All Star Fishing Rods (Review)

The creators of All Star Fishing Rods had one thing in mind when they produced the very first freshwater rod; that was to create a lightweight freshwater rod from graphite blanks that could sense the lightest peck of a perch and had the backbone and the power to overcome the brute force of a steelhead! All-Star delivered on that promise and lofty goal with the All-Star Fresh Water Fishing Rod Model TAS725C.

Professionally Designed and Exquisitely Detailed

All-Star graphite rods, deliver the ultimate in professionally designed and engineered freshwater fishing rods regardless of the environmental issues and locations. It does not matter if you are searching for that elusive rainbow trout or going a little farther south and venturing onto Orange Lake in Florida, to pick a fight with that giant largemouth bass, the freshwater rods at all star fishing will be just what the doctor ordered. The freshwater line of rods is best represented with the TAS and which is an acronym for Team All-Star, the finest line of freshwater rods in the entire All-Star fishing rods treasure chest.

Bass Master Tournament

The professionals at All-Star fishing rods know all too well that the industry is ultracompetitive and an inferior product, to any degree, will lose money and more importantly the respect of the fish and angler population. My first experience with an All Star graphite rod was recent, as I was invited to a Bass Masters Tournament through a professional bass fisherman in Miami Florida. Upon boarding the boat, which would take us out roughly an hour and a half out, my professional partner handed me an All-Star graphite TAS 786C worm rod. I was so impressed with this deal and the precision of the All-Star rod that I forgot all about the reel in my hands.

I recall that it was a fine open-face bait casting outfit. And that is about all I recall of the reel. This is what the TAS 786C worm rod 6’6” stature was able to get to me on a splendid day on Tamiami Lake. We finished 13th out of 127 entries and it was my 7 pound largemouth that pushed us into the top 30 and eventually into our top 20 place and a few dollars in our pockets.

My personal experience with the All-Star fishing rods has been limited to only one occurrence yet that occurrence was one of the best days I have ever had on a lake in Florida fishing for the Lunker Bass. All Star graphite rods do not stop with largemouth bass, not by a long shot; this is an old established freshwater rod manufacturer company that produces only best and most coveted of the freshwater rods in the industry today.

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The TAS line has over a dozen models that cross-reference over for largemouth, walleye, trout, salmon, northern pike and a host of other freshwater game species regardless of size and location. The best way to try out for oneself, the All Star family of fine freshwater poles is to go out and buy one. It does not matter if the target species is a brown trout, lake trout or a world record Salmon in the Yukon, All-Star fishing rods have both the backbone and finesse to get the job done.

Don’t hesitate to check All Star Fishing Rods today.

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