Cancun Spring Break Guide

2021 Guide To Spring Break Cancun

Cancun Spring Break is a mecca for over a quarter-million American college students each year during March madness. You’ll need a passport. A “tourist card” will be issued at the Cancun airport (turn it in when you leave the country).

Having escaped the drudgery of study and exams, you may not care to hear this, but it’s on the final. Safety First! You don’t need to ruin your Cancun vacation getting alcohol poisoning, “a dose”, pregnant, or raped. Drink, drug, and sex responsibly. The “beautiful” person you just met is still a stranger, stay with your friends, your unattended drink can be “spiked”, and don’t forget your birth control and lots of condoms. ‘Nuff said.

Cancun Clubs

Nightclub cover charges range from $30 – $60, and even more during peak times, so put your travel agent to work rustling up the many Cancun spring break specials, discounted cover charges, wrist bands and party passes, happy hours, events, package deals, student discounts, discounted water sports packages, free gear and promotional items like hats and T-shirts offered by the resorts, and day trips.

Cancun Spring Break Weather

Cancun Spring Break weather is just perfect with daily temperatures in the 80′s and nights in the 60′s. You step off the plane and the tropical atmosphere envelops you like a soft fuzzy blanket, and what’s that marvelous smell?… ah yes, SALT SPRAY! You really are on an island. It may not be Hawaii (it may be better), and you’re really not in Kansas anymore. This definitely is a bit…foreign!

So, it’s your first night here and maybe you’ll just relax in the jacuzzi with an ice-cold Dos XX and a good book, saving your strength for the beach tomorrow. I think not!

Cancun Spring Break Spots

To find the best Cancun nightclubs (there are over 200 bars and nightclubs in Cancun’s hotel zone) just hit the bar when you get to your hotel and start asking the other guests, “Where’s the party?” They’ll be able to tell you what the club scene is like at that time. The bartenders always know where the hot spots are. Getting from club to club is no problem. In fact, many hotels have a shuttle service.

Stuck in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, lit up like Las Vegas, and ROCKIN’ round the clock; it’s easy to see why Cancun Spring Break is the world’s biggest, wildest party. Everywhere you look on these famous beaches, there are wild parties going on with drinking and wet t-shirt contests, and other “party till you drop” bashes with babes shaking their booties and boobies for more beer as the testosterone surges in the guys’ ears like roaring surf. But, it’s when the sun goes down that Cancun really comes to life with Cancun’s world-class nightlife. Dress up in your best threads, and head out with a few thousand of your closest friends to clubs like The City, Daddy-O’s, Bulldog Café, Basic, Coco Bongo, The Myth, La boom, and Senior Frogs with foam parties (to cool the inevitable sunburns), incredible light shows, and the grooviest beats that don’t stop until sunrise, when the beach parties are starting up again.

When you get around to a “sit down” (if you ever do), you’ll be glad you booked a Cancun all-inclusive as the Cancun restaurants are pricey. The buffets are loaded with everything you can imagine, but after all the burgers and pizza on the beaches and around the pool you just might not care.

A roll of dollar bills to toss around keeps the maids happy and the drinks coming. Don’t tip the cabbies!

Although the water in Cancun hotels is more or less safe, consider drinking only bottled or canned beverages to avoid any risk (a good excuse to spend a week or two on a beer diet).

All-Inclusive Resorts for Spring Break

Cancun All Inclusive resorts include food, drinks (ahh yes, BOOZE too), non-motorized water sports, daily scheduled activities, nightly entertainment, taxes, and tips. So, leave your money in the room safe (you’ll want one). Cancun all-inclusive activities (water sports, tours, spas, etc.) will vary with the hotel. Check for the ones that you want.

All-inclusive resorts rule Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Want romantic, elegant, beautiful, sportive, adult, relaxed and carefree, or family themed? … You pick! Many visitors choose one of the 9 Palace Resorts.

Swim with dolphins, deep-sea fish, flats fish, scuba dive, parasail, or skydive. Visit the nearby Mayan ruins and the breathtaking ecological parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha with guided jungle tours deep into the Sian Ka’an biosphere.

There are few hotels that don’t offer this popular rate. Some hotels will give you a choice of either an all-inclusive or European plan (which includes only a continental breakfast).

The guests that park themselves at their hotel for the duration of their vacation may find Cancun all-inclusive resorts more economical, while those that pass their time “cruising” the strip and eating and drinking out may opt for the European plan.

Many all-inclusive guests tend to drink a lot during the day, run laps around the beach or pool, stuff themselves silly at the buffet, then “crash” in front of the satellite TV in their air-conditioned rooms at night. The “players” on the other hand have a few drinks at the resort then head out to some world-class Cancun nightclubs. This means that most all-inclusive Cancun resorts are “dead” at night.

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