Top 10 Best Montana Tourist Attractions

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Montana

Montana is a stunning destination, filled with picturesque parks, museums, mountain ranges, and landscaping that will leave you breathless. Tourists flock to this beautiful state for the opportunity to explore its abundant attractions and sights. From charming lakeside villages to majestic mountain peaks, here are ten of the most spectacular places to visit in Montana.

10. Geyser Whitewater Expeditions

Gallatin Gateway

Geyser Whitewater Expeditions offers visitors an unforgettable experience in Montana. Located near Yellowstone Park, this outfitter provides the chance to explore some of the most stunning wilderness in the country. With experienced guides leading each excursion, adventurers can traverse class II-IV rapids on the Yellowstone and Madison Rivers. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely float or an adrenaline-filled ride, Geyser Whitewater Expeditions has you covered.

Tours typically last between two and four hours, depending on conditions and river levels. In addition to the excitement of rafting, visitors also get to witness incredible wildlife such as bald eagles and bighorn sheep. Along with its breathtaking surroundings, Geyser Whitewater Expeditions also offers a unique chance to learn about the history of the area. All tours come with educational commentary from knowledgeable guides who will help bring your journey to life.

At Geyser Whitewater Expeditions, guests can look forward to a safe and memorable experience that can’t be found anywhere else. With its perfect combination of thrills and education, this is one of the best tourist attractions in Montana.

9. Fly Fishing Bozeman

Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is home to some of the best fly-fishing spots in Montana, making it a great destination for anglers of all levels of experience. The Gallatin River is the premier spot for trout fishing, and it’s also known for its large population of wild rainbow and brown trout. From April through October, the river offers prime conditions for catching these elusive fish. Nearby spring creeks such as DePuy’s Spring Creek, Petticoat Creek, and Armstrong’s Spring Creek are also favorites among local anglers. For something extra special, try exploring the small streams that make up the Madison River chain.


In addition to its world-renowned fly-fishing spots, Bozeman has plenty of other tourist attractions nearby. Natural hot springs, historic sites, and charming towns are just a short drive away. Of course, fishing isn’t the only activity available in Bozeman – it’s also a great base for exploring some of Montana’s most beautiful state parks and national forests, like Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a longer excursion, Bozeman has something to offer everyone.

8. Montana State Capitol

Helena, MT

The Montana State Capitol is located in the city of Helena and serves as the seat of government for the state. Standing at 307 feet tall, this beautiful building is one of the most impressive landmarks in the state and a must-see attraction. Visitors to the capitol can take guided tours of the building which includes stunning historic murals, grand legislative chambers, and marble halls.

The State Capitol has been open since 1902 and is an impressive example of Beaux Arts style architecture. The site features several gardens and monuments including the Memorial Fountain dedicated to the Montana pioneers who settled the region in 1864.

The building is also home to the Supreme Court of Montana and the governor’s office. For those interested in learning more about the state’s history and government, there are interactive displays throughout the Capitol, offering insight into Montana’s past and present. There is even a gift shop for souvenirs from your visit.

Montana State Capitol is an iconic site in Helena, perfect for tourists looking to explore both its historical and political significance.

7. Montana Historical Society Museum

Helena, MT

The Montana Historical Society Museum is a must-see for any visitor to the state. Located in Helena, the museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits showcasing Montana’s rich history and culture. From interactive displays about Lewis & Clark’s journey through unrivaled collections of Native American art and artifacts to historic documents, photographs, and more, this museum offers something for everyone.

Visitors can get a glimpse into the past by exploring the history of railroads, mining, ranching, and other industries that have shaped Montana’s landscape over time. Additionally, the museum hosts regular educational programs and seminars on topics such as prehistoric archaeology, pioneering women’s history, and more. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to explore the unique aspects of the state, the Montana Historical Society Museum is a must-stop.

6. Montana Rockies

The Montana Rockies are one of the most stunning areas of the state, and they offer some of the best tourist attractions in Montana. From snow-capped mountains to winding rivers and deep canyons, there’s something for everyone in this majestic region. Many visitors flock to the area for its scenic beauty, but it also offers plenty of activities and opportunities for exploration.


From hiking, biking, fishing, and camping to skiing, snowboarding, and sledding, there are countless ways to enjoy the Montana Rockies. With a diverse array of terrain, wildlife, and activities, these mountains are an ideal destination for adventure seekers and those wishing to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Museum of the Rockies

Bozeman, MT

The Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana is a world-renowned museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing the state’s history and natural heritage. From its impressive fossil collection to its interactive exhibits, the museum provides visitors with an immersive experience that celebrates Montana’s unique culture and landscape. The dinosaur gallery houses some of the most complete skeletons ever found in North America, including the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton affectionately named “Peck’s Rex”.


In addition to its fossil exhibits, the museum also offers interactive displays on Native American cultures, early settlers, and more. Visitors can explore the early geology of Montana in the Earth Science Hall, view artwork from local artists in the Tadoussac Gallery, and learn about ecology and conservation in the Valley of the Flowers exhibit. With something for people of all ages, the Museum of the Rockies is one of the top attractions in Montana and should not be missed.

4. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is one of the historical and important among the top 10 most beautiful places in Montana. If you are a history enthusiast, you should visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. I am pretty sure that you will love it. You can explore the galleries as well and learn about the natives and their stories. They fought bravely to save their heritage. The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument actually resembles the US Army’s 7th Cavalry Division and the Sioux and Cheyenne. That was the last effort by the natives to protect their existence and life leading way.

3. Lewis and Clark Trail

Rocky Mountain Passages

The Lewis and Clark Trail is a spectacular journey through Montana that offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, the vast prairies, and the turquoise rivers. The trail begins at the Headwaters of the Missouri River in Great Falls and winds through some of Montana’s most impressive landscapes before reaching its end at St. Louis, Missouri. Along the way, you’ll traverse rugged back roads and witness some of the most unique wildlife found in the western U.S.


From metal-framed bridges to tranquil lakeside campgrounds, the Lewis and Clark Trail is filled with incredible scenic beauty and historical sites. You can take side trips to historic outposts like Fort Benton or follow the iconic markers that denote significant sites along the path. In addition, several towns on the route provide excellent accommodation and dining options, making it easy to plan an extended stay along the trail.

2. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a nature-lovers paradise, offering unparalleled views of mountains, meadows, rivers, and canyons. This stunning park has been captivating visitors since 1872 and is one of the oldest national parks in the world. Home to a variety of wildlife such as bison, grizzly bears, wolves, elk, and birds, there are plenty of opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat.

Highlights of Yellowstone National Park

Whether you want to explore by foot or take a scenic drive on the Grand Loop Road, Yellowstone provides memorable experiences for everyone who visits. With its geothermal features, waterfalls, hot springs, and mudpots, there is no shortage of incredible sights to behold. No trip to Montana would be complete without a visit to this magical place!

1. Glacier National Park

West Glacier

Another must-see in Montana is Glacier National Park. Take in the view of Lake McDonald from Going-to-the-Sun Road or explore historic chalets and lodges alongside nature trails. But the highlight of any trip here is definitely seeing glaciers up close – just be sure to keep a safe distance!


Glacier National Park Visitors
Glacier National Park Visitors

Glacier National Park is one of Montana’s most breathtaking destinations, and it’s no wonder why. With its majestic mountains and forested landscape, the park has consistently been considered among the world’s most beautiful locations. It’s no surprise that this natural wonder is a favorite destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. Here they can get up close to the diverse wildlife and explore miles of trails in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Visitors seeking a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can find solace in the cottage accommodations at the park. Whatever you’re looking for – whether it be breathtaking views or moments of solitude – Glacier National Park is sure to fulfill your desires.

Final Word

Montana is a state that offers a wealth of natural beauty and exciting attractions to explore. With its vast national parks, breathtaking mountain views, and stunning wildlife, it’s no wonder that the area continues to be a popular destination for travelers. From iconic roadside attractions to vibrant cities, there are countless things to see and do in this incredible state.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, you can find it in Montana. As always, it is important to abide by all safety regulations while visiting any of these attractions, but with a little bit of planning and forethought, you will have a fun and memorable trip. So pack your bags and get ready to experience some of the best tourist destinations Montana has to offer!

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