Isle of Capri Travel Guide

The Isle of Capri is a very beautiful and richly rewarding island that can be reached very easily by ferry from Sorrento or other neighboring ports. When you arrive on the isle, you can then take a cable car to the top of Capri and enjoy a breath-taking view. Of course, you can always walk the stars to the top if the desire moves you.

The Piazzetta di Capri is a charming little plaza in the heart of the island of Capri that is more often than not bustling with busy people It is both interesting and enjoyable to sit in one of the 4 exquisite bars, in the shadow of the clock tower and just watch the people.

If you start walking away from the main plaza you will see a much quieter side of the Island of Capri. You can walk along the little paths and get a better view of things. For example, you can walk to the lookout point Punta di Tragara, from which you can see the Faraglioni-cliffs, which is very fascinating.

On the northwestern side of the Island of Capri, you can pay a visit to the world-famous Grotta Azzurra, the blue grotto. It awes its visitors with its intensive blue color and how everything has a silvery shimmer if you dip it in the water in there. The sunlight comes in through a small opening located underwater, which absorbs the red light and only lets the blue light enter the grotto at the Island of Capri. The Grotta Azzurra can be reached by boat, by foot from Anacapri or by bus.

The Island of Capri’s natural and manmade attractions are indisputable. The Island of Capri abounds in hills, cliffs, olive groves, vineyards, and garden terraces overlooking the blue water of the Mediterranean. Naples and Vesuvius looming in the distance, with white ferries and hydrofoils zigzagging across the bay.

Capri town, in the eastern half of the Island of Capri. A funicular ascends to the town center from the port of Marina Grande, where the ferries and hydrofoils arrive.

Anacapri, a steep climb uphill from Island of Capri by bus or taxi. Anacapri is at an elevation of 980 feet (299m) and is less overtly upscale than its livelier sister city. It’s said to be popular with gays of a literary bent.

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