Cancun Nude Beaches?

Cancun Nude Beaches?… I NEVER!…well,…maybe. When in Cancun…, do as the “Can-Coons” do! Cancun nude beaches are located at a “respectable” distance from family vacationers (you have to search for them).

Once considered a “fringe” lifestyle, nude and clothing-optional beaches, travel, and recreation have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years. Recent surveys confirm that the majority of Americans are becoming more and more receptive to nudism, nude beaches, and resorts.

cancun nude beach resort

Newsweek, USA Today, and the Discovery and Travel channels have all reported on the growing trend in nudism, skinny dipping, and nude beach vacations. The International Naturists Association has taken a key role in promoting this lifestyle and the publicity surrounding it.

Many nudists feel it is inappropriate for males to openly (and proudly) display an erection. However, a spontaneous and innocent “salute” is regarded as a part of “body acceptance” — a key philosophy of nudists. If an erection does occur, nudists recommend covering up with a towel, turning over (if lying down), sitting down, going for a swim, or otherwise minimizing the erection’s presence until the penis has returned to a respectable nonchalance. For some activities (e.g. water skiing or dancing) this may not be immediately practical or even possible, and typical nudist etiquette suggests it then be ignored by everyone. Public nude beaches are inclined to be less rigid on this issue than private nudist resorts and progressive, adult-only nudism clubs would not be fazed at all.

Playa Del Carmen - Swimsuit Issue
Playa Del Carmen – No Swimsuit Issue by ex_magician

All Cancun beaches are public, and “topless beaches” are evident everywhere on the island. Although, “No Topless” is posted for the benefit of conservative Mexicans, and sometimes enforced by hotel security at “family resorts”, it is often ignored by the tourists. Do cover up when you leave the beach unless you are staying at “adults only” hotels, such as Aventura Palace and Temptation Resort Spa where the topless beaches are de facto.

South of Cancun, along the Mayan Riviera, are some famous nude beaches. Desire Cancun Resort, Playa Naturel Resort, El Dorado Royale Resort, Hidden Beach Resort Cancun, Tanka Villas, and others are private retreats where clothing is the exception. Without a doubt, the Riviera Maya is a Mecca for those inclined to “au natural”.

Topless Beaches

Topless Beaches and nude vacations are more popular than ever, and in Cancun and along the Riviera Maya you’ll find aficionados from all over the world “struttin’ their stuff”.

Topless beaches and nude recreation have become a 10 billion dollar business, with travel agencies and vacation resorts teaming up to provide safe and relaxed atmospheres for singles, couples, and families to enjoy the freedom and comfort of clothes-free communities.

nude beaches

The corridor from Cancun to Tulum, known as the Mayan Riviera, has become a haven for the “naturist”, with posh resorts, as well as secluded bungalows, offering quiet, private beaches.

Desire Cancun, Temptation Cancun, Hidden Beach Resort, and Aventura Palace Cancun are some of the more popular resorts for “hanging out”.

At a topless beach or clothing-optional resort, you won’t find them associated with swingers clubs. In fact, most naturists will say that nudity does not promote sex, but rather, “sexuality”, freedom, and the wholesome acceptance of less than “perfect” bodies. Many feel that clothing is more provocative (hey! Spikes and a teddy do it for me).

And, for those who feel less comfortable bearing it all, check out our Cancun fashions, Nothing says “cool sex” like the right pair of shades for the topless beaches.

Cancun Beach

Cancun Beach is 15 miles from some of Earth’s purest, powdered coral. Unlike quartz sand, the Cancun beach feels cool to your feet no matter what the temperature.

The warm, turquoise, crystal clear waters here were called “the best in the world” by no less an authority than Jacques Cousteau himself. Europeans and Americans alike will be flashing boobs on many of the beaches in spite of the “No Topless” signs.

The topless scene stirs up plenty of controversies among the “locals”, and hotel security will on occasion caution their delinquent guests. In any case, cover up when leaving the beach unless you’re staying at any of the “adults only” properties such as Temptation Cancun, Hidden Beach, and Aventura Palace. A culture so close and yet so very different, Mexico has much to teach about “freedom”…and hypocrisy (prostitution is legal, topless is not).

Nudest Resort in Cancun

Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel, Gourmet All Inclusive by Karisma

Hidden Beach Resort is located in the Kantenah Bay in the Riviera Maya. This adults-only, nudist resort features the Gourmet Inclusive Experience, a full-service spa, and lush exotic gardens. The resort ha

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Mexicans are proud of their “Macho” culture, where the girls are told one thing and the boys are encouraged to do the opposite. Maybe that explains why half the Latina teens in the U.S. are pregnant.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort

Desire Cancun Adult Resort, south of Cancun, resembles a pastoral village of 110 villas and suites (many with ocean views).

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Gallery image of this propertySwing into the lush, tropical gardens of Desire Cancun couples-only resort and escape the daily “grind”. Enjoy Desire Resort’s sense of freedom as you meet and become acquainted with other like-minded guests at the comfortable lounge areas on the strictly private beach.

Immerse your total being in the bubbling au natural Jacuzzi Lounge. Besides its spectacular ocean view, the Jacuzzi Lounge also offers a wet and dry bar plus cozy seating and languorous sunning areas. This recently developed property is a response to the popularity of the Mayan Riviera as a “Bohemian chic”, European flavored cultural and art retreat with Playa del Carmen at the center.

Along with a selection of 4 restaurants, lounges, a gym, a spa, and a disco; Desire offers a variety of activities, entertainments, and land and water sports to enjoy – all designed around personalized service. As a truly “Lifestyle” experience and for the comfort of its guests, Desire Resort and Spa is exclusively for adult couples – minimum check-in age 21.

Aventura Palace

Aventura Palace is an Adults Only (18yrs.) resort located between Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera (topless anyone?).

Aventura Palace
Aventura Spa Palace by Diorama Sky

The Aventura Palace, about 90 minutes south of Cancun, is one of 9 Palace Resorts located in the Yucatan. Most of Aventura’s 582 air-conditioned rooms have full or partial ocean views. On 3 levels, all rooms have balconies (most with hammocks), a safe deposit box, a mini-bar, and a double jacuzzi. Choose 1 king-size bed or 2 double beds.

Suites are oceanfront with two bedrooms, kitchen, dining and living area, balcony with hammock, and safe. One room with two double beds, the second room with a king-size bed and double jacuzzi (maximum occupancy – 6 adults).

Temptation Cancun

The Temptation Cancun Resort (formerly Blue Bay Getaway), located at one end of the Cancun Hotel Zone, offers a truly spicy ADULTS ONLY Nudist Resort atmosphere with shows, activities, and games.

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The Blue Bay Club, a sister resort, is family orientated. Don’t get them confused. Temptation Cancun is at the top of “The Seven” set amidst tropical gardens on a long sandy beach of the gulf midway between downtown and “The Point”, close to the hottest Cancun nightclubs, shopping, and superb Cancun restaurants, the Temptation Resort Cancun has been recently renovated with extra features for those seeking an action-packed vacation.

Topless beaches

The Temptation Resort Spa is an all-inclusive 4-star beach-front resort of 220 rooms, surrounded by lush gardens, with an extensive activities program that makes it one of the most popular resorts of its type in Cancun. All rooms have air conditioning, a terrace or balcony, 2 double beds or 1 king-size bed, satellite TV, and a bathroom with a shower. Rooms are sometimes considered small, but clean. The chambermaids clean the rooms very early, folding towels into interesting designs and then filling them with flowers.

Temptation Cancun provides free-of-charge, theme nights, unlimited national drinks, gym, aerobics classes, diving lessons, non-motorized water sports, a game room with pool tables, bikes, transport by boat and by bus to the Temptation Club & Marina, discotheque, and tennis courts. The Temptation Resort Spa offers six themed restaurants to choose from, with dinner shows and “Nice Shoes” to liven up the evening meal.

Temptation Resort Cancun
Temptation Resort Cancun by ~Ealasaid~

You need to be prepared for some raunchy pool shows. About half the guests will be topless at the beach and pool. Flat-screen TVs with satellite, and two 24 “adult” channels, including Playboy, make for a very erotic vacation. Many of the guests enjoy the freedom to dress “commando” with see-through, woven, and crocheted apparel.

Temptation Cancun Spa Resort has 3 pools (one pool is for “water sports” such as volleyball). The other pools have several built-in whirlpools, so you can sit and relax. Two of the three pools have swim-up bars and shallow areas to sit. If you don’t stake out a claim at the pools by 7:30, you are out of luck.

Many visitors complain about the beach – the weeds, rocks, and the motorboats from Temptation’s marina. There is a foot-high wooden board running the length of the beach between the sand and the water. As a result, you take the stairs into the water. There are boat docks at both ends of the resort where many large charter boats and personal craft docks are.

Many “adults” consider Temptation the “hottest” action in Cancun. If you care to leave the property the bus service runs 24 hours. If you like quiet, request a room by the “Quiet Pool”, and consider reserving a room on the third floor if you value your privacy. All Superior rooms are on the first floor.

By mid-afternoon activities turn toward pool-side games/contests centered on sexual themes. Many find these games hilarious, but more conservative guests might be offended. Total nudity is “in your face” at Temptation Cancun. And, you’ll see mostly naked women and mostly naked men “at play” in public. This is definitely not the scene for everyone.

The Temptation Cancun snack bar and buffet are fine – not the best, but not the worst. The pools are nice, but the beach is not one of Cancun’s best. Go south for the waves. Maid service, bartenders, and activities staff get high ratings from the guests. Just remember, the Temptation Cancun resort is for adults, so, if you’re easily offended, don’t come here!


Intima Resort Tulum Adults Only (Clothing Optional)

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Gallery image of this propertyThe adults-only Intima Resort Tulum allows guests to forego clothing at its pool. There is a restaurant, a swim-up bar in the hotel’s tropical pool, and free Wi-Fi throughout the property. The use of a private garage is complimentary.

Every room has a view of the pool and is equipped with a TV, a full kitchen, and all the necessary utensils and cookware. A spa tub can be found in some studio suites.

There is a hot tub, a garden, and a terrace at Intima Resort Tulum.

Mak Nuk Village – Clothing Optional

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Gallery image of this property

Clothing-optional guests are welcome at Intima Resort Tulum Adults Only. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and a tropical pool with a swim-up bar. Private parking is provided at no extra cost.

Each room features a view of the pool, a flat-screen TV, and a fully-equipped kitchen with all the necessary utensils. There are spa tubs in some studio apartments.

A terrace, garden, and jacuzzi can all be found at Intima Resort Tulum.

Mayan Riviera

Mayan Riviera (Riviera Maya) beaches stretch along 100 miles of the world’s most beautiful pink and white powdered coral, from Cancun to Tulum.

The Mayan Riviera is studded with some of the newest and fanciest hotel resorts as well as private, secluded bungalows and small hotels (some without electricity or phones). Beginning at the “gateway” of Puerto Morelos, just 10 minutes from Cancun airport, the Riviera Maya ends at Tulum and its seaside Mayan ruins. The Yucatan is considered one of the 6 “cradles of civilization” and the crown jewel of Mexican tourism.

Mayan Riviera

Its American “hip”, European “chic”, and Mexican “live and let live” tenor provides a “bohemian” flavor not found anywhere else in the Americas. Strolling the artists’ community of Playa del Carmen is an adventure in itself.

Far more ancient than Mayan ruins is the undersea world of the Palancar reef along the Riviera’s Caribbean coast. As the world’s second-largest coral reef, (after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef), the waters between the mainland and Cozumel are considered by many divers (including the late Jacques Cousteau) as the “best” on the planet. Visibility is almost unlimited and the marine life is usually very friendly.

Eschewing the frantic Cancun nightclub environment, many vacationers (especially those with kids) are choosing the Mayan Riviera for the peace and quiet as well as the beauty of this tropical, beach paradise.

At Tulum, the superhighway suddenly turns into the dirt roads and jungle trails of the (as yet) pristine and undeveloped Costa Maya.

Other Hotels In Cancun

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