Cape Cod National Seashore – Massachusetts

Cape Cod National Seashore comprises 43,604 acres of shoreline. One 40 mile stretch includes pristine sandy beaches, dozens of freshwater kettle ponds, and upland scenes that depict evidence of how people have used the land. A variety of historic structures are within the boundary of the Seashore, including lighthouses and numerous Cape Cod style houses. The Seashore offers six swimming beaches, eleven self-guiding nature trails, and a variety of picnic areas and scenic overlooks. In short, a good place to relax.

Cape Cod National Seashore Trivia

  • Cape Cod National Seashore was authorized by act of Congress in 1961.
  • Cape Cod is the largest glacial peninsula in the world, and the Great Beach, on the Atlantic side of the Cape, is the longest expanse of uninterrupted sandy shoreline on the East Coast.
  • Cape Cod is composed almost entirely of material deposited by glaciers that retreated about 14,000 – 18,000 years ago. Wind and water reworked these sediments to create beaches, spits, marshes, cliffs, and dunes. Coastal processes such as tides, winds, storms, and longshore sediment transport continue to shape and reshape the area.
  • The seashore receives 4.4 million visitors each year on average.

Cape Cod National Seashore Attractions

  • Drive scenic roads through local towns that offer insight into past and present life on Cape Cod.
  • Visit one of our six magnificent beaches that provide year ’round opportunities for exploration.
  • Walk miles of nature trails through distinct habitats, or bicycle paved paths that offer numerous views.
  • Visitors to the former Marconi Station Site can stand near the spot where young Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi made communication history 100 years ago. In January 1903, the transmission of the first public two-way wireless message between Europe and America occurred. Communiqués between President Theodore Roosevelt and King Edward VII were translated into international Morse Code at Marconi’s South Wellfleet and English stations and were transmitted across the Atlantic.
  • Visitors to Cape Cod National Seashore can view nine lighthouses, including the Nauset Light, the Three Sisters, and Highland (Cape Cod) Light, all open for viewing.
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