Explore Worlds of Fun Amusement Park in Kansas City MO

Worlds of Fun (Kansas City) Tour & Review

Whether you’re heading to Kansas City for work or pleasure, consider stopping by Worlds of Fun. After reading this, you must be wondering what makes Worlds of Fun Kansas City so special that you have to visit it. The park opened back in 1973 and features 7 different roller coasters all based in a fantastic setting.

Worlds Of Fun Roller Coasters

Worlds of Fun Kansas City is home to over 30 rides divided between Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun Kansas City. At the Worlds of Fun Theme Park, you have a choice between thrill rides and roller coasters. If you are a fan of screaming your lungs out as you plunge through steep drops, here are some options you should consider:


Aside from being one of the most prominent roller coasters at Worlds of Fun, Mamba’s fame exceeds Kansas City limits as it is one of the tallest, longest and fastest rides in the world. Just the first drop is 205 feet, so you can imagine what you will go through on its rails.


If Kansas City was known for its Theme Parks, Prowler would have put the city and Worlds of Fun on the map. Voted in the Top 10 by Amusement Today as the Best New Ride in the world, this coaster will zoom you through forested terrain and wriggle a few screams out of you.

Timber Wolf

One of the first wooden coasters in Kansas City, Timber Wolf is a thrilling ride that will make you scream at hairpin turns and its 560-degree helix.

Worlds Of Fun Kansas City Thrill Rides

Coasters aside, this Kansas City Summer Theme Park is home to different many thrill rides like:


This Worlds of Fun ride comprises of two 200-foot towers and two chair lift-type seats. Once strapped in, prepare to kiss the sky of Kansas City as you are propelled towards it at 45 miles per hour.

Fury of the Nile

For those who enjoy river rafting with friends, Fury of the Nile offers you the chance to fight high-speed rapids and bump against the bank of the ride.


Known to be one of the fun rides at Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun, all you have to do is stand in the large circular ride and prepare to rotate at speeds beyond your imagination.

Oceans of Fun – Kansas City

The second area within Worlds of Fun Kansas City is the Water Park Oceans of Fun Kansas City. Oceans of Fun is a great water park in Kansas City that’s attached to World’s of Fun- 2 parks for one price! It is the ideal spot for those seeking a wet n wild Kansas City vacation because of its 13 slides and pools, including the 43 feet long inner tube slide Aruba Tuba and the 20,000 square foot pool Coconut Cove.

If you’re interested in stopping by Ocean of Fun, make sure to book your tickets in advance because Worlds of Fun tickets do not cover the water park’s attractions.

Worlds of Fun Kansas City Live Entertainment

Worlds of Fun Kansas City offers award-winning shows on a regular basis. In addition to providing budding artists from Kansas City with the chance to be discovered, the Kansas City Amusement Park hosts performances from well-known performers.

To find out which show is on and then to make sure to stop by the official website of Worlds of Fun where you’ll also be able to buy your Worlds of fun discount tickets online and gain a great saving off normal gate price admission.

Kansas City Worlds of Fun Discount Tips

There are obviously more than 3 great reasons for you to visit Worlds of Fun Kansas City, like the availability of Worlds of Fun coupons to purchase Worlds of Fun Discount Tickets, but these are the top reasons we thought you should consider.

So, make a date at Kansas City and visit Worlds of Fun soon for Worlds of entertainment on your next family vacation! You’ll need somewhere to sleep right, well check out Worlds of Fun Hotels in Kansas City or you may prefer to see some of the marvelous Kansas City Vacation Rentals available.

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