Manzanillo Travel Guide

Manzanillo lies along the Pacific Mexico coast, between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. It is located 98 km (61 mi) west of the City of Colima and 276 km (172 mi) south of Puerto Vallarta. This port city comprises two bays; Santiago and Manzanillo, which are divided by the Santiago Peninsula and boast several nice beaches.

Manzanillo is the major port town along the Pacific Coast, not a luxury class tourist resort. As such, it has parts that feel quite industrial and it lacks the overabundance of tourist amenities found in some resort towns. However, while it doesn’t have the nightlife of Acapulco or the dozens of luxury class resorts of Cancun, that also means it doesn’t have throngs of tourists or much crime either. If you are looking for a more laid back location with a very Mexican feel, then Manzanillo is worth a visit.

Hotels & Resorts

Camino Real Las Hadas – Luxury resort made famous in the movie “10”, the white spires and domes of this Moorish village contrast against the beautiful blue manzanillo skies while the narrow walks, plazas, fountains, pools and tennis courts wind their way through lush tropical vegetation. Simply paradise! All the amenities you could want, at a price of course. Located on Ave de Los Riscos and Vista Hermosa, Peninsula Santiago, Tel. (333) 4-0000.

Sierra Manzanillo – An all-inclusive luxury resort that towers over Playa Audencia, with a sweeping pool/patio where guests play water volleyball and polo all day, a swim-up bar where the drinks and the music flow, chic restaurants, nightly live music in the bars, designer clothing and fine crafts in the shops. Located on Ave de La Audencia #1, Peninsula Santiago, Tel. (333) 3-2000.

Plaza Las Glorias – A moderately priced hotel with fantastic views of the Bahia De Santiago, comfortable rooms and various activities including watersports, golf, tennis, swimming, and volleyball. The staff can also arrange fishing excursions for you. Located on Avenida Del Tesoro. Tel. (333) 4-1054

Hotel Vista Playa De Oro – Another property from this chain of all-inclusive resorts, offering 245 garden view rooms and numerous amenities and recreational opportunities for your vacation. Located on the Manzanillo-Cihuatlán Hwy at km 15.5, Tel. (333) 3-2540.

Hotel Marbella – A budget hotel with a breezy beachfront location, rustling palms, a small pool, bar/restaurant, and simply furnished rooms with either a fan or AC and a family atmosphere. Located on Blvd. M. de la Madrid at km. 9.5, Tel. (333) 3-1105.

Hotel Fiesta Mexicana – A moderately priced hotel right on Playa Azul, with rooms rising in tiers around a lovely patio with a meandering pool, a large restaurant with an ocean-view veranda, and smallish but comfortable rooms. Located on Blvd. M. de la Madrid at km. 8.5, Tel. (333) 3-1105.