Shimano Fishing Rods (Review)

Shimano Fishing Rods are perfect if hooking into a large spirited walleye or rainbow trout is on the agenda this weekend. For over 80 years, Shimano has concentrated on only producing precision engineered rods, one pole at a time. They are one of the most sought after fishing rods on the market today.

I have used both Shimano rods and reels throughout my 30 year fishing career. I have always been happy with the quality and the security of every cast I have made over that time. There’s just something about the feel of a Shimano freshwater rod which reminds me of my favorite fitting blue jeans. I love it and hate to leave home without it.

Shimano fishing rods are exactly what a freshwater fishing rod should be; an effective tool in which to catch more fish. The Shimano fresh-water rods and especially the Shimano Cumara can produce game-changing results on the water.

Shimano Cumara

The manufacturers of the Shimano Cumara knew that they would be up against some fierce competition from the likes of the Shakespeare Ugly Stik and the Browning Carboxy Gold. So they put a little extra into manufacturing the Cumara line, and it has paid off in big dividends.

Many anglers feel that the Shimano Cumara line is one of the best freshwater fishing rods available on the market today. This could come from the lightweight shaft that offers sensitivity, flexibility, speed and accuracy, and superb comfort and a control. I for one have tried the Cumara and must say it is the favorite rod in my arsenal.

Catching Largemouth Bass in Sunny Texas

When I set out to catch a few largemouth bass in Texas in 2008, I looked at my options for fishing equipment. I thought about the location, I also took in consideration the amount of weed lines and lily-pads that I would have to fight and drag any largemouth over and above. I had a decision to make and that decision was which freshwater rod to take with me to the lake. I had two choices; a 6 ½ foot Shimano Cumara Model CUS68M Bass Rod or the equally impressive and desired Shimano Big Water Graphite Rod. Decisions, decisions.

Lake Fishing for Big Bass

I grabbed the Cumara and headed to my truck, knowing that I would need the reliability in the weeds, and the precision control, that only the Shimano Cumara would offer me. I needed this rod to help pull those 6 to 8 pound largemouth bass I intended to catch. I ended the day of fishing with a great sigh of relief having tussled with and beaten the lake and catching my share of largemouth that day.

The next time you head out to a crystal clear north American lake; make sure you take along the fishermen’s best tool – the Shimano Cumara. This is a terrific a medium-action rod. The makers of any Shimano product will be of the highest quality, and will never let you down. They are designed to help you land the big ones off the rocks and into the cooler!

Try your hand at some great fishing and make sure that you choose Shimano Fishing Rods.

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