Los Suenos Fishing Guide

Fishing Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Los Suenos in Costa Rica is a great location to go on a vacation. It is adorned with a beautiful marina which is also the only Marina in Costa Rica that is sanctioned by the government. In Los Suenos, you can enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful crystal blue waters and gorgeous scenery. Apart from this natural beauty all around you, you can also get into some sportfishing action and land yourself some great catches that can include the legendary Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and the like.


The weather in Costa Rica is commonly split into two, the dry and the wet season. As the name suggests, the wet season is the rainy season that lasts from June to November and the dry season is at its peak during the months of January, February, and March. The dry season does not mean it does not rain at all, it just rains a lot less compared to the rainy season.

It is said that the dry season is the best time to visit Costa Rica. This is the busiest time there with the beach towns bustling with visitors and locals.

During the rainy season, it doesn’t rain all through the day but mostly only during the latter part of noon. This enables tourists and visitors to enjoy the sun and the beach during the morning hours.

Fishing in Los Suenos, Costa Rica.

It is a widely known fact that Costa Rica is an awesome fishing destination. Los Suenos on the western coast of Costa is rightly known as the ‘Fishing Capital of Costa Rica’. The five-star marina in Los Suenos hosts many fishing tournaments and it also has the country’s largest fleet of Big Game Sportfishing Boats.

Costa Rica has some beautiful calm waters that are rich in marine life. If you didn’t know let me tell you that these sleek and polished waters of Costa Rica claim to own 84 IGFA records. Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Roosterfish, and Red Snapper are some of the most sought-after game fish in Los Suenos.

The Fishing season in the whole of Costa Rica including Los Suenos stays open all year. The months between December and April are however considered the official fishing season with a peak in the Marlin numbers during the months of January and February and Sailfish season extending from November to May.

Top 6 fish

Sailfish fishing in Los Suenos

Sailfish is perhaps the most celebrated of all the billfish species. The sail-like cobalt blue dorsal fin distinguishes this fish from other billfish. Their bill is also another distinguishing factor as they are longer usually twice as long as the lower jaw.

These magnificent fish are known for their aerial leaps and amazingly fighting abilities. They are also the fastest fish reaching speeds of over 100 kph. Many fishermen consider landing a Sailfish the highest feat in sportfishing.

Sailfish Fishing Season in Los Suenos

Sailfish stays put in the waters off the coasts of Los Suenos all through the year, but the best time to land some quality specimens of Sailfish is from November to April.

Sailfish Fishing Technique in Los Suenos

These fish prefer to stay close to the surface waters where they normally feed. Anglers resort to a few methods when pursuing the Sailfish. Some of the most common methods include live baiting and trolling with live, artificial and strip baits.

Yellowfin fishing in Los Suenos

A strong and muscular fighter, that’s what a Yellowfin Tuna is. They have a well built streamlined body that allows them to move fast in the water. The Yellowfin Tuna are considered to be the most colorful of all the tunas. They have distinctively yellow colored fins and in certain large specimens, the anal and second dorsal fin can be quite long to reach the tail base.

These tunas are prized as a sport fish for its fighting abilities and the large sizes to which they grow to. The largest Yellowfin ever landed and recorded weighed almost 200 kg.

Yellowfin Fishing Season in Los Suenos

Any day is good to land a Yellowfin tuna but the months from January to August are known to be a better time to go fishing for the Yellowfin in Los Suenos.

Yellowfin Fishing Technique in Los Suenos

The Yellowfin Tunas are fast-moving fish that spread out in the sea and hence before they are spotted from the surface the best method to set a hook on one of these beasts is by the method of trolling. Trolling will help in covering a large area within a short time. Strip and live baits are used in Tuna fishing, chumming is also used to bring out the tuna from the depths and to the surface.

Marlin fishing in Los Suenos

The Blue and Black Marlins are two species of Marlins that are found in Los Suenos. Irrespective of which Marlin it is these fish are known for their sportive qualities. They are strong, fast, and very agile. These fish that like to leap from the water and exhibit their immense power are among the largest fish that swim in the world’s oceans.

A fully grown Blue Marlin female can be as long as 14 feet and can weigh over 900 kg. These fish are highly prized for their aggressive fighting qualities.

Marlin Fishing Season in Los Suenos

If you are a lucky angler, you can spot a Marlin in Los Suenos any time of the year. But May and June and then November and December are the better months of which November and December are the best.

Marlin Fishing Techniques

The best method for catching a Marlin is trolling. Live and dead baits like squid, mackerel, etc are used along with artificial lures.

Dorado fishing in Los Suenos

The Dorado often referred to as the Dolphinfish is another very sought-after fish by anglers all over the world. These fish are a feast to the eyes with a multitude of colors and an uncommon body structure. Anglers go crazy after these fish for their incredible aerial acrobatics.

The Dorado is a fast swimmer that can reach speeds of 80 kph easily in the water. The sight of a gleaming green, blue, and yellow-hued Dorado racing through the waters is absolutely exciting. Once hooked, these beauties will put up a good defense and will make you work for quite some time before you can land them.

Dorado Fishing Season in Los Suenos

The most productive fishing season of Dorado in Los Suenos begins in November and lasts till April. But a fact is that the Costa Rican waters are rich in marine life and hence the Dorado can be found here all months of the year and if you are fortunate you can land a Dorado any time of the year.

Dorado Fishing Technique in Los Suenos

Trolling with live and artificial baits is the most popular method used to land a Dorado. Squid, sardine, ballyhoo, etc are some of the common baits used in Dorado fishing. Live baiting is also adopted when the fish are spotted in the water.

Roosterfish fishing in Los Suenos

The Roosterfish belongs to the Jack family and the fish lives up to the family name when it comes to strength, speed, and fighting abilities. The Roosterfish can be easily distinguished from other marine species since it has a distinctive set of dorsal fins. These fins that are usually retracted but when the fish is excited the fins rise and stretch out like the rooster’s comb and hence the name Roosterfish.

Roosterfish fishing  in Los SuenosWhen hooked, the Roosterfish like the Amberjack makes a screeching run and fights the line till the very end.

Roosterfish Fishing Season in Los Suenos

In Los Suenos, the Roosterfish are caught during the months spanning from January to August with a peak season in the months of July and August.

Roosterfish Fishing Technique in Los Suenos

The usual fishing techniques to land a Roosterfish are trolling, live bait fishing, and casting baits.

Red Snapper fishing in Los Suenos

The Red Snapper is a beautiful fish with a pinkish-red color and sharp pointed anal fin. The Red Snapper like all the other snappers is hard fighting fish. When hooked these fish powerful runs into the deep waters with a head-shaking movement in an attempt to free themselves from the hook. It is absolutely fun to catch such an agile fish.

Red Snapper Fishing Season in Los Suenos

Red Snappers are found here all year round and during the months of July, August, November, and December the chances of landing a snapper are the best.

Red Snapper Fishing Techniques in Los Suenos

The Red Snapper feeds on small fish and worms. The Red Snapper is a light tackle fish that attacks baits and lures very quickly, however, Red Snappers are said to prefer live baits over artificial lures.

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