Trentino Alto Adige Italy Travel Guide

Provinces: Trento, Bolzano

This region will not be like the other regions of Italy. It differs in many ways and is famous for the Alps and snow-capped mountains. Several rivers and lakes dot the area and the region is divided into two by the valley of the river Adige.

Trentino does not have any coastal or beach areas. It is one of the rare regions of Italy that does not touch the sea. Historically control of the region was under Austria for many centuries and you will still find German being spoken in the northern part that abuts Austria.

Trento, Italy – Travel and Tourism

The main town of the region would be Trentino. It has a rich history and dates back to the Roman days. It has several museums that contain fine art from the royal families who ruled this area for several centuries.

Trento is the capital of the region and of the autonomous province of Trento.

Bolzano, Italy – Travel and Tourism

The Province of Bolzano is administratively divided into 116 Municipalities. Within the region of Trentino Alto-Adige, it is also an autonomous province of Italy with the name of South Tyrol. South Tyrol’s extensive autonomy makes it de facto comparable to an autonomous region of Italy.

The Merano Valley is spread with historic castles, many of which have been transformed into charming castle type hotels.

Bressanone takes time to discover and explore the 13th-century Cathedral, the church of St.Michael, the Renaissance Palace of the Prince Bishop and walk the endless arcades in the old town area.

Some of the most delightful castles in this region are Castel Tirolo, just outside Meran, Castel Roncolo and Castel d’Appiano located very close to Bolzano, the incredibly preserved Castel Coira, the Castello di Tures, in the Valle Aurina, close to Brunico and Castelbello, in Val Venosta.