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Philips Arena lights up each time the Hawks play. Since moving to Atlanta in 1968, the Hawks have been one of the many successful professional sports teams in the Atlanta area. The NBA team won the championship in 1958 and they also hold other conference and division titles from through the years.

The Atlanta Hawks have fans all around the world. They are excited to watch the Hawks make a run for the top of the standings each year. Fans want to know the best ways to keep in touch with the team. They don’t want to miss a minute.

Back in the day, this might have meant coming up with the money for a big-ticket cable package. Cables got in the way, and subscribers had to wait hours for service people. But today, there are new technologies and cable is quickly becoming ancient history. Haws fans have more ways than ever to see their favorite NBA team this year. Keep reading to see which option might meet your needs, all season long.

Stream Hawks Game Tonight on Sling TV

This is a well-developed service that gives Hawks fans access to most NBA games this year. This service is affordable, with entry-level packages costing $20 or $25 per month, depending on which service you choose. The service uses the internet to bring you your favorite television channels, without a cable.

You need a device that works with the service such as an iOS or Android phone. The service also works on a computer that has internet or on your television with a streaming device. From there, choose the channels that you want to watch the most with small upgrades. Each upgrade costs only $5 to $15 and they are grouped by subject matter. If you like sports, there’s a Sports Extra package that includes ESPN News, ESPN U, NBA TV, and NHL Network. If you’re into news, there’s an upgrade package for that. There’s also a package just for movie lovers.

One option to consider is Sling TV’s Blue package. This package includes FOX Sports Southeast if you live in the Southeast part of the country. This is a big deal for NBA fans because FOX Sports Southeast gives you access to all of Atlanta’s NBA games all season long. There’s no better way to see the Hawks all season for a better price and get a great package of additional channels as well.

Other great channels that come in the base packages include TBS, Food Network, CNN, and Comedy Central. The two basic packages are different from each other, so make sure you read carefully to get the package that you want. The Orange package has TNT and ESPN, so there are NBA games available, too. FOX Sports Southeast comes with the Blue package.

Try Sling TV free for seven days and see what other Atlanta Hawks fans already know. Sling TV is a great way to see the NBA and all your favorite television channels at a low cost. Take advantage of incentive deals when you agree to three months of service.

Watch Hawks Game Live on PlayStation Vue

You can also see the Hawks with PlayStation Vue (Sling TV vs Playstation Vue). This service uses internet streaming technology, just like Sling TV, but its offered services are a little bit different. They give you lots of channels off the bat, and you pay for more them. TNT and ESPN come in the base package, so that’s how you get to watch the Atlanta Hawks with this service.

The service starts at $29.99 for the lowest level of service, so it’s more than $100 more than Sling TV each year, even if you never watch those channels. PlayStation Vue is also not as available on as many devices as Sling TV. You can use it on a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console, as well as Fire TV, Roku, iPhone and Chromecast. Users should note, however, that there are limitations on use away from the base device, but Sony continues to work on improvements to their service. Try a free trial if you want to check it out.

Live Stream Hawks Game on NBA League Pass

For fans who don’t mind spending a bit more, you can use NBA League Pass to watch every NBA game from every team. This service is a streaming service that comes directly from the NBA to your compatible device. Get access to classics and even playoff games, even though playoff games stream on a delay.

This service is $199.99 per year to access all the teams, or $119.99 just to watch one team. There are local blackouts that stop you from seeing the team in your location, so don’t choose this option if you live in the Atlanta area and you want to watch the Hawks. Stream up to 40 games a week during the season with NBA League Pass.

For fans living abroad, there is NBA League Pass International. It’s better than the domestic version in that there are no blackouts. You can watch every game from every team this way.

Watch Atlanta Hawks Free on an OTA Antenna

Some NBA games are still completely free. Use a DVR with an antenna and a television to get and record games through broadcast television. There’s no cost to this and nothing to sign up for. ABC is one network that airs several NBA games each year. Not all DVRs are created equal, though, so make sure the device and the user interface meets your needs.

TNT Overtime, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV

Another way to see NBA Hawks games absolutely free each year is with TNT Overtime. This service is absolutely free thanks to TNT. TNT has bonus content from the games that they air. They put the game and the bonus content, such as extra camera angles, online for everyone to enjoy. Selection is limited, so this is not the way for serious fans to keep up on every game.

Hulu is a new service that hosts channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ABC, FOX, CBS, and more. Cost per month for Hulu is around $40 that includes a one-week free trial. Roku and Apple TV serve as a streaming player for many of the top streaming services like DirecTV Now, Hulu, Sling TV, and Playstation Vue.

With so many options, Atlanta Hawks fans are getting in the game more than ever before. Streaming services allow customers to make their choice among a variety of options. You only pay for what you want and the best television channels are available in a variety of convenient, customized options. Cut cable today and join in the latest in television technology.

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