Las Vegas Strip. The crowd is really crazy and drinks are their favorite drink. It’s probably the main tourist attraction among the top 10 most beautiful places in Nevada.

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