How to Stream FIFA World Cup Soccer Live Free

Free alternatives for World Cup soccer live streaming

SBS The World Game – will be offering live streaming coverage of all soccer matches including the opening match, game of the day each day, two quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final game. – is currently broadcasting live coverage of World Cup qualifying and is set to allow free streaming of the games this summer as well. – is another site that one can turn to in order to find coverage of the World Cup live and streaming. World Cup qualifying streaming is currently available.

Recommended World Cup soccer live streaming

DIRECT TV – starting at $19.99 a month and up for various packages including World Cup soccer and coverage of all major sports.

Hulu – $39.99 a month will get you unlimited streaming of the Hulu library including sports.

SlingTV – $10 a month and up for sports packages.

FuboTV – $8.99 a month will get you access to 15 sports channels on this increasingly popular alternative to cable.

FIFA World Cup Groups and Countries Participating in The Tournament

  • Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
  • Group B: Portugal, Spain, Iran, Morocco
  • Group C: France, Peru, Denmark, Australia
  • Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria
  • Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
  • Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
  • Group G: Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama
  • Group H: Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan

How To Watch FIFA Live Stream by Country

The International streaming of FIFA games Live

  • India:       SonyLIV
  • Brazil:      Globo
  • France:    beIN Sports 1
  • Russia:    Channel One Russia, NTV+ Sports Online,
  • US:             fuboTV, SlingTV, beIN Sports USA, beIN Sports en Espanol
  • UK:           MUTD

2023 FIFA World Cup Live Stream Paid Options to Consider

Sling TV

The Sling TV service is a live streaming package that offers patrons admittance to upwards of 25 different channels that are all included and it is called Sling Orange.

There are upwards of 40 channels in the intermediate package which is called Sling Blue. Then the combined deal has upwards of 60 channels and it is called the Orange and Blue package. It is when the user adds the expansion deal, then there are more than 100 channels. The service right now can only be chosen in the U.S. at this time and is produced by DISH Network.

Package & Programming

If you subscribe to Sling TV then you will receive some of these channels; TNT, ESPN, TBS, ESPN2, and AMC. The cost is a meager $20 and up for one month of service and there is no binding contract to contend with. Or you can get in on the skinny bundle deal that has exciting channels such as; sports events, the world bulletin, and even more. It can be obtained in conjunction with the basic subscription for those that are interested in about $5 more a month. The user is able to pay for the service monthly much like other similar services. It can be canceled at any given time, and there is no known penalty for doing so. Rest assured that there are no hidden taxes or other applicable fees to speak of.

The Sling TV service is offering an impressive 30% off of the package deal when you order the Sling Orange bundle for the next 12 months. You will only pay about $14 a month and in return, you will receive the best channels. And if you are a person who is loyal T-Mobile patron then the Binge On plan will allow you to stream Sling TV and it will not go against the data plan. You can also get a week for free just for checking it out.

The Features of Sling TV

Many service providers boast of their seemingly vast video libraries, but there is something that was forgotten throughout the process as a whole. It is that the customer wants the ability to be able to channel surf at their leisure. There is now both a live TV option which it has become known for, but there is also a streaming service as well.
There is also an innovative 3-Day Replay component that allows the user to flip through the channels when they want to and watch any show that was aired on the channel over the previous three days. It is a preferred means of catching up on your favorite shows that you might have missed while you were working. The user is ultimately able to pause the motion for any given length of time if they need to, which is something that not all channels offer.
Mobile Feeds

You can observe Sling TV on many devices such as; an iOS or Android cell phone or a computer. Sling TV is able to be played on; Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many others too. You can also get a great deal if you choose to pay in advance for no less than three months of service.

Channel List And TV Shows

The list includes; ESPN, AMC, Cartoon Network, History, Disney Channel, ESPN2, ESPN3, TNT, Food Network, Viceland, Lifetime, and Galavisión. The Kids Extra package allows for adding 8 good kid’s channels that they will love. The channels include; TeenNick, Boomerang, Disney XD, NickToons, Nick Jr., Baby TV, Sling Kids, Disney Jr., and Duck TV.

You can get access to HBO and stream live for the whole library. There is also Cinemax for $ 10 extra. There are also Sling Latino and Sling International packages. And if you like comedy, then try the Comedy Plus Extra for $5 and you will get; Logo, MTV, CMT, Game Show Network, MTV2, Cooking Channel, Spike, and also TV Land. You can add Lifestyle Plus Extra for $5 more with; Vibrant TV, Oxygen, Hallmark, VH1, DIY, FYI, WE TV, E!, Lifetime Movie Network, and the Hallmark Channel. There is a Hollywood Extra for $5 more with; EPIX, TCM, EPIX2, EPIX, and SundanceTV.

The World News Extra also costs $5 with; NDTV 24/7, MSNBC, News 18 India, CNBC, The Blaze, France 24, Euro News, The Blaze, Uni Mas, and Russia Today. Get in on the free trial that will last for thirty days when it comes to international channels. The various languages that are included are; Mandarin, Telugu, Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Filipino, Malayalam, Bengali, Vietnamese, Kannada, Bangla, Urdu, Punjabi, and Brazilian

The Cost

The basic price point is for a 25-channel package and it costs about twenty dollars for a single month. If you want around forty channels, then it will cost you about twenty–five dollars for a month’s worth of service. The costs will vary based on the chosen package. There are also combination packages that will serve you well also.

The best part about the service is that there is no binding contract that keeps your money tied up for long periods of time. You have more control over which channels you choose and if you would rather have different channels at some point, then you can change them. There are many different packages to choose from and they are offered at a fair price point.

Get in early and try it for yourself. Pick the channels that you want to watch and enjoy them for as long as you like. It is a rare opportunity to have more control over what streaming happens on any given TV in your home with less downtime and higher quality programming that is in store for you.

Try one of the bundle deals to get the best bang for your buck and you will not be sorry that you did. Sling TV is a new and fabulous option for anyone who is interested in trying and it is well worth a second look for anyone who has not heard of it before. Try it for a free trial and then come back for more. There are more channels than you can count and more TV than you could ever dream of.

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Hulu vs Sling TV

Although Sling TV revolutionized the way we watch TV, there are other streaming services out there with similar attributes (read Sling TV vs Hulu packages). One streaming service to keep an eye on that will challenge Sling’s dominance in the online streaming industry is Hulu.

Hulu started as a free service but has since added much more customized viewing packages for cord-cutters. Hulu’s channel list and TV Show collection aren’t up to par with Sling’s, but competition is just heating up. I would wager that Hulu will probably mirror Sling TV’s database in the near future, but it is hard to project when this will happen. In the meantime, enjoy Sling’s entry-level package for only twenty bucks.

History of World Cup Soccer

International soccer governing body FIFA came into existence in 1904. The aim of the organization was to host championship matches between professional leagues from different nations. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) first conceived the idea of the world cup soccer championship as early as 1926. FIFA President Jules Rimet thought of an event that would fall in between the Olympics. The original idea did not work well owing to the outstretched hosting of the winter and summer Olympics.
Rimet along with other FIFA representatives first organized the event in 1930. The very first world cup did not even include qualifying rounds. Teams from Europe included France, Belgium, Yugoslavia & Romania. Other European teams complained about the distance to Uruguay and refused to travel so far.

The original gold trophy had the name of Jules Rimet carved on the trophy and it was contested three times in the 1930s. There were a total of 13 teams in the first world cup. The remaining countries besides the host Uruguay were Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, and the United States. Due to the Second World War, the competition was put a 12-year-long halt.
The first world cup soccer match started on July 13th, 1930. France defeated Mexico in a game of 4 to 1.
The first world cup soccer match started on July 13th, 1930. France defeated Mexico in a game of 4 to 1, paving way for a glorious world cup beginning. After the war, the FIFA World Cup gained worldwide recognition as the sole sporting event of the new world. The World cup has been held since 1958 in Europe and the Americas. The World Cup Executive Committee’s decision in May 1996 made a major decision of selecting Korea and Japan as co-hosts for the 2002 edition.

A largely male-dominated sport, women’s soccer has also seen some changes. The first women’s World Cup was held in China in 1991. The US won the championship for the first time ever in the history of women’s soccer.

Ever since 1930, the world has witnessed only seven different winners in the 16 tournaments held so far. The FIFA World cup has seen wonderful victories and some dramatic twists such as England’s defeat in 1950, North Korea’s loss in Italy in 1966, and Cameroon’s opening match defeat of Argentina in 1990.

The FIFA World cup today draws people from all over the globe. After so many years, the world cup has seen the best and the worst in the sphere of soccer. The soccer world stands taller in recognition and popularity with the FIFA world cup. Soccer is the most loved and admired game with a history of over 3000 years.

World Cup Winners

  Year  Champion  Runner Up  Host
  1930  Uruguay  Argentina  Uruguay
  1934  Italy  Czechoslovakia  Italy
  1938  Italy  Hungary  France
  1950  Uruguay  Brazil  Brazil
  1954  West Germany  Hungary  Switzerland
  1958  Brazil  Sweden  Sweden
  1962  Brazil  Czechoslovakia  Chile
  1966  England  West Germany  England
  1970  Brazil  Italy  Mexico
  1974  West Germany  Holland  West Germany
  1978  Argentina  Holland  Argentina
  1982  Italy  West Germany  Spain
  1986  Argentina  West Germany  Mexico
  1990  West Germany  Argentina  Italy
  1994  Brazil  Italy  USA
  1998  France  Brazil  France
  2002  Brazil  Germany  Korea/ Japan
  2006  Italy  France  Germany
  2010  Spain  Netherlands  South Africa
  2014  Germany  Argentina  Brazil
  2018  France  Croatia  Russia
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