Pfleuger Fishing Reels (Review)

Don’t forget about Pfleuger fishing reels!

Serious anglers recognize the name Pfleuger for the quality of their reels and the success that they enjoy when using one. The company has been manufacturing reels in the United States since 1916 although the company has been around since the late 1800’s.

Whether you are looking for spinning reels, spincast reels or even fly fishing reels, Pfleuger reels should always be the ones you look for first. This is because the company offers great gear ratios, quality construction and low overall weight that makes for an amazing all around reel.

If you are a fan of bait casting, you may be interested in Pfleuger’s Patriarch XT line of reels. This is a very new line which builds on the quality and precision details of the Patriarch line. These reels feature ball bearings that are shielded to prevent wear. Instead of a single layer of shielding, however, these reels come with double shielding that can dramatically extend the life of your reel.

Braking systems have been approached carefully in the Patriarch XT series. Not content with simply using magnetic or centrifugal brakes, the Patriarch XT braking system incorporates both of these systems to give you extreme control over the movement of your line. Coupled with a titanium line guide, this can ensure that your line moves where and when you want it to. This is great news when you are playing with a fish prior to reeling it in.

Although this is a great reel, it may not be for everyone. If you need a left-handed retrieve you will need to look elsewhere for your reel since the Patriarch XT has only a right-handed retrieve system built in to it. In the case of a left-handed retrieve being a necessity, anglers will need to switch to the Arbor series of spinning reels which feature both left and right retrieves.

The Patriarch Pfleuger fishing reel uses carbon fiber gears. This can make for very durable and longer lasting reels which may last as long as your fishing career! The lightweight design means that even though the reel is powerful enough to bring in fairly heavy fish, it only adds about 6.8 ounces onto the weight of your rod and reel combo.

This minimal weight is achieved through the use of a machined aluminum spool and rigid aluminum frame. Even the sideplates are made from aluminum but these are titanium coated which can help prolong your reel’s life even further. This is a terrific technical advantage that Pfleuger fishing reels give their owners.

If you want to make sure you are dealing with a company that seeks to inform its clients about reels and fishing equipment in general, look no further than the Pflueger Company. Their website contains information not only on the fishing reels they manufacture but also on the components in general. After looking at this site you will be able to tell better what kind of ball bearings and gears you want to use in the reels you select. This can make you feel like you have more control and knowledge and can really help you hone in on the craft of fishing instead of simply waiting for a catch to come to you.

Thanks for checking out this article on Pfleuger fishing reels. And good luck in your quest of buying a new one.

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