Sage Fishing Rods (Review)

One of the most-creative and heralded fly-fishing rod companies in the world is Sage Fishing Rods. The manufacturers and founders at Sage believe that one of the most important steps, in order to have a great freshwater fishing experience, is to select the appropriate rod.

Many would argue this point and say that is the reel that commands respect first and foremost. There are also those that say a combination of rod and reel is the most important step for a great fishing experience. Regardless of the debate and regardless of the emotions behind such arguments, one thing is for sure, Sage rods are top of the class when it comes to freshwater fly-fishing.

Species and Line-Weight are Important Factors When Selecting Sage Rod

The manufacturers of Sage fishing rods believe that species and fishing location, combined with line-weight, are all significant factors in selecting a great fishing rod. There are many other factors and circumstances that impact the selection of a great Sage fly-fishing freshwater rod. One of these is the ability to determine what species will be pursued, along with the ideal line-weight and what series of flies will be used. This makes sense as all these factors can be great alleys in the art of fly-fishing.

Fly-Fishing an Art-Form Indeed

Many anglers consider fly-fishing, an art, and in no way, a science. Sage has come up with a very intelligent system for both identifying freshwater fly-rods and matching up those rods for the correct type of fishing. A good way to see this in action is by an example.

Sage Rod Coding System

990-4TCX 9’0”

  • Number “9” ============ 9-Weight Fly-Line
  • Number “90”============Link of Rod is 9 to 0 Inches
  • Number “-4”============ Four-Sections Break-Down
  • Number “9”============ Length (Feet)
  • Number “0” ============ Length (Inches)

There are other codes and numbers that are mostly associated with action and line specifications. Sage believes that every rod, especially rods as sensitive and important as fly-fishing ones, need to be made from the highest-quality materials available. This is why every rod that comes out of the Sage factory is guaranteed and backed by one of the best product guarantees in the fishing industry. Also, every piece of Sage fishing equipment is designed, tested and built by hand with only one ending in mind; maximum quality and fish-ability results.

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There are nine-spectacular and unique series of rods that the Sage Fishing Rod Company proudly produces and markets. Sage fishing rods are each uniquely designed for all of the above mentioned geographical, as well as species-related challenges. This makes Sage one the most popular fly-fishing rod companies in the world and one of the main reasons why the strength of the company lies in the product itself.

While this is seen as a by-product of efficient and effective rod-manufacturing, many other companies see this as an unnecessary liability. Many owners of Sage fishing rods, especially the freshwater anglers, believe that there is something ‘magical’ in the rods they have chosen to fish with. This states volumes for the commitment that the manufacturers and the owners of Sage rods have for their beloved products and sensational rods.

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