Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak With Deluxe Package

Are you a beginner and looking for a great kayak? Then, you should know that one of the most popular inflatable kayaks in America is the Sea Eagle 330.

Along with all the convenience, durability, versatility as well and affordability, this fact comes as no surprise.

Kayaking is one of the loving crazes to all ages people. The percentage is increasing every day. But it’s a little more challenging to select the best kayak in this competitive market. Before buying a kayak, considering the features, design, specification, and size is a must.

Sea Eagle 330
Sea Eagle 330

Here we select Sea Eagle 330 for you by reviewing all the important issues of the kayak. So, Let’s dive into the deep of the review.

#1. How Did We Pick

Picking a kayak for both amateur and professional kayakers is not easy. You need to be very careful and honest with the review. While we were composing the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak review, we hoarded our knowledge and experience to assist the buyers in buying the best inflatable kayak.


If you and your partner are looking for an excellent inflatable deluxe package kayak then this sports kayak would be best for you. Whether you are an amateur or a professional kayaker, you would love every bit of it. It is comfortable and sturdy.


Before writing about this inflatable kayak, we tested the kayak ourselves so that we could give the buyers an actual review of its durability. Just like the other customers, we are impressed with the durability of the Sea Eagle 330 as well. Some kayakers have been using the same kayak for more than 10 years, and it is still as good as before.


The Sea Eagle 330 is designed in such a way that it makes less noise than the hard-shelled kayaks; hence, you can easily use it to sneak up on fish and catch them. The seats are high enough so you can observe the fish with efficiency. The users enjoy the open layout of this inflatable deluxe package kayak, and as it has a lot of space, you can fit in a good amount of gear in it.


The interior is 13 inches wide by nine feet and six inches long, and the exterior is 34 inches wide by 11 feet, two inches long. This size makes it a great kayak as two adults can fit on it perfectly. The weight capacity is 500 pounds; hence, if you are looking for a compact-size inflatable kayak then this kayak is all you need.

#2. Why You Should Get This

Kayak riding is fun and adventurous. If you prefer solo or two-people kayaking then what can be better than this complete package? You are getting all the things you need along with the purchase of a Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak. Whether it is freshwater or saltwater, you can enjoy kayaking as it comes with material that is safe for both types of water. Again, it has the capacity to withstand three to five-foot waves, so this ensures your safety as well. As it is very durable, you can enjoy kayaking on it for a long time. For smooth and safe kayaking, the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is a must.

#3. How We Tested

We have been working with kayaks and their testing for a long time. We tested the kayaks ourselves, and we gathered huge reviews from the customers. Each and every detail of the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak with the deluxe package was noted down. Finally, we accumulated all our results for the construction of this review article.

#4. Care And Maintenance

Taking care of and maintaining the condition of the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak is not a huge deal for the customers. All you need to do is, clean it with fresh water after kayaking and dry it completely before putting it inside the carrying bag. In case of punctures, you are going to need the repair kit. Hence, never forget to carry it with you.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package – Review Guides

The sea eagle is the pioneer in the industry of kayaks. They started their journey in the year of 1968, and since then they have evolved a lot and are still perfecting their craft. They are adding new features to their inflatable kayaks which is why; they are now the leaders of the industry today. The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package is no different from this philosophy.

Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package is the perfect kayak for the amateur and beginners to learn on and is just as much enjoyable for the professional or the experienced kayakers.

The Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package is the smallest kayak in the whole sports series of the Sea Eagle brand. This has been the top favorite of kayakers for quite a long time. If you are into solo kayaking, then there is nothing as good as this one. In this Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package review, we have tried our best to sum up all the features and good qualities. Although the size of this kayak is enough for a single person, this kayak can be used by two kayakers as well. So, if you are planning for a kayak adventure then why not buy this one? The 11’2” length and 34” width will offer you the best kayak experience.

As you are reading this Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package review, then I would like to inform you that, this is the best option regarding both affordability and durability. This kayak is a great option for some fun in both fresh and saltwater. As it has a very compact size, it can be used by solo or two persons for coastal oceans, calm lakes as even class III rapids. As this kayak is made of very durable K-80 Polykrylar Hull material, it has the ability to tackle any situation without any problem.

The company Sea Eagle is so confident about the quality of the kayak that they provide a service surety of three years to the customers.

In the last few years, the company Sea Eagle has brought some changes in the structure of their kayaks. They have uplifted the floor for this Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package so that the kayaker can seat high. They attached the I-beam floor. This floor lets the customer sit higher. This makes the padding a lot easier, and in case you are fishing on the water.

Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package is popular for providing good value; therefore, they include all the necessary equipment that allows you to get in the water just after purchasing. The accessories that this kayak includes are a pump, two paddles, a carrying bag, a repair kit, spray skirts, grab lines, and two skegs.

Product Features

  • Closing and opening drain valve.
  • One way five deluxe valves.
  • Materials resistant to sun and saltwater.
  • Spar skirts.
  • I- Beam kayak construction floor.
  • Two skegs for tracking.
  • Bow and stern with grab lines.
  • Foot pump.
  • Paddles for both the kayakers.
  • Two spacious seats.
  • Repairing kit.
  • Carrying bag.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are impressed with the durability and the size of the Sea Eagle 330 inflatable deluxe package. Most of the customers have been using the same kayak for over ten years, and it still works as great as before. Some of the customers even claim that they have tackled three to five-foot waves with this kayak. As it is inflatable, it does not make any noise so catching fish becomes easier.

Another thing that wowed the customers is its three-year-long service contract because this is a very rare thing offered by the companies.

On a scale of 1 to 10, it has been rated 9.5 by the customers. So, I hope you can understand from this Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak review how well it served the customers.


  • The weight is around 26 lbs. Hence, it is very light and can be taken anywhere with the kayaker;
  • The inflation time is 6 minutes;
  • The material of this inflatable kayak is very strong, durable, and sturdy;
  • The price is very affordable. So, if you are on a budget, then there is no alternative to this kayak;
  • This can be used for the class III rapids, fresh water, and ocean coastal;
  • The kayak is very stable compared to the kayak of this price range;


  • The customers have not complained about this kayak much, but they reported some problems which are common for inflatable kayaks;
  • The wind easily pushes the craft. This is a common problem. If you had a hard shell weighty kayak, then you would not have faced this issue;
  • The tracking is not the best for this kayak;
  • It is quite tough to board from the dock;

These are the few issues that the clients faced with this kayak but, the durability and affordability made it the best kayak for amateur and professional kayakers.

If you have decided to purchase this kayak, then there must be some questions you want to ask before purchasing. Here are some of them:

Can I carry my dog with me on this kayak?

If you have a small dog and you want to carry it with you on the water then, the nails of the dog will not hamper the condition of the kayak. There will not be any punctures on the kayak if you are bringing your dog with you.

Is it possible to carry the kayak on my back?

The size of the kayak is compact, and as it is very lightweight you can easily carry it on your back to your destination. It will not hurt your back or hands.

Can I move the location of the seat of the kayak?

You can easily adjust the seat location of the kayak by moving the seats. Even if you are going alone, then you will be able to handle it fine, but for your information, it is much more fun with two.

Is it possible to navigate it alone?

It is very easy to navigate. I have used it myself, and from my experience, it was the easiest so far.

Do I need to buy a carrying buy or will they provide one?

It comes with a carrying bag so, you do not have to buy a carrying bag.

Can I stand on a Sea Eagle 330 kayak?

It is very stable, but like other kayaks, it is not recommended to stand on the kayak.

Bottom Line

In this Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak review, we, a group of experienced kayakers have tried to include all the necessary information for the customers. This is truly a complete package, and it will make kayaking one of the best experiences of your life. Kayaking is thrilling and adventurous, but the fun can be ruined with the wrong kayak. So, in case, you are wondering, whether you should buy it or not, I would say, buy it right now and get on the water to have the fun of your life.

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