Top 10 Restaurants in Cancun

Cancun is famous for the excellent options it offers on restaurants. In Cancun, you will find restaurants for everybody from fast food to exotic Thai food. Cancun is famous for its excellent restaurant options. In Cancun, you will find restaurants for everybody from fast food to exotic Thai food or even delicious fine cuts at the renowned Argentine restaurant, Puerto Madero.

The options for restaurants in Cancun are endless. If you want to eat something typical, try the Mayan cuisine of La Habichuela. Or try one of our favorite restaurants: Thai Lounge at La Isla Shopping Village. Cancun is a destination that has it all! Enjoy our selection of the Best Top 10 restaurants in Cancun recommended by locals and tourists:

Best Restaurants in Cancun

Puerto Madero – Argentinian

“Delicious, traditional Argentine steaks with luxurious decor”

Puerto Madero in Cancun is one of the favorite luxury Argentine restaurants among locals and tourists. With the extravagant menu and first-class service, it’s clear why people love dining at this restaurant. House favorites include center-cut Rib Eye Steak and Puffed Potatoes.

  • Type of food: Argentine.
  • Opening times: Every day 1pm -1am.
  • Price per person: 80 – 100 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 885 2827
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 14, Hotel Area, Cancun.

Cenacolo Mare – Italian

“Romantic, tasty food, and beautiful views”

Dine under the moon and stars at the Italian restaurant Cenacolo Mare Cancun, famously known as “The Jewel of the Cenacolo Group”. Enjoy scrumptious traditional Italian delicacies and marvel at the incredible sunsets over the Nichupte Lagoon. This is the ultimate Romantic Restaurant in Cancun.

  • Type of food: Italian and lounge bar.
  • Opening times: Every day 2.30pm -11.30pm.
  • Price per person: 40 – 80 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 885 2746
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 13.5, Hotel Area, Cancun.

Harrys Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar

“Steak heaven!!”

Harrys Steakhouse is located right across from the Ritz Carlton Cancun. At Harrys Restaurant, they serve the finest beef that has been refrigerated for 21-28 days, making for the perfect and tender meal. Harrys Cancun has also been honored with the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator. A must for any steak lover.

  • Type of food: New American/Seafood.
  • Opening times: Every day 1pm -1am.
  • Price per person: 50 – 80 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 840 6550
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 14, Hotel Area, Cancun.

La Habichuela Sunset

“An elegant restaurant with exceptional food and service

The Caribbean – Mexican restaurant La Habicheula in Cancun first opened in 1977. Now, 36 years later, not only is La Habichuela famous in Mexico, but worldwide. Offering the finest fresh foods, La Habichuela will not disappoint you. Its extensive menu includes some of the tastiest food in Cancun, including, Shrimp with Garlic Butter, Duck in pear sauce and Ranch Style Steak. Mayan Show on Mon & Wed at 8pm.

  • Type of food: Caribbean/Mexican/Seafood.
  • Opening times: Every day 11am -11pm.
  • Price per person: 30 – 50 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 840 6240
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 12, Hotel Area, Cancun.

Lorenzillos Live Lobster House

“Without a doubt the best place for seafood in Cancun”

Lorenzillos is a must for any seafood lover. A beautiful seafood restaurant located on the calm waters of the Nichupte Lagoon. This fantastic restaurant in Cancun offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Try the King Crabs from Alaska, live oysters and of course the famous Cajun Lobster.

  • Type of food: Seafood.
  • Opening times: Every day 1pm -12am.
  • Price per person: 30 – 50 USD
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 883 1254.
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 10.5, Hotel Area, Cancun.

THAI Lounge

“For those people who love Thai food, this is the place for you”

Dining at this Thai restaurant at La Isla Shopping Village in Cancun makes you feel in Thailand. Remarkably, it offers the best Thai food in Cancun. The Bangkok born head chef Supoj Thamtino serves exquisite Thai food that will leave your taste buds dancing. This restaurant also offers stunning views of the Nichupte Lagoon.

  • Type of food: Thai.
  • Opening times: Every day 6pm -1.30am.
  • Price per person: 50 – 100 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 176 8070
  • Address: La Isla Shopping Mall, Blvd Kukulcan, Km 12.5, Hotel Area, Cancun.

La Elefanta – Indian

“A dining experience like no other”

This Indian restaurant at La Isla Shopping Village in Cancun is set among tropical plants, cool lighting, and traditional Indian style paintings. This chic Indian restaurant is the perfect choice if you are looking for something different whilst vacationing in Cancun. The trendy lounge bar is equally impressive and comes alive at 10pm.

  • Type of food: Middle Eastern/Indian.
  • Opening times: Every day 6pm -1.30am.
  • Price per person: 20 – 40 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 176 8070
  • Address: La Isla Shopping Mall, Blvd Kukulcan, Km 12.5, Hotel Area, Cancun. 

Katsu-ya Cancun – Japanese

“Traditional Japanese fine dining at its best!”

Katsu-Ya is set in a relaxing atmosphere, giving its guests the finest Japanese dining experience in Cancun. With nightly events, Katsu-Ya is a very popular restaurant. House favorites include Yakiniku, Cheese Kushiague and the Miso Soup.

  • Type of food: Japanese.
  • Opening times: Every day 1pm – 11pm.
  • Price per person: 20 – 40 USD (cash only).
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 840 6014
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 15.5, Hotel Area (in front of Plaza Kukulcan), Cancun.

La Palapa Belga – Belgian/French

“A hidden romantic gem in Cancun`s Hotel Area”

With spectacular views of the Nichupte Lagoon, La Palapa Belga is the perfect romantic restaurant in Cancun. This Belgian/French restaurant is located at just a 10-minute walk from the Cancun Convention Centre and offers delicious food that will please any palate. Don’t miss out on trying the chocolate mouse or the crème brûlée.

  • Type of food: French/Seafood.
  • Opening times: Monday – Saturday 2pm -11pm.
  • Prices per person: 20 – 40 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 883 5454.
  • Address: Calle Quetzal (next to the Hotel Imperial Laguna), Hotel Area, Cancun.

Hacienda El Mortero

“Mexican restaurant with over 25 years of experience”

If you are in Cancun and want to eat some traditional Mexican food, then the Hacienda El Mortero is the ideal restaurant. Live mariachi music is played every day from 7pm to 10.30pm. This restaurant offers the best Mexican food in town. Be sure to visit it at least once.

  • Type of food: Mexican.
  • Opening times: Everyday 6pm – 11.30pm (Sunday brunch 9am – 2pm).
  • Prices per person: 15 – 30 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 843 9800
  • Address: Blvd Kukulcan, Km 9, Hotel Area, Cancun.

Top Restaurants in Cancun Downtown

Rolandis Pizzeria

“Excellent tasty food at great prices”

Rolandi´s Pizzeria is very popular among locals and tourists. It is very common for people staying in the Hotel Area to travel downtown just to eat here. With over 30 years of experience, Rolandi’s Pizzeria continues to serve the best pizza in Cancun. If you are a seafood lover then you cannot miss out on trying the Seafood Pizza – deliciously perfect!

  • Type of food: Italian/Pizza/Seafood.
  • Opening times: Every day 12.30pm -12am.
  • Prices per person: 10 – 25 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 884 4047
  • Address: Av. Coba and Av. Tulum, downtown Cancun.

Cocina de Autor

“The most sophisticated Argentine food in Cancun”

Christian Morales is a culinary artist who serves outstanding cuisine. This is the ultimate gourmet experience in Cancun, offering inspirational and very modern dishes. The setting is a typical house in Cancun, and it actually does feel as if you are going to a friend’s house for dinner! A superb dining option in Cancun.

  • Type of food: Argentine.
  • Opening times: Monday – Saturday 2pm -11pm.
  • Prices per person: 30 – 60 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 251 9145
  • Address: Av. Xpuhil, downtown Cancun.


“A piece of Paris in Cancun”

L´Escargot is one of Cancun´s hidden gems. This family-owned French restaurant offers delicious traditional French dishes and has been described as being one of the best French restaurants in Cancun. Don’t miss out on tasting one of their famous dishes: Onion Tart, Onion Soup or Fish Filet with Pepper Sauce.

  • Type of food: French.
  • Opening times: Every day 6.30pm -11.30pm.
  • Prices per person: 20 – 40 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 885 2827
  • Address: Calle Piña #27, downtown Cancun.

Peters Restaurant

“A must for any foodie visiting Cancun”

Peter, the head chef, and owner is a famous international chef and his dishes are creative and extremely tasty. There exist too many famous dishes to mention; however there are a few that are absolute musts: Baby Back Ribs with Tamarind Sauce; Veal with Spinach and Cheese, and the Pork Tenderloin. Ranked by Trip Advisor as #8 of 474 restaurants in the whole of Cancun!

  • Type of food: French/Italian/Mexican.
  • Opening times: Monday – Friday, 2pm – 10pm- Saturday 6pm – 10pm.
  • Prices per person: 30 – 50 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 251 9310
  • Address: Av. Bonampak between Sierra & Robalo, downtown Cancun.

La Dolce Vita – Italian

“Italian indulgence at the #3 ranked restaurant in Cancun”

For over 30 years, La Dolce Vita or “Sweet Life” has consistently been rated by Trip Advisor as being within the top 5 best restaurants in the whole of Cancun. Today, there are 474 restaurants and La Dolce Vita is ranked at number 3. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Cancun and will soon be yours too!

  • Type of food: Italian.
  • Opening times: Monday – Saturday 1pm -11pm.
  • Prices per person: 15 – 35 USD.
  • Phone Number: + (52) 998 884 3393
  • Address: Av. Coba #87, downtown Cancun.
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