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The NBA’s Eastern Conference Southeast Division is always exciting with the Charlotte Hornets. With Michael Jordan owning a large portion of the team, the Charlotte Hornets are always sure to be in the hunt for the conference, division, and NBA titles. Since the team’s humble beginnings in 1988, fans have gathered to cheer on this expansion team. The team plays at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte.

The Hornets are going to be in the mix again this year. The good news is that Charlotte fans have more ways to watch their team than ever. There are new streaming methods that harness the power of the internet to bring you the best in NBA basketball. These new methods are legal, less expensive, and cable companies are worried. Here’s a review of the latest in television services available on the modern market.

Watch Hornets Game Tonight on Sling TV (Free Trial)

This service is state-of-the-art, and it’s how most Charlotte fans can see the Hornets the best this year. Sling TV uses an internet connection to bring your favorite television channels to you. There’s no cable involved, and no stifling contracts that let the cable companies tell you what channels you get. Instead, use the internet connection you already have to receive these channels directly to your smart television, your smartphone, or your computer. It’s that easy.

And don’t think that Sling TV is going to lock you into the same huge channel packages that you’re used to with the old cable companies. Instead, Sling TV knows that you just want to pick out what you watch the most. They offer two base channel packages that are small and inexpensive. From there you can add just the extra channels that you want. Choose from a large number of extra packages or stick with the basic service. The least expensive level of service is just $20 or $25, but it still includes more than twenty channels. Talk about bang for your buck.

The two base packages are called the Orange package and the Blue package. If you’re a Hornets fan in the Southeast, you should go with Sling Blue because it includes FOX Sports Southeast. This channel alone broadcasts nearly all Hornets games every year. This base service is $25 each month, and with it you get CNN, Disney Channel, and TBS. TNT also comes with Sling Blue, and TNT is a powerhouse when it comes to airing Charlotte games.

If you’d rather have ESPN, there is Sling Orange, but Sling Blue includes more channels in the base package. You can cancel at any time, and there’s never a cancellation fee. If you’re not in the Southeast United States, Fox Sports Southeast doesn’t come in your base package, but Sling TV is still a great way to see many NBA games this year.

The available add-on packages have a lot of variety. There is a Hollywood package if you like movies. It’s only an extra $5 each month. If you have children in your home, you might want the Kids Extra package which is also $5 per month. There are approximately a dozen extra packages to choose from. Each add-on costs $5 to $15 more each month.

If you want a free Roku, just sign up for three months of service at the beginning. Alternatively, Sling TV offers you a discount on Apple TV if you agree to get Sling TV for thee months. Use a seven-day free trial and see what Sling TV has to offer.

Watch Hornets Game Live on PlayStation Vue (Free Trial)

If a larger base channel package is more your style, another good way to see the Charlotte Hornets this year is with PlayStation Vue. PlayStation Vue puts more than fifty channels right in the base package, and two of these channels are ESPN and TNT. This combination gives you a lot of NBA games each year, but not as many as you get with Sling TV’s Blue package. The channels available on PlayStation Vue give you lots of NBA playoff games. The NBA All-Star game comes to you through PlayStation Vue this way as well.

Sling TV costs less, though. The large number of channels that come with PlayStation Vue also means a higher price point to use even the lowest level of service. The cost depends on your location because there are more channels available in large cities, which means a higher price point. PlayStation Vue costs as much as $40 in some places. The service has some DVR capabilities, and some limited capabilities to access the service on secondary devices.

Live Stream Hornets Game on NBA League Pass

With this streaming service, you get both on-demand replays and a live stream of every NBA game, all year long. This gets you the most games from one place, but there is a high, set price of $199.99. You have to pay this price every year. That price includes every team in the NBA. There is one problem, though, and that’s local blackouts. That means you can’t see Charlotte play if you live near their home city. If you’re in the area, you need one of the other streaming services that bring you local games.

If you want to watch only one team all season that’s not in the local area where you live, you can do that for $119.99 a year. You can buy single games too, for $6.99 each, but even these games have local blackout restrictions. The games you can get, though, are available both on-demand and with replays during the regular season. Playoff games are only available a few hours after the game ends. NBA League Pass International is a similar service for Charlotte fans outside the United States. Its service is largely the same as the domestic option, with no blackouts anywhere. Availability might vary by country.

Watch Hornets Game Live on an OTA Antenna Free

There is one more way to see the Hornets play in the NBA this year. That is with free, antenna television. You need to connect an antenna to a compatible television. All antennas are not created the same, so you want to make sure you do your research before you make a purchase. ABC airs some NBA games each year, but you can’t count on broadcast television as a way to see every game if you’re a serious fan. ABC publishes a schedule with games they plan to carry. There are also DVRs that can help you make the most of watching the Charlotte Hornets over the airways.

These services are available so that you can call cable a thing of the past. Costs for streaming services are only a fraction of the high costs of cable. Fans can select just what they want to watch the most and start watching today.

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