Stream MTV Live Online For Free Without Cable

When MTV was first introduced decades ago, it was mainly a channel known for broadcasting the best music videos. But over the past few years, the channel transformed into a network known for exciting reality shows and original scripted shows. If you’ve been a fan of MTV for years but decided to cut the cord on cable, then this guide will show you how to watch your favorite shows online!MTV

MTV was always a popular network but because of shows like MTV Suspect, Teen Mom, Awkward, and Catfish, the network’s popularity skyrocketed in recent years. Their shows are always packed with suspense and drama, which makes lots of people become addicted to them. Other shows that also became popular over the years is Real World, Teen Wolf, and Daria. And if you’re a cable cutter who haven’t been able to watch your favorite shows, well we are going to go over a few of the best and affordable ways to stream MTV shows online!

Yes, you can now watch your favorite MTV shows without having a cable connection. And best of all it’s totally legal. You can even watch MTV live streams on watch shows on demand. That means no matter the time of day, you can easily watch your favorite MTV shows online. There are multiple ways to start watching them so we’ll go over the pros and cons of the best ways to stream MTV network shows online!

Watch The best MTV Shows Online with AT&T TV NOW

One of the most popular ways to watch all of your favorite MTV shows online without cable is through an online streaming service called AT&T TV NOW. It offers not only just MTV but many cable channels that you can watch at any time. Some of the best channels include ESPN, AMC, MTV, A&E, MSNBC, BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network, and many other amazing channels.

Another good thing about AT&T TV NOW is that it also includes local channels in most markets across the nation. It also gives subscribers access to its huge library of on-demand shows. And if you’re really into movies, then there’s a package for you! You can easily add HBO or Cinemax for the low price of just $5 per month.

The pricing for AT&T TV NOW starts at just $35 a month and goes up from there depending on how many add-on packages you add to your account. AT&T TV NOW works on the majority of the most popular streaming devices on the market today including Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and smartphones. Also, now there’s a promotion going on that allows consumers to try AT&T TV NOW free for 7 days.

This way you can watch all of your favorite shows and new shows that have started broadcasting for an entire week to see if it’s something you would want to sign up monthly for. And for those who actually signs up after the 7-day free trial, there are a few specials you can take advantage of.

If you prepay for your AT&T TV NOW service for 1 month, you can get the popular Amazon Fire TV absolutely free. And if you prepay for 3 months, you’ll be eligible to receive a free Apple TV. AT&T TV NOW doesn’t have any type of mobile restrictions so you can watch your favorite tv shows while on the go!

Watch Your Favorite MTV Shows Online using Sling TV

Here are some amazing news cord cutters: MTV is now featured on Sling TV! Check out a few details about the service:

  • Very Affordable – Stream dozens of amazing channels for just $20 a month with no long term commitment or fees!
  • Besides MTV, other popular channels include TBS, ESPN, TNT, AMC, CNN, and many more.
  • The Comedy Plus Extra Package includes MTV for just an extra $5 a month.
  • Easily watch all the best movies, shows, sports and news LIVE and even with on-demand
  • You can watch using plenty of devices including smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, smartphones and tablets

And even though MTV is not a part of the basis Sling TV package, you can easily add it as an add-on for just $5 more a month, making the total for the entire package just $25! Sling TV is also running a few deals right now including a free Roku 2 streaming device or you can get a discount of $60 on the purchase of an Apple TV. And while they do change at times, you can usually catch this deal at any time throughout the year. Also, Sling TV, just like DirecTV Now, offers a free 7-day trial.

Watch Your Favorite MTV Shows with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is without a doubt one of the most popular services on the market today. For starters, if you shop with Amazon, you get free 2-day shipping on all orders, you get free access to a music library consisting of millions of popular songs. And best of all, you can watch plenty of movies, and exclusive tv shows. You also get access to popular cable channels including MTV.

With Amazon Prime, you can watch entire seasons of amazing shows such as Teen Wolf, Real World, Awkward, Catfish, and many more! For newly broadcasted shows, you can buy single episodes on Amazon instant video 21 hours after it’s aired on MTV. With Amazon Prime, you also get access to select seasons of popular HBO shows for free! Amazon Prime costs $99 a year but that equates to only $8 monthly. You can add premium packages for just $3 to $8 more per month. And if you haven’t already, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

Watch Your Favorite MTV Shows Using Hulu

Hulu is another popular way to watch MTV shows online. It doesn’t have live streaming, but you’ll get access to a huge library of shows on-demand. There’s a good mix of old and new shows. For newer shows, the wait time is usually about 8 days until they are added to the library. As for pricing plans, you can get either the $7.99 a month option that has limited commercials, or the $11.99 a month option that has no commercials. You can watch Hulu on mostly any device and you can also add premium packages for $9 a month. Hulu also provides new customers with a free 7-day trial.

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