Visiting Universal Studios Orlando

Let us help you ensure your family vacation is an adventure of a lifetime when you visit the world-famous Universal Studios Orlando Florida Amusement and Theme Park. Be amazed by theatrical shows, see your favorite movies come to life before your very eyes and gasp for air on some of the best roller coaster thrill rides.

You might like to view this walkthrough video of Universal Studios in Orlando Florida before we get started so you have a better understanding of the size of Universal Studios Amusement Parks in Orlando FL and can plan your vacation package and time to suit. Take some time and explore the pages below to make your visit to Universal Studios in Orlando FL full of fun-filled days and dazzling nights, you’ll find all the key park info, pictures, and videos.

Best way to visit Universal Studios Orlando FL

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Universal Studios Orlando Discount Tickets

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Shows to see at Universal Studios Orlando FL

See videos and pics of awesome Stage and Street Shows which include Beetle Juices Graveyard Revue, The Blues Brothers Show, or in the purpose-built amphitheater you may be one of the lucky contestants to join in Fear Factor Live! on the Orlando Studios Tour.

Everyone will love Animal Actors on Location, Universal Studios Orlando FL Horror Make-Up Show on the Orlando Studios Tour, and the kids haven’t been forgotten with A Day in the Park with Barney.

Rides and Attractions at Universal Studios Orlando FL

We’ve got you covered when it comes to fun in the sun in Orlando FL, great videos, and pictures of thrilling rides and magnificent attractions before you go to Universal Studios so you maximize your time on the rides you will enjoy.

Rides and Attractions at Universal Studios Orlando FL
The Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Orlando FL

Top thrill rides and roller coasters like; The Revenge of the Mummy, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Disaster! or maybe a Jaws boat tour for a bit of water action.

Kids will love The Simpsons Ride, Woody Woodpeckers Nuthouse Coaster, E.T. Adventure plus Shrek 4-D, and Men in Black Alien Attack.

Universal Studios Florida Vacation Packages

Compare package vacations available from Universal Studios in Orlando FL to other packages available on the market.

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Shopping and Dining at City Walk Universal Studios Orlando FL

Discover the fantastic shopping and restaurant dining options available at Universal City Walk Orlando FL where you’ll see the hottest nightlife with great live music so you can dance the night away at many different bars and nightclubs.

Find Hotels near Universal Studios Orlando FL

Choose the style of accommodation that suits not only your budget but what you want to do at night, your options are almost endless ….

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Universal Studios Ticket Prices FL

You’ll understand why our readers have asked for a simple easy to understand explanation of the Universal Studios Ticket Prices considering they have every combination available under the sun …the moon …and the universe!

Top 10 Fastest Rides at Universal Orland
Universal Studios Orlando ride Kong ride.

1 to 4 Day Single Park Access or then add Islands of Adventure 1 to 7 Day Park to Park Access, City Walk, Vip Tours, Florida Resident Tickets.

What about Annual Passes (Power Pass, Preferred Pass, Premier Pass), Florida Resident Annual Passes, Express Plus (skip the ride lines), Blue Man Group, add Wet’n Wild FL or get a 4 or 5 parks pass … seriously the list goes on and on.

Universal Studios Visit Review

Look, I know we’re deep into January, but humor me for a moment and pretend that talking about Christmas is still relevant. I spent the holiday in Orlando, so I owe you some posts on theme parks during the busy season. From what I’ve learned, planning is essential, so although my visit to Universal Studios was in December, many of these tips still apply to any other time of the year.

First up, and this seems like a no-brainer, do not oversleep–especially if you’re staying at a Disney resort and have to trek to Universal. That thirty extra minutes we snoozed cost us dearly. DEARLY, I say! You’ll see why.

Now, if you’re staying by Universal, it should be simple to get there, so go ahead and skip this part. For those of us who stayed closer to Disney, you’re going to have to figure out a way to get there. My advice? If you’re a small group go through Uber–it should cost you HALF the price a cab would. Holler for maximum savings!

Hooray! You made it to Universal! Omg, why are there so many people? IT’S BECAUSE YOU HIT SNOOZE, BIG DUMMY! Learn from my mistakes, yo.

So, this is the part where I started to panic. Lines were at 120-minute waits for big-ticket attractions and food lines were at least 45 minutes. Once I came to terms with everything; I rallied. No, I wouldn’t be able to do everything (we only had a one-day pass), so what were the most important things to me? I decided that as long as I got to spend time in the Simpsons area and Diagon Alley the trip wouldn’t be a total fail.

Then, I made my second mistake.

Instead of shelling out the extra $70 per person for an Express Pass, we stood in line for TWO HOURS for a two-minute ride. Don’t get me wrong, the Simpsons simulator is really cool, but TWO HOURS COOL?! We had already spent $200 to get into the theme park, so I put my foot down at the additional $140 (especially since Disney Fastpasses were FREE). At about the 1.5 hour mark, I realized it would have been worth it just to maximize our day. So yes, if you’re only doing a one day pass during a BUSY time of year, just buy the damn thing. You’re already hundreds in the hole.

Just breathe and eat your feelings with a donut. Or beer.

Are you ready for my third mistake?

As a Simpsons fan, it was EXCITING to be surrounded by Squishees, Duff Beer, and above all, KRUSTY BURGERS. But first, we had to stand in a 45-minute line for one of the biggest travesties of a burger I’ve ever put into my mouth.

I know theme parks aren’t known for Michelin-inspired dining, but this was another level of terrible. However, I was hungry, and I told myself that Krusty burgers are KNOWN for being bad, MAYBE IT WAS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE? MAYBE??

At this point, I was feeling rather Surly.

We had already spent over three hours at the park and still hadn’t made it to the Harry Potter section. I’ve read that sometimes they close this area if it reaches max capacity, so we SPRINTED until I was safely on Grimmauld Place.

Soon, we were in a dream world of magic.

A land where it was AN HOUR WAIT for ice cream and butterbeer. MERLIN’S BEARD.

This is where my husband stepped in with his own life hack: instead of standing in a terrible line for an hour, offer someone towards the front of the line a free butterbeer (or whatever) in exchange for getting yours. This gave us additional time to fight through the crowds and stand in another crazy line for the Gringotts attraction.

Here’s a trick for those of us cheapskates who eschewed the Express Pass: Gringotts has a Single Rider’s line that tends to be shorter than Standby. If you’re okay with sitting with a stranger, then your time in line can be expedited. By sitting separately, we waited 45 minutes instead of the projected hour and a half. Just know, this is not a simulator like the Harry Potter ride in Hogsmeade (at Islands of Adventure). It’s more of a rollercoaster meets simulator, which I didn’t realize, and there was a three-story drop from the get-go. So, if you’re like me and need to clutch onto someone while this is happening, perhaps Single Rider isn’t the best option. JUST SAYING.

They say hindsight is 20/20, but I don’t really see myself returning to Universal anytime soon to put these tips into play. And though our visit wasn’t perfect, it was still a fun day, and now that you know where I went wrong, your trip should go much, MUCH smoother.

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