Best Places to Visit in Kansas

10 Top-Rated Kansas Tourist Attractions & Destinations

From a geographic perspective, Kansas is in the focal point of the United States. That is only one of the many reasons, in any case, that Kansas is known as the Heart of America. The condition of Kansas is a cut of Americana, bragging the landscape of the Great Plains alongside a lot of history. On account of the Wizard of Oz, many individuals consider it a place from which to get away, however in reality there are a ton of extraordinary spots and also the best places to visit in Kansas.

Fort Scott National Historic Site

Amidst the nineteenth century, Kansas could be portrayed as the frontier land. The settlement was continuous, however, a military nearness was expected to secure the American fringes. Stronghold Scott was developed in 1842 and was a critical figure both the U.S. Common War and Bleeding Kansas, a question that raised servitude even before it was a national fight. Today, the Fort Scott National Historic Site can be best investigated on a guided visit. You can visit 11 generally exact structures that house 30 outfitted rooms, each giving you a chance to see into life over 150 years back.

Oz Museum

On the banks of the Kansas River is the little city of Wamego. Be that as it may, don’t give the measure of Wamego a chance to trick you: It is home to a standout amongst the most entrancing attractions in the state! Wamego is the place you will discover the Oz Museum, an exhibition hall gave to all things Wizard of Oz. Inside the accumulation, you can see the first books, present-day collectibles, and memorabilia from the famous motion picture. A portion of the more irregular and startling antiques incorporate the first noiseless movies, which can be viewed nearby, and also ruby shoes shrouded in a great many Swarovski precious stones!

Monument Rocks

The Chalk Pyramids, otherwise called Monument Rocks, can be found in Gove County, in northwest Kansas. This geographical point of interest is one of the normal marvels of the state. Landmarks Rocks is, by a few assessments, more than 80 million years of age. A portion of the stone developments are more than 70 feet tall, and the ones you won’t have any desire to miss are called Charlie the Dog and Eye of the Needle. Look carefully, and you can likewise observe shells and even entire fossils in the stone itself.


Situated in the city of Hutchinson is The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, also called basically the Cosmosphere. This is the second biggest space gallery on the planet, and it is pressed with intriguing attractions and shows. In the Carey Digital Dome Theater, you can watch motion pictures about space investigation on a two-story, domed screen. You can likewise watch an execution of Dr. Goddard’s Lab, which takes watchers back to the 1930s when rocketry was recently creating as a field. The Cosmosphere’s Hall of Space Museum is the biggest gathering of Russian and American space antiques anyplace on the planet, and you can even observe and touch a genuine shuttle.

Lindsborg Kansas – “Little Sweden”

A standout amongst the most captivating goals in Kansas is Lindsborg, “Little Sweden”. This little city was settled by Swedish outsiders towards the finish of the nineteenth century. Today, it is known as meager Sweden. There are various shops and memorable attractions that grasp the neighborhood Swedish legacy. At the Blacksmith Shop, walk around blacksmith’s irons to get some privately simmered espresso. With caffeine support, you’ll be prepared to investigate The Swedish Pavilion. This point of interest was made over 100 years back for the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, it was transported ideal to Little Sweden, where it now fills in as a center for expressions of the human experience at Bethany College. Lindsborg is home to a few celebrations and every one of them draws immense group. Maybe the best known is the Svensk Hyllmingsfest, including Swedish moving, singing, parades, and beautiful Swedish outfits.

Visit Dodge City, KS

Western Kansas is home to Dodge City, a name synonymous with the Santa Fe Trail. Fort Dodge was built in the 19th century to safeguard settlers heading along the trail or settling in Kansas. It was the epitome of the Wild West, which is why we now have the expression, “Get the heck out of Dodge.” Today, however, Dodge is a wonderful place to be, and it is loaded with history and things to explore. You can still tour Fort Dodge, and you can also check out the Boot Hill Museum. This museum has a full reconstruction of Dodge City as it looked in 1876, and things like gunfight reenactments and chuckwagon dinners are all a part of the charm.

Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene KS

In focal Kansas is a little city called Abilene that is home to a noteworthy and verifiably critical fascination. The Eisenhower Presidential Library is situated in Abilene, and it is associated with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum and additionally Eisenhower’s childhood home. The Eisenhower Presidential Library is a choice research office that is stuffed with a large number of books, photographs, and ancient rarities. Displays change regularly and rotate around Eisenhower’s life, his administration, and Kansas history.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Just four percent of America’s unique tallgrass prairies exist today, however, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve looks to secure what remains. Situated outside of Strong City, this project is home to a few miles of climbing trails. There are likewise a modest bunch of noteworthy structures on the protect, including the nineteenth-century Spring Hill Ranch House and the Limestone Barn. Verdure are a major draw, and in the spring the prairies blossom with bright blooms. Since 2009, there has likewise been a group of buffalo wandering the save, which is an endeavor to reintroduce them to this characteristic scene.

Lawrence, Kansas

In case you’re searching for nightlife, workmanship, and culture, then one of the top urban communities in Kansas to look at is Lawrence. This city is home to the University of Kansas, making its energetic, dynamic populace and bohemian environment. Lawrence rotates around Massachusetts Street, the principle drag fixed with craftsmanship exhibitions, autonomous diners, and a plenitude of eccentric or vintage boutiques. As a school town, the range is likewise home to a lot of awesome nearby bottling works and nightlife spots. Try not to leave without investing some energy in the University of Kansas grounds, which has various noteworthy structures. The grounds are frequently contrasted with the anecdotal institute of Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter universe, and the suitably named Potter’s Lake just adds to that specific examination.


Wichita may not be the state capital, but rather it is the biggest city in Kansas. Nicknamed the Air Capital of the World, Wichita is home to a few aviation organizations and also the Kansas Aviation Museum. One of the city’s greatest family-accommodating attractions is the Sedgwick County Zoo, a gigantic accumulation of more than 2,500 creatures. While in Wichita, set aside a few minutes to walk around Old Town by walking. Old Town has as of late been revived, and it is presently an awesome accumulation of exhibition halls, shops, and eateries that is advantageously passerby benevolent.


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