19 Top Attractions in Baltimore

19 Top-Rated Baltimore Tourist Attractions

Situated on the East Coast of America, Baltimore is one of the biggest natural ports in the world and the largest city in the state of Maryland. This amazing city is situated along the banks of the Patapsco River, nearly 200 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. Because of its various children and adult activities and attractions, renowned museums, great historical sites, and gigantic districts, the city was nicknamed “Charm City”. Baltimore is the largest independent seaport city of the US. It has about 8.1 million people and ranks as the 20th largest city in the country.

With its 6.400 acres of magnificent tree-shaded parks and numerous fountains, statues, exceptional art galleries, and down-to-earth people, Baltimore will delight even the most discerning traveler.

Just a short walk from the Inner Harbour will take you to the fascinating historical districts of Fell’s Point, Federal Hill, Canton, and Mount Vernon. Baltimore is a city filled with great restaurants, fashionable boutiques, and priceless cultural and historical treasures.

BALTIMORE is among the more enjoyable stops on the east coast, and its closely-knit neighborhoods and historic quarters provide an engaging backdrop to many diverse attractions, especially those along its celebrated waterfronts, like the Inner Harbor’s National Aquarium and the Pier 6 Concert Pavilion and Power Plant entertainment complex. The city also boasts top-rated museums, like the Walters Art Museum and the child-oriented, interactive Port Discovery, which cover everything from fine arts through black history to urban archeology.

USS Constellation

The USS Constellation is a United States Navy warship that dates back to the 1850s. The USS Constellation was used in both World War I and World War II. The ship was refurbished in 1999 to turn it into a popular tourist attraction in Baltimore. Tours of the USS Constellation are available throughout the day and visitors are able to see almost the entire ship. The highlight of the tour is when the cannons are fired, which only occurs once a day.

USS Constellation
USS Constellation at Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art is one of the most prestigious museums in the city, and it dates all the way back to 1914. The most popular collection includes the ones highlighting African and American art. There are nearly 100,000 works of art in the Baltimore Museum of Art featuring some of the most famous artists of all-time including van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, Manet, and Degas. There are not many places in the world where you can see such great art for free. The core fact of this museum is that it has allocated a separate large section for the works of Pollock, Rothko, de Kooning, Andy Warhol’s, and American Indian art.

The Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo first opened in 1876, which makes it the third oldest zoo in the United States. There are currently over 2000 animals on display at The Maryland Zoo. The two most popular exhibits currently featured at The Maryland Zoo are the African journey and the polar bear watch. The Maryland Zoo is still widely considered to be one of the premier zoos in the country despite the fact that it was forced to downsize in 2004 due to a lack of funding.

It ranks as the third oldest zoological park in the nation. The children’s zoo ranks as number one in America. The zoo is totally amazing and fun-filled with their shows and low sightlines allow the children to view all the animals. It houses more than 2,250 animals including birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum is the former home of the great author during the 1830s. The building officially became a National Historic Landmark in 1972. This attraction is a great way to see how Poe lived while he was creating some of his most famous works of art. Some of the most famous works created in the home include The Coliseum, Latin Hymn, MS. Found a Bottle and The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pitfall. Everyone that visits will be shocked one of the greatest writers of all-time had to live in such a small house and in poverty for most of his life.

National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium is built within a triangular glass building. They display tiny organisms from marine life from local waters to very large creatures. They count about more than 10,000 sea creatures. The ecology of the rainforest was imitated and dolphin shows are too conducted to attract the visitors.

Maryland Science Center

An interactive museum concentrates on physics, astronomy, and biology. The well known amazing exhibits include 3D nebula models, a gigantic meteor, highlighting energy, the Hubble Space Telescope, static electricity, holograms, the human corpse, and Chesapeake Bay estuary with full of live creatures.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the National Anthem by the sight of the historic handmade American flag at this Fort. It has also provided Coast Guard training, a hospital facility, and the prison camp which displays the military and chronological masterpieces.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Port Discovery

It is an amusement area for old ones and children. It is a dream lab for visitors to make their own art and ornaments. The three-story treehouse allows children to climb, crawl, swing, and slide.

Baltimore Museum of Industry

It exhibits the works in Baltimore from the 19th century lost craft works to the present days technologies. It also includes the oldest advertisement forms to the current one.

Baltimore Arena

This Arena is stretched by large area for performing indoor sports. About 14,000 spectators can be seated here. Lot of enjoyable shows are displayed including Disney’s World on Ice, Stars on Ice, Bay Runners basketball, gymnastics, WWF wrestling, USHRA motorsports events Barnum, and Bailey’s Circus.

Mimi DiPietro Skating Center &  Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena

Both are ice skating centers that provide the ideal option for night and day skating for all ages and levels with deejay music.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The stadium is built with 1920s unique design. This is well known for baseball games. It is arranged with 200 bleacher seats and 400 standing rooms. They are surrounded by a cafeteria, lounge, restaurant, souvenir shop, and a bar.

Inner Harbor

A nice place to have a walk and view the innumerable activities performed in the harbor. We are delighted by the view of large cargo ships, elegant vessels, acrobats, street artists and magicians.

National Museum of Dentistry

The National Museum of Dentistry offers a fun and interactive way to explore the rich history of dentists and their favorite subject: teeth!  The museum entertains by their collections. It is filled with the collections of tools, a range of dentures, photos, and videos of famous smiles and dental feats. A lot of events include story-telling, debates and courses are held.

National Museum of Dentistry
National Museum of Dentistry

Here’s a little known fact to sink your teeth into — Did you know that George Washington’s second inaugural speech contained only 135 words? It’s not because America’s first president had nothing to say. Tooth historians say it’s because the president was wearing new dentures, making it difficult for him to speak.

Civil War Encampment

Here they demonstrate and display the life of earlier families and soldiers.

Insect Zoo

Insects that creep and crawl are rested in safe encased glass tanks and cages. The displays and exhibits are filled with detailed explanations.

Top of the World Observation Level

It is possible to have an amazing eagle view from this tower. The observation deck is enclosed by four-sided glass to view the whole city.

Experiencing Baltimore through Hotels

Baltimore is a mix of urban living and old-fashioned streets. Parties, concerts, and fireworks abound in the Harbor area, while the oldest parts of Baltimore, like Fells Point, will travel you back in time with the cobblestone streets and museums. Make sure you stay in hotels that not only offer good service but are located in strategic parts of the city. Hotel Monaco is one example.  It is located close to the Baltimore Convention Center and the Walters Art Museum. This 4-star hotel offers quality service for both leisure travelers and those on business trips. They have banquet/business facilities and even offer technical support. Guests can take advantage of the evening reception, or enjoy the evening at the spa, bar lounge, or the restaurant. Guest rooms have Italian decorations to give you a feeling of luxury.

Baltimore Fells Point
Baltimore Fells Point

Hotel Brexton is another example of a good Baltimore hotel. Built in 1891, Hotel Brexton offers a wide range of services for guests’ relaxation including spa, massage service, treatment rooms, and face and body treatments. This is a good hotel if you’re thinking of traveling on your own and just relaxing. Complimentary continental breakfast and manager reception are served. They also offer limo or town cars for guest use. Rooms are spacious and well-kept. Pets are accepted.

Another Baltimore hotel with a good reputation is the Pier 5 Hotel. This hotel will give you a feeling of being an explorer with their interior and exterior designs, and for being in the harbor area. The highlight of staying in this hotel would be visiting the Marina on site. Otherwise, you can loosen up with friends by playing billiards, staying in the bar lounge, drinking coffee with them or staying in the picnic area. Customer service is professional. There are lots of restaurant choices in the area.

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