7 Reasons why you should visit Oahu’ Hawaii

Your dream holiday is yours to create! The state capital of Hawaii, Honolulu and the world-renowned Waikiki are primarily the first stop to visiting Hawaii. There is no lack of what to do here; the island is known to be vibrant and active with so many things to do. It is simply one of the best travel destinations to visit due to its vibrant atmosphere. Here are a travel guide and tips to start with.

1.   Panoramic Paradise Beaches

The state that is single comprised entirely of islands, there are several shores located in Big Island, including the ill-famed Waikiki Beach. Known for their amazing landscapes, clear waters, and white-sand, here are just some of the reasons a lot of travelers come to visit the “tropical heaven.” With beaches to the South and North shores, the island of Oahu has a lot to offer for tourists. Waimea Bay that situated on the North Shore is a well-known beach for surfers and people who love to swim and snorkel. Waikiki Beach, located on the hottest beach in Oahu is fantastic for browsing, eating, and walking. With a lot of beaches to select from, you won’t be disappointed in Honolulu while on vacation. Of course, the sunset is never forgotten. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

Oahu Beaches

2.   Sports and Activities

Oahu has too many to offer when it comes to sports and activities. Some of the city’s renowned exciting activities include sailing at Makani, swimming with the dolphins at the Sealife Park, go crazy with Wet n’ Wild theme park, snorkel at Hanauma Bay, trekking through the jungle of Kualoa or learn the history of Pearl Harbor. Get the all-inclusive pass with 55% off for Oahu’s best places to visit. Start exploring!

3.   Green Nature to Hike

Leave the town streets and throw your-self in a green nature playground with rainforest waterfalls and ruins to hike. Climb out from the woods and to the sky. Diamond head is the most popular hiking trail in Hawaii. The walk is a glimpse into the military and geological history of two different volcanic craters. Much of the path is a natural tuff surface with several switchbacks traversing the large interior slope of the wall. Hiking is a must for a real Hawaiin experience.

Hiking Oahu

4.   Culture to Explore

Hawaiians are age-old Polynesians who settled in Hawaii around 400 – 500 A.D. With so many diverse cultures, Hawaiians are truly friendly, peaceful, and warm in their ways. Aloha is a phrase that elicits friendship, love, and tenderness. It has become a greeting for goodbye and hello in Hawaii and leaves you with warm emotion and spirit to those you come in contact with. From chant and the popular traditional hula dancing to the classic lei that is given as a symbol of a warm welcome, the individuals of Hawaii are genuinely like no other. A typical celebration for weddings and birthdays is where you attend a Luau party that will provide you an understanding of the Hawaiian manner, with traditional Hawaiian food, dance, and pleasure.

5.   Culinary Experience

Honolulu provides various meals, including ethnic foods and a combination of local meals. From Poi, a Polynesian meal to a pig roasts Luaus is traditional Hawaiian food that you wouldn’t want to miss. A combination of contemporary and traditional flavors in Honolulu makes its scene get noticed. Visit the local restaurants like Helena’s Hawaiin food or large chained restaurants such as The Cheesecake Factory and Ruth Chris Steak House. The Dole Plantation is just an hour away, offers tasty cuisines such as Pineapple Chili Dog or the infamous Kaula Pork Quesadilla. Regardless of what you are in the mood for, Hawaiin food surely will not disappoint you.

6.   Waikiki Strip

Today, Waikiki is the primary hotel and resort location as well as a lively gathering spot for visitors from all over the world in Oahu. Along Kalakaua Avenue’s primary strip, you’ll find restaurants, world-class shopping, entertainment, activities as well as resorts. Waikiki is renowned because of its beaches, and every chamber is simply three or two blocks from the ocean. With Leahi (Diamond Head) Waikiki’s quiet waters as your backdrop are ideal to get surfing and paddling lessons.

Waikiki Strip

7.  Luxury Hotel and Resorts

As one of the best travel destinations, Oahu, Hawaii is full of luxury hotel and resorts collection which you’ll find most of it in Waikiki. The vibrant place offers a wide range of choices from budget hotels and vacation rentals to hotels and resorts with luxury ocean view rooms. Alternatively, on the north shore, you’ll find the Turtle Bay Resort whilst on the east coast, you’ll find the Kahala Hotel & Resort. The low-key Honolulu Secret Hotel is indeed a mysterious 5-star hotel and resort that offers a quiet and calm atmosphere for visitors who want to keep away from the busy lifestyle of Waikiki. Perhaps you should experience it for yourself and find out what’s behind this luxurious mystery with JETSETTER!

Oahu Luxury Hotels

You will need to see all that Oahu has to provide, once you have checked in. Take your first surf lesson to see real hula and subsequently attend a luau at sundown. All can not match it all into your itinerary? Do not stress. There’ll be enough time at your next visit.

To complete your supreme luxury travel visit to one of the most popular homes of resorts, why not fly conveniently and efficiently. Book a Private Jet Charter to begin your journey with grand luxury traveling. Or alternatively, book a Private Yacht Charter and sail through the island of Oahu, experience the ocean lifestyle! Feel the comfort through your skin and relax your mind with a glass of wine. Start exploring, Never delay it!

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