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Lake Texoma

Located on the border of Texas and Oklahoma, Lake Texoma is an outdoor paradise for those looking for adventure and relaxation. Stretching over 89,000 acres, the lake offers a range of activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, and water sports. It is home to numerous fish species like largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, catfish, walleye, white bass, black crappie, and sunfish.

  • Crappie are best in the fall and winter months. Try brush piles, submerged trees, and creek channels. Boathouses are also a good place to fish.
  • Channel catfish are good year-round at creek mouths. Use cut shad gizzards or shrimp, blood bait, dough bait or smelly bait also try drift fishing with shrimp along the rocky shorelines and riprap.
  • Lake Texoma Bluegill fishing is great just about year around on live worms or crickets. Target rip pap in deeper water (8ft or more) near the start of the slope.

Pool level is approximately 615 ft MLS with a fluctuation average of 5 to 8 ft annually. The normal lake water is moderate to clear. It has a surface area of 74,686 acres with a maximum depth of 100 ft.

To say the fishing is great on Lake Texoma would be an understatement. Black bass, sand bass (white bass), crappie, bluegill, and catfish (one Texoma blue cat weighed in at 118.5 lbs.) are abundant, but the king of the lake has to be the striper. Texoma is known for some of the best striper fishing in the Southwest.

“Sandies” (white bass) receive a lot of attention in spring and summer. “Blacks” are pursued all year long!

List of Marinas on the lake

As one of the largest man-made lakes in Texas and Oklahoma, Lake Texoma boasts an impressive selection of marinas. These marinas provide a variety of services, from boat rentals to repair work to floating restaurants and more. Whether you enjoy fishing, water skiing or simply relaxing while taking in the beauty of the lake, there’s sure to be a marina that suits your needs.

Cedar Bayou Marina & Resort is located on the Texas side of Lake Texoma and offers everything from cozy cabins and RV sites to pontoon boat rental, paddle boat rental, party barges, jet skis, and more. They also have a full-service restaurant and bar.

On the Oklahoma side of the lake, Highport Marina is the perfect spot for visitors looking for first-class amenities and services. They offer fuel, slips, dry storage rooms, ship store items, boat rentals, and more. Plus, they have plenty of activities like weekly events, live music, and lakeside dining.

For those who want to spend some quality time exploring the lake from the comfort of their own vessels, Harbour Point Yacht Basin offers a wide range of services including clean restrooms and showers, moorage slips, gas docks with ethanol-free fuel, a ship store, laundry facilities, covered dry storage as well as boat launching ramps.

  • Flowing Wells Marina
  • Grandpappy Point Marina
  • Highport Resort and Marina
  • Lighthouse Resort & Marina
  • Little Glasses Resort
  • Newberry Creek Resort and Marina
  • Soldier Creek Resort & Marina
  • Walnut Creek Resort
  • Big Mineral Camp
  • Buncombe Creek Marina
  • Catfish Bay Marina Tackle/Bait
  • Alberta Creek Resort
  • Cedar Bayou Marina Tackle Shops/Live Bait
  • Cedar Mills Marina

Get ready for a great fishing trip at Lake Texoma

Bass fishing is a sport that can require a box full of tackle for the dynamic bass fisherman. Keeping all of your tackle organized and easily accessible is a formula for the proficient bass fisherman.

Black Bass– Spinner baits and crankbaits are both producing. Work the shallower water early and move to 8-12 feet later in the day. Look for ledges with deeper water close by and points with cover and deeper water nearby.

Stripers- Striper fishing has been great. Sunset and Wilfa Woods in 70 feet of water will produce some keepers. Also around the dam area in 45-50 feet of water will produce a few. Smaller stripers are top water-feeding early in the day.

I am no perfectionist on this organization topic and have even been called sloppy and unorganized by my fishing partners at times but in an instant if I want to throw a specific lure that I have in my boat, whether it is a lure that I haven’t thrown in years or days I know right where it is and can be fishing that lure in moments.

If you have the intuition to throw the bait and you know the bait will work in a situation, whatever it might be, then you have to put that intuition into action. If the exact location of that bait that fits your intuition is unknown and it would take you five minutes to find it, the timing of the intuition is thrown off and it is lost. Your frustration of not knowing where the lure has overpowered your intuition and the feeling is wasted and unfulfilled. You might not even take the time to look for the bait if you don’t know exactly where it is and the same thing happens. You cannot fish instinctively to your maximum potential if you don’t know where all of your baits are.

There are certainly plenty of other reasons to be organized in the boat, however, this is one of my main reasons for being organized, so that I can act upon instinct in an instant.

I keep most of my crankbaits, topwater, rogues, hooks, weights, and soft plastics in clear plastic boxes. The boxes are labeled: shallow cranks, mid cranks, deep cranks, worms, craws, french fries, soft jerk baits, hula grubs, topwater, rogues, diving rogues, etc.

The labels are all in plain view and facing up at me when I open the deck lid in my boat. It takes constant maintenance to keep these boxes organized. All of the baits you use in a day have to be put back where they came from at the end of the day to keep up with this system. After a while, you will memorize the location in each box where every single lure lies and this will even speed up your lure location when you need one.

This all goes back to the “little things” that I refer to. If you constantly strive to do the little things, they will eventually all add up to making you a more effective bass fisherman and lead you to catch more fish.

Map of Lake Texoma Fishing

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

Captain Marty’s Guide Service

500 Harbour View Rd, Gordonville, TX 76245
(903) 821-8800

When it comes to private striper fishing guide trips on Lake Texoma, Captain Marty’s Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service does it right. We offer a wide range of Charters with fishing guide rates that are just right for you and your group. Whether it is the first-time angler or the expert fisherman who is looking for the best fishing spots for an extreme challenge. We are dedicated to making your striper fishing trip safe, exciting, and successful getting you to the top fishing spots at the number #1 striper fishing lake in the United States for an awesome fishing experience. All of our chartered fishing trips are private and we do not mix groups. Morning and afternoon hours are available upon request. –

Striper Hunter Guide Service Lake Texoma

512 Mill Creek Resort Rd, Boathouse 3, Pottsboro, TX 75076
(972) 816-6000

As an experienced Lake Texoma fishing guide, I provide the latest user-friendly gear and will teach everyone how to cast and fish with artificial lures… it is a blast and you never want to fish Lake Texoma Striper any other way! The art of casting and catching striper with artificial lures will get you hooked! I will clean and remove all red meat on your fresh fillets to take home and cook. I am a fully licensed and insured guide service that will provide guided trips that will be memorable. I can provide guide services for little as 1 person or large corporate groups as well. Kids are welcome as well! –

Dan Barnett Guaranteed Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

194 Graves Cir, Pottsboro, TX 75076
(903) 815-2382

Lake Texoma striper Fishing guide, Captain Dan Barnett is a master at making sure every aspect of your guided striper fishing trip is carefully thought through without overloading even the novice angler. Browsing this website will give you some ideas of his dedication and professionalism. From what fishing license to purchase, to how best to prepare your catch for the dinning room table is all covered. Dan specializes in striper fishing and smallmouth bass fishing: however, he provides customized fishing trips for numerous other species. –

Lake Texoma Fishing Guides STRIPER EXPRESS

512 Mill Creek Resort Road
Pottsboro TX 75076
(903) 462-4076

As a Lake Texoma Striper Guide for over thirty years, I’ve been asked every possible question. Here you will find answers to the most common ones: Tell me about the fishing. The lake has many species of fish, but most fishermen opt for our specialty – the fantastic striper fishing on Lake Texoma. Known as the striped bass capitol of the U.S., Texoma boasts the most productive natural reproduction of striped bass, and perhaps the highest success rate for anglers in fresh water – you will catch fish! –

Capt. Steve Lake Texoma Striper Guide

300 Lighthouse Rd. Pottsboro, TX 75076

Lake Texoma Striper Guide fishing Lake Texoma with a fleet of big, safe and comfortable 27+ foot boats. We provide all quality striper fishing gear, tackle and bait. We also fillet and bag your catch. We can handle any size group. Women and children are always welcome. Capt. Steve provides high quality Lake Texoma striper fishing trips at competitive rates. We run one of the nicest best equipped striper fishing boats on Lake Texoma. –

Stephen Andre’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guides

512 Mill Creek Resort Rd, Boathouse 3
Pottsboro, Texas 75076

Stephen Andre’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Prices are a very good value. If you figure in the cost of boat ownership, equipment cost, invaluable Texoma time on the water experience, and cleaning a pile of Lake Texoma Striper, the rates are well worth every dollar. The following rates include all that is needed (except YOUR Texoma Fishing License) to catch a BIG Lake Texoma Striper! –

Sparky’s Guide Service

(580) 916-2122

Experience the thrill and excitement of Lake Texoma striper fishing with me Larry ” Sparky” Sparks and crew. We are your Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guides. Lake Texoma offers some of the best striper fishing in this part of the country, and now you can join in on the fun with our daily guided striper fishing tours. We have tours every day running both morning and afternoon. –

Fishing with Doug


I’m a professional, licensed striper bass fishing guide with over 20 years experience. I fish all year round on Lake Texoma in Pottsboro, Texas and I specialize in artificial lures. I am also one of the few fishing guides who guarantee that you catch fish on your trips! –

Adventure Texoma Outdoors

132 Grandpappy Dr,
(903) 814-5566

Striper fishing Lake Texoma is GREAT! Get quality information from the best Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Captain John Blasingame! Normally a trip will last around 6 hours or until a limit is caught. We can continue to fish after a limit is caught if we are fishing with artificial lures on a catch and release basis. Satisfied anglers are our goal! We want you to return and Striper Fish lake Texoma with us soon! –

Blue Water Striper Guide Service.


I live locally and grew up fishing on Lake Texoma. Striper fishing on Texoma is my full-time job. Guiding on Texoma is all I do. I average around 200+ trips a year. I fish enough to know the current conditions of the lake, how the fish are biting and what the current patterns are. During the popular months, I will fish almost every day of the month. –

Carney’s Striper Guide Service


Carney’s Striper Guide Service has been creating striped bass fishing experiences on Lake Texoma for over 15 years. Come and catch the fever, Striper fever! Our experienced guides have knowledge of the Lake Texoma Striper habits which guarantees you catch the fish; and they love to fish too! –

Cross Creek Striper Guide Service

305 Pecan Place Lane
Pottsboro, Texas 75076
903-786-3981 or 903-819-5837

Come experience beautiful Lake Texoma and some of the best striper fishing there is with professional guide Jerry “JD” Dorsey. JD operates a licensed and insured charter striper guide service fishing out of Litttle Mineral Marina “Lost Paradise” on Lake Texoma. He has dedicated the last 19 years to bass fishing and learning the patterns of the striped bass. JD has a 98% limit rate as a sports fishing guide on the lake. –

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Steve Buckley

(972) 345-8516

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Gude Steve Buckley has been a full-time outfitter since 2002! Captain Steve Buckley owner of Buckley Striper Guide Service will put your group, large or small on trophy Striper! Corporate Groups, Family Outings, Business Trips, no groups are too small or large! We will custom design a Lake Texoma Striper Trip around your needs. We can cast artificial lures or drift live shad to match your groups fishing skill level. Come enjoy Lake Texoma with us today! Don’t settle for a quick in and out NASCAR trip from most Lake Texoma Fishing Guides, get the 100% Striper Experience from Steve Buckley! –

Boe’s Guide Service

512 Mill Creek Resort Rd.
Pottsboro TX, 75076

Welcome to North Texas and Lake Texoma; home of the finest Striper fishing in America. We are located approximately 75 miles north of the Dallas metroplex with easy access to the lake. Please browse our web pages for information and exciting packages to make your next Striper Fishing Trip the memory of a lifetime. –

Lake Texoma Striper Guide Dale Bestwina

300 Lighthouse Dr
Pottsboro, Texas 75076
(214) 668-6421 or evenings (972) 517-4598

Our Lake Texoma striper guide service will assure you of a safe, memorable, striper catching striper fishing trip OR your next trip is on us. Bestwina’s Striper Guide Service guarantees the highest quality of service on Lake Texoma. Dale has over 15 years of experience in striper fishing on the Red River, Lake Texoma and Lake Fork. He provides the utmost quality and professionalism in morning or afternoon striper fishing trips. Besides the great striper fishing you will enjoy airboat trips down the scenic and rustic Red River or boat rides on the beautiful Lake Texoma. –

Crosswinds Striper Guide Service – Shawn Morales

A guide with a reputation for catching fish. A guide who will be honest and upfront. A guide that won’t herd you in and out like cattle. A guide that you and yours will fish with from now on. That’s my guarantee to you.”-

Fish With Mitch

(405) 229-6191

Mitch guides out of Buncombe Creek Marina on the Oklahoma side of the lake and out of Cedar Bayou Marina on the Texas side of the lake. His boat is a 2008 Falcon with a quiet and environmentally friendly four stroke 225 Yamaha outboard. All of his fishing equipment is in good working condition and is replaced before it is necessary. His boat is clean and he believes in doing preventative maintenance instead of waiting for it to break to fix it. He has been a Texoma Guide for over nine years and has fished on the lake since he was 12. His actions in the boat and his language are family friendly. –

Lake Texoma Fishing With Faulkner

903-271-1908 or 903`523-4879

We get to take people out on the beautiful lake texoma and let them catch fish with our main objective being Stripers. Although there are many kinds of fish in lake texoma the most fun to catch is the Striped Bass. We have a 20 yr long record of catching the best of the best. –

Flywater Angling Adventures


Steve has also been teaching fly casting professionally since 2005. He schedules private lessons throughout the year and frequently conducts classes and schools. Steve is a Fly Fishers International (FFI) Master Casting Instructor and is a very active member of the FFI Casting Board of Governors, serving as Co-Chair of the Testing Committee, and serving as a member on both the Examiner Review Committee and Executive Committee. He is also an active Level 2 examiner. He received FFI’s prestigious Mel Krieger Award in 2015. –

G.A. Miller & Robert Clark Striper Guide Service

118 Beach Drive
Pottsboro, Texas 75076

G.A. Miller and Robert Clark are licensed professional fishing guides with over 60 years combined experience fishing Lake Texoma. With their expertise and friendly attitudes your group is sure to have an unforgettable fishing trip. They furnish all of the bait and tackle on each guided trip so all you have to do is get to the lake and let them take care of the rest. You’ll never forget fighting that big striper into the boat! –

Four Seasons Guide Service

1230 S. Perry
Denison, Texas 75020

Here at Four Seasons we specialize in Lake Texoma fishing guides on Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma Striper fishing is the premier inland striped bass lake in the southern United States. The lake has one of the most liberal bag limits for stripers in either Texas or Oklahoma. Four Seasons Guide Service provides professional fulltime guides who specialize in fishing for the Big Fish. –

Foster’s Guide Service


Hi! I’m Greg Foster a Striper Guide here on Lake Texoma and I’d like to invite you to experience the thrill of Striper fishing. With over 17 years of guiding on Texoma, there’s nothing better than a day on the lake catching fish. I always look forward to sharing the excitement of Striper fishing and making sure your visit to Lake Texoma is memorable! –

Texoma Striper Fishing

Preston Bend Road (Route 289),
Pottsboro, TX 75076

Welcome anglers, sportsmen and vacationers to Lake Texoma fishing charters with Captain John Brett. Offering the finest Lake Texoma striper fishing action available for full and half day trips. The boat is a 26′ center console originally built for the rough salt water. It has deep sides for safety and very stable. It is powered by a Evinrude 250 HP outboard which offers speed and stabilty. –

Little Jon’s Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service

580 564 6076

We have over 20 years of striper fishing experience on Lake Texoma. I love seeing the smile on your face when you catch that big one. Our boats have won first, second, and third place in the same Striper Tournament. –



Fishing for striper (striped bass) is one of the greatest pass-times you can enjoy in this area of the country. Lake Texoma also has blue and channel catfish, largemouth bass, spotted bass and bluegill. My priority is not only to catch fish, but to guarantee good times for my customers. I strive to maintain an easy going friendly environment, so that my customers feel welcome and will look forward to returning for future trips. –

Mckinster’s Bowfishing


I am Shane Mckinster, owner of Mckinsters Bowfishing. From the time I was young, I have been involved in hunting and fishing. After sharing the excitement of bowfishing with my friends and family, I feel the need to share this passion with others. Bowfishing has always been thrilling to me. Combining archery and fishing into one sport. –

Phils Lake Texoma Guide Service


Break away from your old grinding routine and come with me on a Lake Texoma fishing trip! Many people, regardless of their age, have always wanted to know how it feels like to go on a fishing trip and learn from one of the best Lake Texoma fishing guides. Fishing can mean different things to different people. Some consider fishing to be a sport, some see it as a pastime, while to some, it is a way of life. Which ever way you look at it, fishing is always certain to deliver hours and hours of fun and excitement to folks who love the water and of course – the fish. –

Reel Livin Guide Service


Reel Livin Guide Service is the Premier Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Service located in Texas and specializing in Striper Guide Fishing. We are committed to providing each customer with a positive fishing experience. We run half-day and full-day fishing charters throughout the year with competitive rates –

Scott Bridgess Lake Texoma Fishing Guide


Scott Bridgess has been a premier fishing guide on Lake Texoma for over 10 years! On my trips you get 100 percent of my time. I’m not a guide who fishes while you ride along. I focus my time and energy in helping my customers catch fish. My experience helps me spot and point out the little things that helps people catch fish. –

StriperCat Guide Service


Start your morning with our professional Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide, Glen Shirley. Glen will help you learn how to reel in the huge stripers that only Lake Texoma can produce. From learning how to keep an eye on the line, to waiting for the perfect time to set the hook, Glen is the right person to help you enjoy your striper fishing adventure. –

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