Best Lake Waco Fishing Guide

Lake Waco

Situated on the Brazos River, this vast expanse offers a plethora of activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and swimming. Visitors can take advantage of the lake’s many boat ramps and docks to explore the waters.

Lake Waco
Lake Waco by cmiked

Anglers won’t be disappointed either, as there are plenty of fish species that inhabit the lake. In the warmer months, waterskiers and wakeboarders enjoy taking advantage of the lake’s clean and calm waters. Campers also have plenty of locations to choose from around the lake, with some spots offering RV hookups and other amenities.

Lake Waco Fishing

Every angler has had their eye on Lake Waco for some time now. With flourishing wildlife, stocked waters, and pristine views – this oasis is a prime location for fishing fanatics across Texas. From smallmouth bass to largemouth black bass, the lake can harbor some of the most sought-after catches in the state.

small mouth bass
smallmouth bass, Lake Wacoby rbairdpccam

The best time to wet your line on Lake Waco is summertime when temperatures are at their peak and the fish are biting. Keep an eye out for shallow areas where you’re likely to find bass holding near structures like rocks and logs. In addition to bass, catfish thrive here at night when they’re actively feeding off the banks and often can be caught on a wide array of baits.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider lake wading for big carp. You will need a good pair of waders and plenty of patience as these large fish can take time to catch. The reward, however, is worth it in the end as carp boasts some of the best-tasting meat in freshwater fishing.

Regardless of what species you’re after, there is no shortage of things to do while fishing on Lake Waco. Not only will you have access to some great finds, but you’ll also get to experience stunning sunsets and beautiful landscapes that make the lake a truly picturesque fishing spot.

Map of Lake Waco Fishing

Catfish Trips

Those looking to fish for trophy catfish have the option of pursuing channels, blues, or flathead catfish. The latter species require a full day trip due to their feeding habits, making them best suited for those with more time on their hands. For those interested in catching fish for a fish fry, a half-day trip can be arranged. No matter what option is chosen, guided trips are available to ensure that all anglers make the most of their fishing experience.

lake waco catfish
Lake Waco catfish catch

White Bass, Hybrid, and Bluegill trips

Fishing in Waco, Texas is a great year-round activity, and White Bass, Hybrid Striper, and Bluegill trips provide anglers with ample opportunity to land some scaled treats. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice looking for plenty of action, a fishing trip targeting one of these three species will be sure to satisfy your needs.

White bass is known for their aggression and tendency to school together in large numbers. This makes them ideal for those wanting lots of bites. Furthermore, they are also well suited for beginner fishers who might not have the most experience yet.

Hybrid Striper fishing has become increasingly popular in Waco as well. My boat has proven its mettle by setting the lake record six times in recent memory. These fish fight hard and can make for a very entertaining day out on the water.

Bluegill is also abundant in Waco and its surrounding rivers. They are fast and easy to catch, making them an excellent choice for introducing children and beginners to fishing. Additionally, bluegill makes delicious meals that can serve as a great reward after a successful day on the lake.

Lake Waco Fishing Guides

Fish Hauler’s Guide Service

(254) 495-6726

I offer professional guided catfishing adventures. I specialize in trophy blue catfishing. I offer other trips as well. Channel cats, white bass, hybrid, and the ultimate flathead adventure. I know just about every inch of water on my local lakes. I do my best to provide an enjoyable trip with plenty of fish. I have extensive experience with children and people who need special consideration on their trips. –

huge catfish
Lake Waco fishing – huge catfish

Cattin’ Around Adventure’s Professional Guide


Welcome to Cattin’ Around Adventure, a full-service, licensed, and insured professional catfish charter. We will be providing lasting memories on most of Central Texas. Lake Limestone, Lake Granger, Lake Waco, and Lake Belton are just a few of the lakes offered. I also offer specialty trips to a lake of your choice upon request. What I offer is a safe enjoyable day on the water for my clients, their families, and friends.

lake waco fishing boat
Cattin’ Around Adventure’s Professional Guide

Our day will begin at a predetermined point on the lake we choose. All equipment, life jackets, boat, fuel, bait, and tackle will be provided plus I will have a cooler with ice for your drinks/snacks. Important, if there will be any children aboard, I will need to know in advance. I have life jackets for children, but you will need to let me know the size of your child or
you can bring one of your own. One child per parent or legal guardian only! You will have to provide a valid Texas fishing license prior to your arrival that morning and highly suggest you bring sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the time of year/weather we will be fishing.

We will start our journey to several fishing locations for our catch in which I will point out several things to look for plus if you choose I will teach you sonar/GPS operations of our Humminbird equipment on board. I will have all rods prepared for our day trip and will make any adjustments through the day as the fishing techniques may change due to conditions of weather and fish. All techniques will be taught and explained to you during our day because I find it very important to not only provide fish but also knowledge of fishing. The day’s catch can be cleaned and bagged for your trip home. I suggest you bring a cooler in your vehicle to transport your catch. –

Crappie King Guided Fishing Trips

362 Sharron Drive, Waco, TX, 254-722-2931

My name is Greg Culverhouse. I offer guided fishing trips that are guaranteed to catch fish. I specialize in catching crappie, white bass, and hybrid bass. My passion is fishing and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skill with people who have not had the chance to catch fish in large numbers. Some people like to fish and just about everyone likes to catch fish. That’s what I do …catch lots of fish! Come on let’s go fishin’! ​-

Mike Yoakum Crappie Guide

3201 Over Flow Road, Waco, TX 76712

Come and battle it out with some of the nation’s favorite freshwater fish with Mike Yoakum’s Crappie Guide. Filling the boat is the aim of the game in Lake Waco as you battle it out with Crappie and more. These delicious pan-sized fish will make for an excellent treat at the end of your trip, so get ready to land enough to fill the freezer for months to come. –

Lake Waco Fishing FAQs

Can I fish at Lake Waco?

Yes, you can enjoy some of the best fishing in Texas at Lake Waco! For optimal results, you should bring your own boat or lodge a rental onsite. Regardless of your choice, you must have a valid fishing license to fish anywhere in the state of Texas.

How deep is Lake Waco in Texas?

Lake Waco is a reservoir located in Waco and McLennan counties, Texas. It is approximately 11 miles long and three miles wide, with an average depth of around 18 feet. The deepest parts of the lake are approximately 40 feet.

Where can you fish in Waco?

You will find some great fishing spots along the lake’s shorelines and near its many creeks and tributaries. Some popular fishing areas include Twin Bridges Park and Warriors Park.

Is there good fishing in Waco Texas?

Absolutely! Anglers can take advantage of the wide variety of gamefish present in Lake Waco, including largemouth bass, catfish, white bass, hybrid striped bass, flathead cats, and black crappie.

What is the limit on catfish in Lake Waco?

You may keep up to 15 channel catfish per person, per day when fishing in Lake Waco. All other species limits follow the Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations for the state of Texas.

How much is a fishing license in Waco Texas?

A resident of Texas aged between 17 and 64 must purchase a freshwater fishing license, which costs $30 annually. Lower prices are available for seniors and youth. Non-residents will need to purchase a saltwater/freshwater combo license for $66.

Where is it free to fish in Texas?

Residents aged 65 or older may obtain a free Lifetime Super Combo Hunting/Fishing License from the Texas Parks and Wildlife offices, which allows them to fish in all public waters without purchasing a license. Additionally, anglers can also enjoy free fishing at community fishing lakes throughout Texas.

Can you swim in Lake Waco?

Swimming is not recommended at Lake Waco due to strong currents and occasional flooding. There are no designated swimming areas or beaches present at this lake.

What is the deepest lake in Texas?

Caddo Lake is the deepest lake in Texas, with an average depth of around 9 feet and a maximum depth of 28 feet.

Is Lake Waco natural or man-made?

Lake Waco is a man-made reservoir created by damming the Bosque River. Construction was completed in 1981.

What’s the deepest part of Lake Waco?

The deepest part of Lake Waco is approximately 40 feet below the surface.

Can you keep fish from a state park in Texas?

Yes, you are permitted to keep fish caught from any public freshwater bodies within the state parks of Texas. Please be sure to abide by all general regulations regarding catch and release as well as bag limits and sizes.

Do you have to pay to get into Lake Waco?

There is no fee to access Lake Waco, however, visitors wishing to lau

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