How to Watch Lakers Game Live Without Cable

Watch Lakers Games Live Free

Even without basketball legend Kobe Bryant, fans of the Los Angeles Lakers know that their team is always in the hunt for the national title. From the state-of-the-art Staples Center, the Los Angeles Lakers make their claim for the top of the NBA standings and the Western Conference Pacific Division title. With sixteen NBA championships under their belt to date, the L.A.  Lakers are comfortable with winning.

Today, you don’t need cable to follow this remarkable team. Los Angels fans have better ways to catch every dribble, pass, and jump shot without coughing up crazy amounts for a cable bill. Instead, there are revolutionary streaming services that bring all of the action to you using the internet and your favorite device. See how these services can put you in the driver’s seat to see the best of the NBA this season.

Watch Lakers Game Tonight With Sling TV

The gold standard in streaming services is Sling TV. This service is designed with basketball fans in mind, with the base package including many ESPN channels and TNT. This combination alone gives you all you need to watch most Lakers games this season. The base Orange package alone has ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. These channels feature multiple games each week during NBA season, and TNT airs even more games. With ESPN games on most Wednesdays and Fridays and TNT games on most Tuesdays and Thursdays, you get the best of the NBA, all the time.

Sling TV puts only the best and most-watched cable channels in its base package, so it can offer service at an amazingly low price of only $20 per month. Other popular base channels are TBS, Disney, and A&E, so all members of the family can find something to love about Sling TV. There’s never a contract, either. You can use the service only for as long as you want to because Sling TV knows that its service is outstanding.

There’s no limit to how much you can watch any channel, and Sling TV comes with free, on-demand services so that you have the freedom to catch up on your favorite shows when it suits you best. You can use the WatchESPN App with the same credentials as you use to access the Sling TV dashboard. If you want, even more, there is a Sports Extra package that allows you to watch NBA TV as well as ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN News, and ESPNU. This extra package of channels is only an extra $5 per month with your base service.

You can use a seven-day free trial and then use your service on a month-to-month basis. However, if you’re looking for a deal, Sling TV has you covered. T-Mobile customers get thirty percent off Sling TV with no questions asked. What’s more, a three-month sign-on with Sling TV gets you Apple TV at a discounted price. If you’d rather have a Roku streaming device, you can have it for free with a three-month subscription to Sling TV.

Stream Lakers Game Live on Hulu & AT&T TV TV Now

While PlayStation Vue’s service isn’t as flexible as Sling TV’s service, there are a large number of channels in PlayStation Vue’s base package. The base package includes TNT and ESPN. Because of the large package of channels that automatically come with PlayStation Vue’s smallest package, it takes $30 or $40 per month to get in on the ground floor of this service, depending on your location. Service costs more in bigger cities because there are more channels available in bigger cities as opposed to smaller locations.

The technology that PlayStation Vue uses is similar to Sling TV’s service, with internet-based streaming allowing users to watch television channels without cable. There are some capabilities to watch PlayStation Vue on other devices, but it works best on a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console. The service offers cloud-based DVR so it works for busy users. However, there are some limitations on streaming away from the base device, so it’s not the best service for NBA Lakers fans who travel a great deal. Some users have difficulty accessing their PlayStation Vue services on a computer if they have third-party cookies blocked in their settings.

NBA League Pass

You can also go directly to the source to stream the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA brings it right to you with NBA League Pass. This service is best for fans who primarily want to watch basketball, because, of course, that’s all this service brings you. But if basketball is what you want to watch, NBA League Pass has you covered. This is an internet-based streaming service.

For a one-time fee of $199.99, you get all teams, all season. Unfortunately, there are local blackouts that prevent you from seeing a team in the area surrounding its location. With the service, you get live games, except during the playoffs, and on-demand replays. There is also a classics library.

If you want to watch just one team during the season, you can pay just $119.99 a season. Individual games are available for purchase, too. These are a one-time cost of $6.99.

Over The Air Antenna Service

With an old-fashioned tv antenna, you can harness a broadcast signal and bring the Los Angeles Lakers into your home. If you live in the vicinity of a traditional broadcast network, you can use this method to pick up any local NBA game that airs. Fox and ABC are two networks that air NBA games each year.

There’s nothing to sign up for and no commitment. Of course, availability is extremely limited and you have to use a DVR if you want to record a game and watch it later. There are several antennas on the market, of varying quality and features.

TNT Overtime

TNT Overtime is committed to bringing you superior NBA coverage. They choose some games and give you exclusive access to multiple camera angles and bonus content. You can watch TNT Overtime using a tablet or a smartphone. Content is limited, so it’s probably not enough for the most serious fan. There is no cost to using this method to watch the Lakers.

NBA League Pass International

The Los Angeles Lakers have fans all over the world. To bring the NBA to these fans, the NBA offers NBA League Pass International. Similar to its domestic service, there are no blackouts for any team with the international service version. The service is available in many countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

Today, Los Angeles Lakers fans have more ways than ever before to keep up with their favorite team. With these new options, fans now find themselves on the front row of the best in streaming services. They can watch their favorite team without sacrificing their hard-earned cash. You, too, can cut out your cable and get the best in steaming television to watch the NBA all season long.

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