Amalfi Italy Travel Guide

Amalfi Coast is one of the more famous areas in Italy and all of Europe. It is known worldwide for its splendid beauty and its landscapes. When driving the Amalfi Coast you will find that the road will be winding and situated between the cliffs, rocks, and sea. This road and ride reveal exciting glimpses of small villages, hidden bays, and inlets, all watching out over the clear blue sea with great contrast to the flourishing green Mediterranean flora that covers the slopes and hills with beautiful colors.

It is the journey along the Amalfi Coast that will lead you over a rich history and wonderful landscape at the same time. This has been the playground for the rich, famous and royalty of the world for many centuries. It is now available to the average traveler or person who wants to get pleasure from some of the prettiest scenery in the world and enjoy an Italian vacation to boot.

You will enjoy visiting little and quaint towns along your journey, including picturesque Positano, the one time the Marine Republic of Amalfi, and the chic Ravello. These are the better-known towns, but you will find that some of the lesser-known places, such as Nerano, La Marina di Furore, Conca Dei Marini, and Praiano are also very beautiful and charming.

These coastal towns have a long history and many host traditional celebrations and events, including the descent of the comet from Monte Tabor, the Festa of St. Giuseppe, the Festa of St.Antonio, the remarkable sailing regatta, the lemon fair, St.Andrea patron saint of Amalfi, the underwater march to the Grotta dello Smeraldo held at Christmas, the firework display of New Year’s Eve and the traditional Via Crucis.

Amalfi, is the oldest of the Maritime Republics and is situated approximately in the center of the coastline of the same name. Your visit to Amalfi should start with the historical sites and monuments. Amalfi will excite and fascinate you at the same time.

Atrani, A village that might display the best of the local architectural characteristics. It is very close to Amalfi and some may think it is the same town. In the “nativity village”, sheltered within a small passageway, barricaded by houses along steep, rocky walls, the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena stands confident in a prominent position on the Amalfi coast.

Furore, You can drive to Furore by driving 7km from the coast on the twisting roads of the Serpentine Mountains. You should have a remarkable panoramic view of the coast and the Gulf of Salerno. Furore is a town of fewer than 1,000 residents whose houses are built all over the hillside. This will be one of the more laidback and quiet towns you will visit.

Maiori, One of the more elegant seaside resorts that have little houses, gold dome, tower, zillions of lemons and the wonderful scent of citrus fruits, a modern promenade, pools, grand hotels. This will be Maiori, a town where you can relax and enjoy the old and the new.

Minori, This town has a rich history and was founded in the 7th century B.C. by the Etruscans and later occupied by the Romans. There are some great archeological finds in this area from the time of the Roman empire and documented by the archaeological digs of the Villa Romana Maritima. Being built in the time of the Roman leader Augustas.


This town is possibly one of the better examples of a small, quaint village on the Amalfi Coast. You will be hard-pressed to find another town in this area that you can fall in love with like Positano. It is one of a kind town, in a one of a kind location.

Positano is in the center of the Amalfi coast and is one of the prettiest little towns you will ever come across. Positano is a small fishing type of village. Situated perilously on the edge of cliffs, it descends directly to a volcanic beach and the Mediterranean. There is plenty of shopping and art stores in town for the tourist in all of us.

Hotels on the Amalfi coast and hotels in Positano can be on the expensive side. It is wise to book your Positano and Amalfi coast hotels before you go to make sure a hotel room or accommodation is waiting for you after the hair raising ride to Positano. Positano’s beach lies at the foot of the hillsides on which Positano sits. In order to reach it one must traverse one of two pedestrian passages, laden with stairs and ramps, but alight with bougainvillea and surrounded by a variety of small art galleries, shops, and cafes.

Eating will not be a problem in Positano. There are a wide variety of great dining establishments to choose from. The catch of the day and other fish will be shown when you enter a restaurant and you can also find other great Italian dishes as well. Positano is a great place to visit or stay for a while. The people are friendly and the food and location are world-class. Don’t be surprised when you get a bill, it will be expensive and sometimes it is worth it and other times not. The trip to Positano will allow you to generate memories that will last you a lifetime, so enjoy one of our favorite places in southern Italy.

Praiano, Located in the middle of Positano and Amalfi is a small fishing village that is both quiet and laidback.

Ravello, The town is beautiful and it has always been an inspiration to both tourists and residences of Ravello. A mansion was built on a cliff ledge and has become an attraction for tourists from all everywhere.

Vietri Sul Mare, When you take a turn and leave the highway, the first town you will come to is Vietri Sul Mare. From this location, you can see it all and if this does not impress you, nothing will.

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Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a true wonder of the world when it comes to rich beauty and historical pedigree. The playground for the rich, famous and royalty for many centuries. The area is now available for any traveler who enjoys the challenge of finding the unique and beautiful. The Amalfi Coast is a must-see when in Italy.