Top 10 Best Louisiana Tourist Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Louisiana

Louisiana is considered as one of the most tourists attracted tourism areas. If you are looking to spend your vacation with your family and want to have a great time we should have a think over visiting Louisiana. In Louisiana there are many tourism areas for visiting and having a lot of fun. The state Louisiana is located in the southern region of the United States.

This state is popular in the United States for its marvelous tourist attraction. Now I am going to describe about the top 10 beautiful places of Louisiana. You can have a look over it to know about its beauty and to be getting interested.

10. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge is called as the World’s longest Bridge. There you can find amazing scenes here and there. The big and long bridge makes you feel the beauty of the greatness. Tourists are attracted to this tourism area. So it is quite clear that this place is so attractive and spending time in this place will not be spoiling your time for sure. You can’t even think of visiting Louisiana without having a visit to this bridge. It is considered as one of the most exciting and fun-filled bridge in Louisiana.

9. New Orleans Central Business District

You can spice up your visit in Louisiana by attending free concerts in The Central Business District in New Orleans. It stays alive for late night so that visitors are able have a great enjoying time there. You can find there many types of entertaining theater plays and cabaret performances. From my point of view enjoyment is a very important part of our life. So, you can have a visit to The New Orleans Central Business District for having such a spicy enjoying them.

8. USS Kidd and Veterans Memorial, Baton Rouge

You can call Baton Rouge a tourism area of historical knowledge. By having a visit here you will be able to have a feeling like a time travel. It will make you feel visiting to the back time of the “Pirate of the Pacific. Here you will learn about the wars the American soldiers fought. You will definitely feel honor for those American soldiers. They fought bravely in many big wars. Many years ago, they dedicated their life for the freedom that you are enjoying now. It is quite clear that visiting this place will not ruin your time.

7. Riverboat Casinos, Shreveport

There are many tourists who like to go to casinos. Are you one of them? If you are, this place is waiting for you. Among the top 10 beautiful places of Louisiana, this place is full of enjoyment. Shreveport’s riverboat casinos are so much perfectly arranged. They have a big and arranged collection of machines like slot machines, Big Six or the roulette. They have a so big collection that you will definitely find out your favorite casino game there. Your nights will not going to be ruined by the company of this casino.

 6. Louisiana State Museum

The Louisiana State Museum is a perfect place for art and culture lovers. They will surely have a very wonderful time in the museum. This museum is very much popular in Louisiana. It is especially popular for its very big range of artifact collection. Currently, this museum may have 450,000 artifacts. By spending time in this museum, you will be able to know more and more about the culture of Louisiana.

5. Honey Island Swamp Tour

A great thrilling adventure is waiting for you in the Honey Island Swamp. You can go wild in that river swamp. Having a great boat ride there will give you a certain pleasure. Riding in the boat is a must for this tour. You can have some beautiful clicks with your camera. There you can find many different kinds of wild animals like alligators, wolves, deers etc.

4. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

At the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, you can have important knowledge about the New Orleans rich culture. You will surely have a lot of learning here about the culture of New Orleans. You will be able to walk along the trails where the brave men fought in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans. So, be prepared for the enjoying day in Jean Laffite Park.

3. Avery Island, Louisiana

It is a beautiful island located 140 miles west of New Orleans. As it is the home of world-famous Tabasco Sauce, it is quite famous itself. The surroundings, swamps and marshes have made it lot more beautiful and charming. There will be so many beautiful scenes that we will definitely want to have some clicks with your camera. There are many things for having enjoyment. Enjoying the scenes is really awesome. And the walking tour is so much adventurous. So, you will find enjoyment in every step in the Avery Island.

2. Mardi Gras, Louisiana

Mardi Gras Tour is a grand parade of New Orleans. Perhaps, New Orleans is mostly known all over the world for this place. You will have a great knowledge about the parade in the most fun and entertaining way. Learning about this unique festival will be enjoying. The beautiful scenes of this tourism area will attract you. So, be ready will your camera for having some awesome clicks with it. Visiting this tourism area will give you a whole new experience.

1. French Quarter, Louisiana

Among the top ten beautiful tourism areas of Louisiana this place is one of the very best. This neighborhood has mixed different influences as European, Caribbean, African and American. Visiting the French Quarter will let you experience the celebration of different cultures which will come together in the form of lively music, dancing, shopping and dining adventures. You can learn about its history. It does about Learning history will make you feel a lot better while visiting there. There are very charming streets in these neighborhoods. You can have a great enjoying time with your partner by a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in the charming streets of this very neighborhood.

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