4 Best Beaches in Chicago

A city in the Midwest of the United States isn’t the first place you’d think of as a beach paradise. . . and okay, Chicago isn’t really a beach paradise, but the city does have several great beaches along the Shores of Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is really nice, and a walk to the beach was beautiful!

Free beaches near Chicago

You won’t see surfing or snorkeling at these beaches, but you will find food, music, kids playing in the sand, and young locals working on their tans. Here’s a rundown of some of the city’s best spots to hang by the Lake. Though these are by no means your only options – in fact, Chicago offers 15 swimming beaches along the 26 miles of shoreline within the city limits – they are the easiest for most visitors to get to.

The Chicago Lakefront Trail (LFT) is an 18.5-mile-long (29.8 km) partial shared-use path for walking, jogging, and cycling, located along the western shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois.

Ohio Street Beach

For those staying on the Magnificent Mile, the Ohio Street Beach will be the closest. It’s located at (no-brainer here) Ohio and the Lakefront, just north of Navy Pier. It’s a smaller beach but it tends to be less crowded because there are no dining or restroom facilities here.

Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach is halfway between the Ohio Street Beach and North Avenue Beach, and not just geographically. It’s more popular and built up than Ohio Street, but not as wild and packed as North Avenue Beach. It’s located between Oak and Division in the posh ‘hood of the Gold Coast and offers one restaurant. Don’t miss Oak Street Beach during your next visit to Chicago. It’s one of many great beaches in the city, but its skyline views are tops.

North Avenue Beach

Located at the corner of North and the Lake, just south of where Lincoln Park begins, North Avenue beach is the party beach. There are restroom facilities, dining options, multiple volleyball nets, and on hot days, endless rows of tanned, toned Chicagoans roasting in the sun.  The North Avenue Beach House features multiple concessions, outdoor showers, and equipment rental offices.

Montrose Beach

The Montrose Beach area is about 20 minutes north of downtown via the el of buses.  It offers a small harbor and is more built up than some of the other beaches, with multiple restroom facilities and restaurants. For many, it is a favorite beach because it is dog-friendly.

Michigan is not exactly known as a world-renown surf spot, but we found some pretty epic surf spots while traveling around the Upper Peninsula. Surfing on the Great Lakes is always an awesome experience & fun to travel far & wide to find novelty wave to share with the rest of the world. Even in sub-zero temperatures in Upper Peninsula Michigan, you can find one man who surfs Lake Superior.

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