Kistler Fishing Rods (Review)

The history and the story of how Kistler fishing rods came into being, is very interesting and almost exciting to read as it is to go fishing. The journey started out in 1999 in a small garage of Trey Kistler. Back then there were not enough resources and quality fishing tools in the industry and Mr. Kistler set to change that dilemma.

Trey’s dad, Billy Kistler, who recently retired from his position as president and founder of Castaway Rods urged his son on for the creation of Kistler Rods. A few years later and a load of blood sweat and tears, Trey Kistler had achieved his goal of owning one of the most creative and dynamic fishing rod manufacturers in the world.

Kistler’s rods are seen as truly innovative fishing apparatus’ and with the introduction of magnesium and helium rods into the Kistler family of fine fishing rods, they radically altered the environment and landscape of the freshwater fishing scene.

Kistler rods rely on being experimentally-driven in both theory and practice. The strength of Kistler fishing rods come from the commitment to their products and from the people that operate within the company. Trey Kistler started the company with a three-fold approach to the fishing rod business, taking care of employees, their families and creating a major difference in the way fishing rods are made. This has stuck with the Kistler rod family and is evident in every one of the 19 Kistler rods built today.

I was given the great experience of trying out a Kistler rod last summer while fishing at Lake Okeechobee in South Florida. I must say I was quite impressed with both the durability and precision of this handcrafted work of art. That’s the feeling you receive while holding a Kistler rod. The sky is definitely the limit when fishing in North America, and there are Kistler fishing rods to match virtually every species and environment. In order to really see what Kistler has to offer the fisherman, you need to get your hands on a Kistler freshwater fishing rod and try it out. From impressive walleye fishing in the upper reaches of Canada, all the way to down and dirty, to fresh-water yellow cat fishing under the dam in Starkville Mississippi, the end result will be a great time with a surely fantastic and innovative fishing rod.

One of the best features of a Kistler rod is the ability to ‘Build your own Rod’, which is featured on the Kistler website. As the name implies Kistler makes it possible to custom-build a rod that will meet all of your obligations and requirements, so that the next time you go fishing, it will be a truly remarkable and positive experience.

If there is not enough time to wait for a custom rod to be built there are many places on and offline that carry the Kistler line of fishing rods. When you find them, don’t hesitate to pick up one of these remarkable rods. The quality that is put into each and every rod is evident every time you use it.


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