Ugly Stik Fishing Rods (Review)

The Ugly Stik Fishing Rod is known throughout the fishing industry as one of the best rods ever made. The Ugly Stik rarely lets an angler down. Manufactured and made available by the Shakespeare fishing company, this nearly perfect all graphite fishing rod has no real match in the industry today.

The original Ugly Stick started out with only a percentage of graphite composite. As technology evolved in the fishing industry, so did it to the Ugly Stik and the birth of the first 100% graphite rod by Shakespeare was born in 1976. Ever since, the Ugly Stik line has grown and now is one of the top-selling freshwater rods in the entire world.

Any rod that can be bent back from the butt to the tip (and then some) deserves a lofty ranking. Combine that flexibility with a sensitive feel and a dynamite response to any fish strike, you have one of the most revolutionary and historic fishing rods ever.

The Ugly Stik Fishing Rod, once it became all graphite, has changed very little. The old saying is that you don’t mess with perfection. When combined with a great open faced reel, the Ugly Stik freshwater rod combo is hard to beat. This is especially so if you are looking to catch a variety of fish across a diversity of conditions with only one rod.

The Ugly Stick Fishing Rod has long been held in high regard by professional and amateur fishermen from the Yukon to the Amazon basin of South America. Ugly stick rods are number one in South America as they have proven themselves time and time again against such adversaries as the peacock bass and other oversized Amazon Basin fish. It does not matter what the species is; as long as an Ugly Stik is in hand you will be prepared for battle.

Shakespeare knew a good thing when they had one and poured money into R&D; to make sure the Ugly Stick continued to evolve and become a fishing tool any angler would be happy to own. Soon the entire country (and the world for that matter), knew about the Ugly Stick’s performance matrix and how it outperformed most other rods in any condition.

The now famous commercial of the Ugly Stik being doubled-up is one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever for a freshwater rod. If you haven’t tried it, head on over to your local tackle shop and wrap your hands around one of the most durable fishing rods known to man. A love affair will begin when you lay your eyes on this one-hundred percent graphite work of art.

One of the most popular Ugly Stick Fishing Rods is the popular and always in demand Ugly Stick Lite. This highly efficient and ultra responsive Ultra Lite fishing rod is deadly in the clear-water creeks and streams all throughout North America. Not many smallmouth bass or river walleye get away when they tangle with an angler armed with an Ugly Stick Lite.

There are many different types of Ugly Stick fishing rods. Shakespeare has Ugly Stik Fishing rod’s designed for catfish, crappie, walleye, northern pike and more. Experienced anglers know that it DOES matter what type of rod you use when fishing different species. The good news is there are a variety of different Ugly Stick rods to match what you are targeting. Ugly Stick enthusiasts often have several different models of the Ugly Stik in their arsenal.

If you are in the market for a rod, make sure an Ugly Stik Fishing Rod is on your short list of rods to compare. If you are like me, it may be the only one you end up looking at.

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