Ixtapa Visitors Guide 2021

What’s the Allure?

Once a coconut plantation, the beach resort of Ixtapa was created by the Mexican government to become an exclusive tourist destination. Made up of picture-perfect beaches and glitzy high rises, this resort town is more a haven for sun and relaxation than it is for cultural exploration. That being said, Ixtapa does have enough scenic natural beauty to seduce visitors to come and give it a try.

Points of Interest

Although Ixtapa’s main focus is its stunning shoreline, it has a highly recommended museum detailing archeological findings known as El Museo Arqueologico de La Costa Grande. If you would like a selection of beaches at your disposal, Isla Ixtapa is an island just offshore that features four distinctive beaches to cater according to your preferences.
Despite its scenic surroundings, one is reminded that Ixtapa is a tourist resort area when they examine the food on offer. On the one hand, there are traditional Mexican specialties including tacos and nachos. But on the other, one could just as easily find Chinese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties on the menu at popular restaurants around town.


If you don’t find swimming, snorkeling, or surfing appealing or if you would simply like to sample other aquatic activities, then venture to Ixtapa’s water park called Magic World, where visitors can enjoy waterslides and an assortment of other water-related entertainment. For a change of pace, horseback riding and mountain biking are two other types of activities that are readily available in Ixtapa.
Smaller and mellower than some of its more populated neighboring resorts, Ixtapa still promotes an inviting evening at any of its romantic restaurants or friendly bars. Furthermore, although it only has a few clubs in comparison to other nearby destinations, the venues are open late for those visitors wishing to dance the night away.

Why We Love it

As the focus of Ixtapa is more for relaxation than partying, it provides the perfect setting to really unwind. The beaches are spotless and seem endless. The sea is a dazzling azure blue with a mysterious underwater world of mesmerizing sea creatures. It’s not about the extras or the fanfare here; if you are looking for the postcard-setting without the mass tourism, then you have found your definition of paradise.