Top 18 Attractions in Boston

18 Top-Rated Boston Tourist Attractions

It’s impossible to walk the cobbled streets of the old section of Boston and not hear the echo of the marching boots of the American Revolution in the bricks beneath the freedom trail. Boston is not only a modern city, one of the economic powerhouses of the eastern coast of the USA, it’s an international crossroads, and has been since the first immigrants from Europe settled together and started to create the patchwork that has become the fabric from which a whole nation was cut.

Boston is located in the North-Eastern United States. It is the 10th largest metropolitan capital city and the 23rd populated city in U.S. Boston symbolizes the “Cradle of Liberty”. This largest city of New England is regarded for its economic and cultural center. Boston offers attractions to suit every taste and interest. Boston is famous for its scenic surroundings, great history, educational facilities & strong economy. One-of-a-kind shopping, exciting nightlife, live local music and fine arts are also available for everyone to enjoy.

Boston has become one of our favorite American cities. The Italian North End is as close to Italy as you’re going to get in the New World. The museums are world class. The local cuisine leans heavily on the areas maritime roots. Home to the country’s top tier universities, there is enough history, art, literature and science within city limits to keep even the most discerning intellectual busy for a very long time. And let’s not forget their famous sports teams!

The city offers a lot of attractions for visitors which include The Freedom Trail, Boston Public Garden, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Museum of Science, Fenway Park, Filenes’s Basement, New England Aquarium, and the Sam Adams Brewery.

The Freedom Trail

The freedom trail is the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Boston.  You can see all the major historical places in Boston by walking along this 2.5-mile long trail. The Freedom Trail starts at the Boston Common and stretches till Bunker Hill in Charlestown, covering all famous locations from the American Revolution. The red line takes you through sixteen main historical locations which include Fanueil Hall Old Meeting House, Paul Revere’s home, and others.

Freedom Trail Boston MA
Freedom Trail, Boston MA

The Freedom Trail foundation of the Boston city has laid a trail that connects 16 historical sites. You can purchase a map and you can drive yourself and visit the historical places. Those historical places include The Massacre site, Paul Revere’s House, the Christ Church, and much more.

It is a 2.5-mile-long red line that covers 16 historical spots. Freedom Trail Foundation arranged this, and walking around the trail is free of cost.

Boston Common and Public Garden

If you have a week, spend a lazy day exploring Boston Common and Boston Garden. Ride the swan boats, dip in and out of the boutique shops tucked between the brownstone houses on Beacon Hill and ride the red line across the Charles River and explore the artsy-funky town of Cambridge, home to Harvard University. Make time for the Museum of Science and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, they’re both worth a full day.

The Boston Public Garden is the nation’s oldest botanical garden and is located alongside of the Boston Common Garden. It was built and established in 1837. The main attraction of this place is the swan boats that come to the park each spring. The boats were invented by Robert Paget in 1877. In winter, the garden is open for ice skating.

Boston Common and Public Garden
Boston Common and Public Garden

Both the gardens are located side-by-side. They house memorial statues, past impact, and open-air amusement. The public garden is the nation’s oldest botanical garden. The common is the first public park in America. Famous Swan Boats and bronze monuments are inspired by everyone.

Quincy Market

If you have a weekend, Boston will be a whirlwind, and a blast. Be sure you walk Quincy Market and visit Faneuil Hall. Have lunch at The Bell in Hand Tavern, America’s oldest tavern. Take in the spectacle that is Haymarket on Friday and Saturday. Venture down into the step down shops along the edge of the market that are run by the ethnically Arab population and are a treasure trove of North African and Middle Eastern delights. Wander North End and have dinner at L’Osteria, our very favourite restaurant in the whole world. Order the Amatriciana. Make sure you head to Mike’s Pastry afterward and have a canoli or a lobster tail for us.

Children’s Museum

If you’re taking the kids, you won’t want to miss Boston’s fantastic Children’s Museum. It’s rated #2 in the country (right behind the enormous one in Indianapolis). The brass ducklings in Boston Garden are a “must do” photo op. You can buy the book Make Way for Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey, in any tourist shop in the city and read it right therein the garden while the kids picnic with the sculptures! While you’re at it, grab a copy of the children’s picture book Paul Revere’s Ride by H.W. Longfellow (illustrated by Ted Rand) and head over to the Old North Church to read it in the shadow of his imposing statue and the sharp tower where the lanterns were hung. The Museum of Science has exhibits for children (and adults) of all ages but will be a bigger hit with the school aged crowd.

Fenway Park

If you’re headed to Boston to see a sporting event, regardless of the season: The Patriots, the Celtics, the Red Sox or the Boston Bruins, you’re going to want to plan ahead. Parking prices jump from an already high “city” rate, straight through the roof on event days. If you can park outside of the city and take the train in it will save you time, frustration and a pile of money! Go early, pack your sense of humor, and perhaps stay in the city overnight so that you can fully enjoy the game, as well as the victory parties afterward! Many Boston bars and restaurants toast their team’s victory with drinks and appetizers for patrons at celebratory rates!

Fenway Park is known as one of Boston’s most popular attractions. This major league baseball park is the oldest one in the entire country and is home to the famous Boston Red Sox baseball team. While the park is quite a bit smaller than many newer arenas, this intimate facility gives guests the feeling as if though they are right in the middle of the action. Food and beverages are sold during all games so that you can enjoy a hot dog and cold beer while rooting on your favorite team. Private tours of Fenway Park are also available, taking visitors into the rival team’s locker room, to the dugout and into the middle of the field.

Fenway Park
Fenway Park, Boston MA

Fenway Park is the best place to be on a summer afternoon with the sun shining. It is the home of the famous MLB team Boston Red Sox since 1912. Try to get tickets and watch the red sox in action. Otherwise, you can opt for behind the scene tours of the Fenway.

The Tea Party Ship

It was a cold December evening in 1773, when a group of Americans disguised as Mohawk Indians, destroyed the cargo of three ships loaded with tea, in Griffin’s Wharf. The ships were the Dartmouth, the Eleanor and the Beaver. This event led to the American Revolution. The museum’s mission is now to interpret and preserve this legacy.

Despite its modern design, the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum has a long history behind. It was opened in 1973, and ever since then, millions of people have visited the museum. The American history comes back to live at the commemoration of the Tea Party event, every year on December 16.

Museum of Science

Boston has some of the finest museums that are second to none in the world. The Museum of Science at Science Park is the most visited Boston museum. The museum of science has over four hundred exhibits that are very interactive. The most famous exhibits include a planetarium, the Virtual Fish Tank, and an IMAX theater. This museum is a great place for kids as they can learn while being entertained.

The Museum at Science Park attracts everyone with its interactive exhibits counting above 400. The kids are mostly attracted by the Virtual Fish Tank, Planetarium and IMAX Theater.

Women’s Heritage Trail

You should probably start by reading the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail, an 80 pages illustrated book, and you’ll begin to understand Women’s Heritage Trail. We invite you to take 5 guided walks, starting at the Boston Common Visitor Information. The Downtown Walk illustrates the women’s fight for equal rights. The Beacon Hill Walk is about women artists. The South Cove or the Chinatown Walk highlights women’s role in the economy. The Back Bay Walk celebrates women educators and reformers. The North End Walk explores different cultures through the eyes of women.

Black Heritage Trail

The Black Heritage Trail invites you to explore the history of the African American Community in Boston. Every day, the National Park Service offers guided walking tours as well as self-guided tours both to residents and tourists.  Boston was founded in 1630 and the Africans were brought to the city as slaves in 1638. But in 1790, all the African Americans were already free people, as the state of Massachusetts was the first one that declared slavery illegal.

Black Heritage Trail
Black Heritage Trail, Boston MA

The Black Heritage Trail is made up of 15 buildings. Visit the African Meeting House and the Abiel Smith School, and step back into the past.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is the largest art museum in New England. This museum is renowned for possessing the largest collection of works by French Impressionist, Claude Monet, outside France. The spectacular changing exhibitions are another famous attraction in this museum.

It is the largest art museum in New England. It’s famous for the collection of paintings by Claude Monet, a French mimic and attracted by the changing exhibits.

New England Aquarium

Perfect for a family outing, the New England Aquarium invites you to discover a world of mysteries. Live a great underwater experience that you will always remember.

The aquarium was opened on June 20, 1969. At that time, the Giant Ocean Tank, simulating a Caribbean coral reef, was the largest circular salt-water tank in the world. Since then, the aquarium has largely developed. The tank now houses reef-living fish, sharks, turtles, and many other amazing creatures.

New England Aquarium
New England Aquarium, Boston MA

The penguin exhibit presents several penguin colonies living in artificial rock islands at the bottom of the tank. But that’s not all. We also invite you to a typical New England freshwater environment, rheotaxis, an electric eel, sea dragons, bioluminescent fish, an octopus, small tropical fish and nautiluses. A harbor seal exhibit will welcome you in front of the aquarium and three northern fur seals will see you out on the harborside terrace, behind the aquarium.

An everlasting attraction place where sea lions smile and penguins play. It is also possible to get yourself deep in the watery world.

Sam Adams Brewery

It is a microbrewery’s beer-making place located in Jamaica Plain. The Beer Museum depends on this brewery.

Back Bay

The Back Bay is built on a landfill which is made of the soil around that place. The Back Bay is one of the fine examples of the 19th-century architecture and now serves as the basement for the Boston City’s tallest buildings namely the John Hancock and the Prudential towers. This place is also famous for many hotels and restaurants.

It is constructed with soil by Henry James. It is the base for the two tallest construction, the Prudential and John Hancock towers. The sides are covered by famous hotels, libraries, churches, expensive restaurants, and enough shops.

Faneuil Hall

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace includes the Faneuil Hall, the North Market, the South Market and the Quincy Market. Donated by Peter Faneuil, the Faneuil Hall burned in 1761 and was rebuilt 2 years later. The Quincy Market offers residents and visitors over 125 restaurants and shops.

Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall, Boston MA

Cambridge – Harvard Square and MIT

The Square is situated across the Charles River, and the admired places are Cambridge Harvard University known for its beautiful surrounding. The next place is MIT with the success design of The Ray and Maria Stata Centre.

Boston Harbor Islands

The lovely view of the harbor makes us walk around. It is also possible to take part in aquatic activities and a better place to relax.

Newbury Street Shops, Boston

The street is filled with enough retail shops and well known for its unique collection.

Paul Revere’s House

The oldest building in Boston and known for its fine gold and silversmith and considered as a national treasure. Built in around 1680, the colonial Paul Revere House was first owned by Robert Howard. Paul Revere became the owner of the house in 1770 and lived in it until 1800. After having been modified throughout the years, the house has been restored to resemble its 1700 appearance. John P. Reynolds Jr., Paul Revere’s great-grandson bought the house so that it wouldn’t be demolished. The Paul Revere House became a museum in April 1908 and is now operated by the Paul Revere Memorial Association, which also operates the Pierce-Hichborn House.

Paul Revere’s House
Paul Revere’s House, Bostom MA

The Paul Revere House is located at 19 North Square. It is open daily, from 9:30 am to 5:15 pm, April 15 through October 31 and from 9:30 am to 4:15 pm, November 1 through April 14. The house is closed on Mondays January through March, on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. A visit usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. At the Paul Revere House, there are no public restrooms of telephones.
Admission is charged. For more information, please call 617 523-2338.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

It’s a simple museum by its quality when comparing with others. The admission fee is very low also filled with enough literals.

Final Word

Wondering what season you should go in? Summer is wildly popular, but I prefer late spring and mid-fall. The weather is perfect, the attractions are less busy and the city is about “business as usual,” which is as authentic “New England” as you’re going to get!

Boston has a wide range of attractions to offer you. It would be ideal if you could visit them all, but you usually can’t, so we have decided to help you by drawing a list of attractions. And if you wish to save money, you might consider buying the Boston City Pass. Boston is one of the oldest and most charming cities in the United States. Incorporated as a town in 1630 and as a city in 1822, Boston houses almost 600,000 people.

Over 12 million tourists visit the city every year, and now you can be one of them. Walk the Freedom Trail, go for a ride on the Swan Boats, experience the art of shopping on the Newbury Street, taste culinary delicacies in Boston’s great restaurants

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