Lake Como Travel Guide

Lake Como is one of the famous Italian Lake destinations, not far from Milan in the north of Italy. Lake Como is a long and sender lake with areas that are very, very deep. The southern end of the lake forks into two long channels with the scenic town of Bellagio situated on the promontory between them.

Like the other Italian Lakes, Lake Como has been popular as a resort since the days of the Roman Empire. Visitors have always admired the blue waters and taken refuge in the luxurious villas alongside the lake located in the wooded lakeside slopes above.

Como is a fun and lively town. It has a historical city center and a scenic location at the southern end of the east branch of Lake Como. Como’s art gallery is worth a visit when you come.

Menaggio is a popular holiday destination, with plenty of hotels. The town is located on the western shore of Lake Como, and has a beach. The town is a great starting point when exploring Lake Como.

Bellagio is a beautiful hilly town in a picture-perfect location on the promontory where Lake Como separates into two branches. The town is historic and charming, with promenades, stately hotels and gardens open to the public, including Villa Serbelloni. Bellagio Tourist Information Office is on Piazza dell Chiesa.

Varenna is a peaceful resort, smaller than Bellagio and also very beautiful. You can admire views from the Castello de Vezio or simply relax by the lakeside. Varenna Tourist Information Office is in Piazza San Giorgio.

Lecco is a rather commercial and industrialized town on the less touristy part of Lake Como, the fiord-like eastern channel of the lake. Lecco does have good public types of transportation and the mountains offer great hiking and walking opportunities.

Located to the North of Milan, Lake Como is like finding the diamond in the rough. It is a beautiful and captivating place with awe-inspiring views and scenery.