Molise Italy Travel Guide

Provinces: Campobasso, Isernia

This is a small region and contains hills and mountains that are facing the Adriatic Sea. Molise is the youngest Italian region since it was established in 1963, when the region “Abruzzi e Molise” was split into 2 regions.

Molise is mostly mountainous and the economy has always been an animal husbandry type of economy. In the last few years, the area is developing garment industries as a new source of income for the area.

Campobasso, Italy – Travel and Tourism

Campobasso contains a grand city center with the usual medieval features dating back to the period of the Monforte family. When in this town and area, take time to visit and explore the Monforte Castle and the Romanesque churches of San Bartolomeo and San Giorgino.

The church of Sant Antonino Abate houses the collection of carvings and wooden sculptures of sixteenth-century masters of Molise and is worth seeing.

Isernia, Italy – Travel and Tourism

The 2 city of Molise has a splendid Cathedral and interesting 14th-century fountain. The fountain is called the Fontana Della Fraterna.

Termoli – Travel and Tourism

Termoli will be considered to be the more important town contained in the province of Campobasso. You can visit and explore the ancient walls constructed by Emperor Frederick and the huge sixteenth-century castle that watches out over the sea.

Pastena – Travel and Tourism

When you visit this area, take time to explore and discover the monumental Sanctuary of the Addolorata of Castelpetroso, encircled by a thickly wooded forest.