5 Top Gyms in Detroit to Keep Those Fitness Goals

5 Gyms in Detroit to Beat Your New Year’s Resolution

Diet and exercise are the number one New Year’s Resolution for people. After the first of the year, gym memberships skyrocket and it becomes difficult to find a treadmill at L.A. Fitness and Lifetime. In our opinion, the best way to stick to your guns is to sign up for classes and find some of the more local, and interesting angles. Literally put your money where your mouth is. These are the places in Detroit where we think your hard-earned dollars and time will be best spent. No reward without risk.

True Body Fitness

Kimo Frederiksen at True Body Fitness has countless ways for you to reach your goals. Whether you want to participate in some studio classes, get some diet advice, or get one on one attention, this is a one-stop fitness shop. The spin classes are excellent and varied. There are different class packages and new people get one week of classes for free.

True Body Fitness, 1438 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

Detroit Tough

Detroit Tough is not just a CrossFit gym. It is a place where at any fitness level you can reach your goals. Don’t let the name intimidate you. There are over 40 classes serving every range of athletic range, including yoga. The best part of Detroit Tough is their dedication to the community. Through your membership, you are highly encouraged to give back 2 hours of your time a month to community service in Detroit, and all the outlets are provided there. The icing on the cake? A full endurance program for serious athletes led by a professional tri-athlete, coach Terra. Their motto says it all.

“It’s where we train, it’s where we work and it’s our responsibility to take care of it.”

Detroit Tough, 1244 Beech St, Detroit

The Yoga Shelter Midtown

We have noticed one thing about yoga. People shy away from it because they feel like they are going to be judged, and there are plenty of yoga studios where that is true. The Yoga Shelter in Midtown is not one of them. Leave your worries behind, the shelter is low key. Classes like Vinyasa and slow flow allow you to push yourself to whatever level you are able. The instructors are great. We know because we go. There are classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

The Yoga Shelter Midtown, 69 West Forest, Midtown Detroit

The Detroit Endurance Lab

The name says it all. This is a place to get fierce. From beginning rides all the up to Ironman 3 hour rides on Sunday. You can bring your own road bike or borrow one of theirs for free. This is a spot to put your quads to test and burn off the holidays. Another spoiler, the classes are led by professional triathletes.

The Detroit Endurance Lab, 1938 Franklin, Detroit

CrossFit BMW: Benchmark Workouts

This is exactly what it looks like, but again, all levels are welcome. CrossFit gets so much bad press, but it is the same with anything, if you go too hard, too fast, there is a good chance you are going to get hurt. If you look through any gallery of CrossFit pictures you see people that have achieved a near unimaginable heights of athleticism and strength. It has been said that our ancestors would look at us and laugh, but I think CrossFit athletes would give them a run for their money.

CrossFit BMW, 3124 Cass Avenue, Detroit

It’s the New Year. DO IT.

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