Texas Freshwater Fishing

When it comes to landing that prized Bass, perhaps the best time of the year would have to befall Bass fishing. While most people love to fish in the summer usually on their vacation, spring and fall bass fishing tend to yield the best results. During the early spring is a great time to fish for bass, as this is generally known as the pre-spawn period. The best time to fish for bass, however, is in the fall as they all tend to group together in what is known as the staging areas. Fall fishing allows the angler to find many groups of bass congregating in small schools near the banks or marshy areas to feed.

Bass Fishing – Learn How You Can Land That Prized Catch

When the fall bass fishing season kicks in, is a time when the bass are slower as they are now looking for shallow spawning beds. As the bass are preoccupied with procreation rather than daily survival, they tend to be less alert and cautious. While fall fishing does yield the most of the breed, it must be noted that the catch can, in fact, delete or hamper the spawning regime that this fish tends to follow. This hampering of the lifecycle that the bass follow makes for a lower stock in the lakes come spring.

When it comes to fall bass fishing, there are many key elements to the lake conditions that allow for the bass to be readily available. First and foremost one of the most prominent changes would have to be the temperature of the water when it comes to fall fishing. The temperature of the water in the fall can drop quite drastically lending to more oxygen in the water itself. When this happens in fall fishing season, you will find more bass schooled together resulting in far more hits on your line.

Fishing Freshwater in Texas

When the temperature in the lake drops, the activity of the bass increases, making fall fishing an ideal time to cast and a better chance of landing the big catch. Fall bass fishing allows for the angler to receive more hits on their line as during this time period bass will more often than not strike at just about anything that looks like a meal. When it comes to fall fishing, you must keep in mind that due to the cooler temperatures in the lake, the bass will be far more active and will feed more often. This makes for an ideal opportunity to cast and get a good strike on your line.

Provided you set a pattern of colors that the fish will be familiar with during fall bass fishing, you can be sure that you will have plenty of bass to fight on any given day as they will follow trends of their environment and be more easily fooled into hitting your line.

It is springtime again, and that means that it is time for fishing freshwater. Spring is a great time for fishing. It does not matter if you are an experienced fisherman or just a beginner. It also does not matter if you use a cane-pole or a four-hundred-dollar rod and reel. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Whether you fish off the end of a dock or out in the open water. Some of the most memorable fishing experiences have been right off the end of the dock. Northern, Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, all are enjoyable to catch. Spring fishing is one of the most exciting time of the year, but make sure to bring the right equipment with you.

An important aspect of fishing that most people forget about is the tackle box. So, when choosing a tackle box, make sure it can accommodate your equipment. You can also set up smaller tackle boxes for specific types of fish, depending on how much tackle you have. Your budget will be your best guide to a good tackle box. If you do a lot of minnow fishing, you are going to want to have a good selection of hooks and bobbers. A lot of fishermen use a combination of both jigs and minnows. A good tackle box will have fifty to sixty different compartments. With this many separate compartments, the organization is very easy. You are also going to need larger compartments for spools, bobbers and some of the bigger tackle in your fishing artillery, so a tackle box with varying size compartments is ideal. The common content of a good tackle box should include your basic hooks, bobbers, sinkers, leaders, jigs, and lures. Needle-nose pliers are also a handy tool to carry with you, along with a filet knife and a combination type tool for miscellaneous purposes. Fishing line, in sizes ranging from 2 lb test to 17 lb test, is also a necessary item. Using different types of line strength is important because you will never know when you might need them.

It may seem that fishing with all this equipment is going to cost a pretty penny, but if you budget yourself correctly you’ll be able to keep your wallet full along with your stomach. Spring fishing is one of the most popular times for fishing. The fresh air and beautiful scenery provide for an excellent time to interact with friends or just have a relaxing time catching a few fish. Freshwater fishing and springtime seem to go hand in hand. So, start your boat and grab your tackle box and let’s head out into the water.

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