Family-Friendly Fun in Chicago

Chicago is a great city for families. There’s so much to see and do here, and most of the major sights are appropriate for both children and adults. Whether your kids are barely out of diapers (or still in them) or nearly out of high school, there’s an activity for every age.

Chicago is known the world over as a bustling city, full of charm, romance, and tourist attractions, but very few people know how friendly this warm and welcoming city can actually be for the whole family. If you look into the heart of this financial giant, you will find that it is far more than a bustling metropolis – it is a place where kids and adults alike can be entertained in previously undiscovered ways. If you have been looking for an accessible, safe place to take your family on vacation this summer, then look no further than The Windy City!

Climate, Access, and Infrastructure

One of the reasons why Chicago is such a tourist attraction for the entire gang is the fact that it is so accessible. O’Hare is the second busiest airport in the world – which is already an adventure in itself – and the city is third biggest in the United States after New York and Los Angeles. Add to this the fact that the seasons are picture-perfect, from warm sunny summers to snowy winters, and you have an entire world just waiting to be explored.

Chicago Family Activities

Like any world-class city, the governing bodies and authorities of Chicago take pride in making their city fun for the whole family, and part of the way in which they do so is by organizing fun family adventures. You can choose to purchase an affordable bundle experience, where you could cruise the river, taking in local shopping attractions or museums along the way. If your family is fanatical about sports, why not pop in at the famous home of the Chicago White Sox? The great thing about these packages is that you have the benefit of access, so no part of Chicago is out of your reach. Museums, stadia, shopping, fishing, long walks, art galleries and so much more await you and your children!

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the USA, which is the reason why it has something to offer to everyone: museums, parks, zoos and aquariums, planetariums, and more. Many of the top places you can visit in Chicago are free of charge, so you can take a good look around without spending too much. Let me suggest you just a taste of Chicago:


Many of Chicago’s museums offer extra activities and tours designed for kids. At the Shedd Aquarium, kids can go behind the scenes with an animal care staff member, get hands-on with certain animals, or attend a special kids camp. On Tuesdays, there are also activities planned just for toddlers. The Chicago Children’s Museum, located at Navy Pier, offers interactive exhibits designed to teach kids about the world around them.


Many of Chicago’s theatres offer shows that may appeal to younger kids, and some produce plays just for the younger set. Adventure Stage puts on theatre for kids, by kids, using child actors, and the Chicago Children’s Theatre offers live interpretations of famous fables and fairy tales for kids.

Parks and Zoos

Chicago’s parks a great places to unleash the little ones for some playtime. In Grant Park, kids love catching their distorted reflection in the Bean sculpture or watching the Crown Fountain spurt water from a digital “face”. The free Lincoln Park Zoo is beloved by kids of all ages. Older kids will enjoy learning about the animals and seeing them up close, while younger kids can take a ride on the Zoo Train and feed some gentle barnyard animals at the petting zoo.

The Magnificent Mile

Shopping with a cranky kid in tow doesn’t sound like much fun, but the Magnificent Mile isn’t all about fancy boutique and designer clothes. There are lots of shops that will appeal to kids as well, like the larger than like Ghirardelli Chocolate store or the little-girl’s-dream-come-true store, the American Girl Place, where kids can have a tea party with their favorite doll while mom and dad whip out the charge card to buy all the latest must-have doll accessories. Younger kids are also sure to love a carriage ride down Michigan Avenue.

Millennium Park

Famous for the Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean”. Millennium Park features most beloved sights in the city, the admission is free and you can have a really good time with your family while you enjoy the Crown Fountain or the Laurie Garden. Definitely a must-see.

Wrigley Field

Do you like baseball? Well, if that is the case, Chicago has a great baseball field for you to enjoy and see “da Cubs” play. For more information visit the Chicago Cubs’ official website. This is a great opportunity for you to visit a ball field full of history with your family.

Navy Pier

This amusement park is located along Lake Michigan, and for kids, it is a great place to visit, the park offers fountains and carnival rides; here also you can find the Chicago Children’s Museum, the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and the IMAX Theatre as well, which make a great combination for your family. Admission is free but parking is not, so check their website for pricing as well as hours.

DIY Chicago

Of course, you may want to tackle the town on your own terms. This is particularly appealing to families who want to give older children a bit more freedom. Why not take a trip to Garfield Park and take in the awe-inspiring range of plants on display and enjoy a quiet lunch while your children catch and release fish in the river?

Garfield Park

Whatever your pace or preference, you are sure to find an engaging, relaxing, and intriguing side of Chicago.

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