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Trondheim Travel Guide 2021

Trondheim Travel Guide helps you to plan your vacation and getaway featuring up-to-date affordable accommodations, entertainment, Trondheim best fishing areas, map of Trondheim, ski and snowboarding resorts, inexpensive virtual shopping mall, affordable Trondheim Norway hotels, camping, Trondheim airport and much more.

Let’s explore this ancient Viking city in Norway. We uncover some wonderful aspects of Trondheim and Trondheimian. This travel guide to Trondheim introduces the best places to stay, dine, and entertain. Plan summer, fall, and winter holidays in Trondheim, only on Trondheim Travel Guide.

Trondheim Travel Guide: Nidarosdomen photo:Maria Johnsen
Trondheim Travel Guide: Nidarosdomen

Trondheim Vacation Guide

Trondheim’s location in the map of central Norway (dark blue)

Here is a general view of Trondheim’s map for you to get an idea of how big it is. You can also zoom in or out to find another place such as Estenstadsmarka, Dragvoll, Kongensgate, Rosenborg and the other places in Trondheim. The first map is Norway’s location on the world map, you can also see the time in Norway.

Trondheim is located in central Norway. As you see in the map above, Trondheim is marked with a dark blue color. This is the third-largest city in Norway with 165.191 inhabitants( last calculated 2008) and total 342 km (132 sq mi). Trondheim’s population is about the size of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. You will be given the essential information you will need to start you off on your travel to Trondheim. Come and please your eyes with visiting the Trondheim Fjord that seems to be an artistic masterpiece in the art gallery of nature.

There are hotels and accommodations for all sorts of budgets! You will have lots of fun without spending too much money! You will also receive information about some of Trondheim Travel Guide’ s different aspects such as History of Trondheim, affordable accommodation in Trondheim, weather, various transportation choices, Nordic culture, and Norwegian cuisine, affordable flights, best fishing areas and much more. We introduce some travel discounts, great travel choices, clubs, and gay areas.

Trondheim Travel Guide guides you to plan your winter vacation and go for skiing or snowboarding or make a romantic trip to whale safari, you will find various ski resorts and camping areas. You will love those regions. People from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the other European, American and Asian countries come over here to go skiing, and fishing (in summer) and ice fishing and hunting in winter. We have great ski resorts and hiking areas in Trondheim: Spectacular places to go for camping, sport in Trondheim, boat rowing and water-skiing. Trondheim’s are known as people who generously provide care and kindness to whoever is in need. Trondheim Travel Guide offers you all about Trondheim.

Trondheim winter photo: Maria Johnsen

Weather in Trondheim

The weather in Trondheim is different from the upper North of Norway. Trondelag has beautiful weather. In fact, a person can experience four seasons in one day. Why? Because we have a changeable climate in Trondheim. Norway has great weather because of the Gulf Stream! The reason is that it carries the warm water. This ocean current starts in the Mexican Gulf, then currents along the Florida coast continue along the American East coast until it turns aside North Eastward by the Grand Banks to the South of Newfoundland where it crosses the Labrador current. The Gulf Stream crosses the Atlantic and reaches North of Ireland where the Continental shelf makes the bulk of the current continue to the North of Norway and round to Russia where it keeps the port of Murmansk ice-free. According to NASA’s Earth Observatory the temperature range from about 7 to 22 degrees Celsius. (Responsible NASA Official: Lorraine A. Remer, Science Mission Directorate)

  • Summer in Trondheim is warm and great, sometimes it gets up to F 94 or C 34.4. However, it can be a little bit chilly around F 64 or C 17 because of the rain and clouds. when it is warm people go around the fjord and river for a nice picnic and swim.
  • The best time for visiting Norway, especially Trondheim is from May to September. In summer you will be able to see the Midnight Sun. There is no darkness during summer and you will experience endless days(24 hours daylight). However, you should not be worried about not getting sleep during the night since we use thick curtains so inside our bedrooms will be very dark:)
  • Between November and March, Trondheim’s weather becomes pretty chilly, with overnight frosts of around C-6 or F24. However, during the winter, you can take the opportunity to go skiing. The shortest day in December, the winter sunsets as early as 15:00 PM.

Best Restaurants in Trondheim

The best restaurants in Trondheim are located in downtown and around Trondheim Torget area such as Egon, Big Horn, Dickens, Olaf’s restaurant, Sushi, etc. Mattilsynet (Norwegian food safety authority) has full control over food hygiene and health. Their food inspectors visit each restaurant in order to make sure their food safety. They observe and detect the whole marked foods. Let’s talk about different locations of great restaurants and their prices. If you live near City Syd, you can find the Egon restaurant there. When you enter their warm and nice restaurant, you sense the aroma of delicious food. If you live near Tyholt in Trondheim, then you can dine at the tower restaurant. While you have your meal the tower moves around its circle slowly and you get to see all over Trondheim from above.

Trondheim hotels

Compare Hotel prices in Trondheim Travel Guide. Trondheim hotels on Trondheim travel guide: You may find within this page information about booking containing luxurious and cheap hotels with great accommodation in Trondheim. You will find various pricing from NOK 150 to NOK 1000 per night. Feel free to have a look at the following lists:

(From $118 USD per person)
Dronningensgt 5
7401 Trondheim
Phone: (+47) 73 800 800

Scandic Solsiden
(From $64 USD per person)
Beddingen 1
Trondheim Norway

Clarion Collection
(From $472 USD sharing)
Trondheim Norway

Quality Hotel Panorama Trondheim
(From$ 119 USD per person)
Ivar Lykkesvei 1
NO-7492 Trondheim
phone: (+47) 72900500

Rica Nidelven
(From$ 106 USD per person)
Havnegata 1
7010 Trondheim
phone: (+47)73 56 80 00

Rica has opened a new hotel by Nidelven. The Rica Nidelven is partly constructed into the river. The hotel has its own fitness center with a sauna and relaxation facilities. This is one of Trondheim’s most modern and well-equipped business hotels.

Trondheim Youth hostel AS
Weidemanns vei 41
Trondheim, 7043, Norway
This hostel has approx. 200 beds and a total of 52 rooms. It is located at Rosenborg, a 15 minutes walk from downtown Trondheim.

Features: 24-hour hot showers, internet, self-catering, washing, Loung area, No curfew, car parking, machines.
shared: 28.52 Euro/ 45.37 USD
private: 38.45 Euro/ 61.17 USD

Trondheim InterRail Centre (TIRC)
Weidemanns vei 41
Trondheim, 7043, Norway

InterRain provides the cheapest bed and breakfast in Trondheim. They also offer international newspapers. This is a mixed dormitory with bed between 07:00 AM and 11:00 with breakfast, homemade bread, cereals, tea and coffee with cheap prices. Open only from July 1th to August 8th. You can use your own sleeping bag or rent sheets from us. Dinner is served from 5pm to 7pm for 45 NOK. Price: From US$30.95/€19.75 per person

Singsaker Summer hotel
Address: Rogertsgate 1
phone: (+47) 73 89 31 00

They have 104 rooms of different types; single, double, triple, four beds and dormitories. A breakfast buffet is included in all prices. They offer a 24h kiosk and reception and have a license for wine and beer. Singsaker Summer Hotel is especially well suited for guests who seek quiet surroundings and are looking for a homely atmosphere at inexpensive prices. Price: NOK 155 (dormitory without bed)
NOK 485 single room with bathroom.

Entertainment in Trondheim

Entertainment in Trondheim? Let’s explore Trondheim’s charming downtown and Nidelven! This is Norway’s third-largest historic city and is dotted with historical homes, museums, shops, restaurants, clubs and movie theaters. There are so many attractions for those who seek to find themselves! Start your adventure by visiting Nidarosdomen (Trondheim cathedral).

Trondheim Nidarosdomen-photo Maria Johnsen
Trondheim cathedral


Nidarosdomen is a Medieval cathedral and the biggest church in Europe. It was built in 1070 and restored in 1814. Building Nidarosdomen is the result of generations of craftsmen who spent a lifetime working. Many kings were coroneted at the Nidaros church. This is one of the oldest cathedrals!

Trondheim Nidarosdomen photo Maria Johnsen
Nidarosdomen, the Trondheim cathedral


There are several small chapels inside the cathedral. Tourists are not allowed to take pictures. You see the great altar, paintings and prayer tables along with benches where people can sit and listen to a medieval Christian melody. There are young priests who walk around modestly due to converse with people and help them with any of their questions.

The music scene in the Cathedral is varied. Entertainment in Trondheim can be different from the other European cities such as: Rome, Paris, etc. In fact, you may find differences between here and the other places. Every person will experience Scandinavia differently. They hold several concerts and recitals during summer which consist of organ, choir and major recitals. The baroque organ is one of the cathedrals attractions.


( King’s wooden mansion) Stiftsgaarden was originally constructed in 1774 for Cecilie Christine Schøller,the wealthy widow of Stie Tønsberg (a merchant) in Trondheim.
This mansion has 140 rooms (43000 ft) and is one of the major wooden buildings in North Europe. She constructed her mansion and spent most of her time abroad! After her death, many years later the mansion became the center of many festivities, royal visits, and celebrations.

Ringve Botanical Garden .photo Maria Johnsen
Ringve Botanical garden


  • Trondheim Museum of Arts : One of the 3rd largest public art collection.
  • Trondheim Science Museum: is a scientific center.
  • Trondheim Natural History and Archeology Museum
  • Trondheim Maritime Museum
  • Ringve National Museum
  • Ringve Botanical Garden
  • National Museum of justice
  • Trondheim Tramway Museum
  • National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Jewish Museum
  • Dora 1: Germans built their submarines during world war II
  • Trondelag Folkemuseum


The festival network arranges most of the festivals.

  • Latin festival: every year in January
  • International festival: They arrange in February and March
  • Nidaros blue festival: Every year in April and May
  • Trondheim Literature festival: Every year in May
  • Trondheim Jazz festival: May and June
  • Youth culture festival: May and June
  • Rock Festival: Rock center at Lerkendal Stadium
  • Olav festival: This is a church and cultural festival that is arranged in July and August
  • Food festival: In August
  • Technoport festival: In October

Trondheim Animals

Trondheim Animals are various. There are many species of wild animals in Norway such as Elks, lynx, squirrels, Adders, wolves, foxes, roa deer, snakes, deer, birds, insects, wild cats, badger and bears. Most of these animals are not dangerous as long as they don’t feel threatened, especially during the mating and giving birth seasons. You can go up to the mountains, woods, forests, fjords without being worried about getting hurt by wild animals.

Trondheim elg


Elk is the largest animal in Norwegian woods. The male adult elk can be up to 240 cm tall and weigh 850 kg. Many Norwegians who have hunting permissions and licenses go for hunting during the hunting season in fall and winter. Elk hunting with a dog( hound) is an old tradition. Norwegians consider it as a fine training. Some of the elkhounds are born to be great hunters!

Do you know why elks have fur? The reason is that fur keeps them warm and some times they even have fur on their horns! Such elks are sick and need medical attention. Elks can be very mean if they feel threatened! Some people say elks are the forest rebel. Reindeer or caribou hunters are good at finding the caribou. They sense their smell in the air or follow their traces. In Norway, there are various types of elk hunting such as:

  • posteringsjakt : hunters chase the animal by following their traces
  • smygjakt: A hunter senses animal’s presence.
  • drivjakt (Noise making): Make some noises in order to send the animal to a place where hunters are patiently waiting( this method is mostly used in south of Norway). Based upon my observations, when deers that hear your rattling, they respond differently! One, the leader (I guess) will come to investigate where the noise comes from, two will run dead away and seven will ignore it. Hunter’s patience and persistence are very important factors for success.

Trondheim Animals are under the protection of the Norwegian environment authorities. When you drive a car on the road, you might see elks and reindeer everywhere. That is why there are signs that warn you to drive carefully for not hitting an elk on the road for your safety.

Trondheim lynx


Lynx in Trondelag can be found in forests and mountains. Sometimes they attack sheep which is unpleasant for the farmers in animal production. They are wild animals but so beautiful. They live in central and north Norway. They usually eat cats and other small animals.

hare ((Lepus timidus) photo: B�rge Pettersson


They live in prairies and forests and their fur changes color with the seasons, brown in summer and white in winter. Hares live around Trondheim and the other cities in central Norway.

Trondheim adder(hoggorm)


They were observed in Trondelag. I have seen one in the North of Trondelag on the mountain. If an adder bites someone, it gives a slight fever to the victim. Their poison does not kill at all. They eat mice and the other small animals and bite if they feel threatened. In summer 2008 many adders were discovered in Jonsvatnet area in Trondheim. That is why people especially joggers and hikers were warned about adders in those areas.


Wolves are not too many in Norway. They are protected by the Norwegian natural environment. They live in the forest and eat small animals. They also can be found in the upper north and very few in the south of Trondelag. Foxes and Brown bears live in the forest. Brown bears( Bjorn) are few in Trondelag. They live either underground or inside the holes.

Trondheim : Relaxing Destination For Senior Citizens

Nowadays, senior citizens do not limit their holidays by staying at home. More and more seniors are opting for traveling around to spend their leisure time. After all, it’s now time for them to enjoy and rest after a lifetime of troubles that they have experienced. It is now time for them to just go out and relax and relish their age-old memories.

There are various travel destinations for seniors to enjoy and rest. Also, many destinations provide various facilities to these citizens. If your granny wants to enjoy the scenic beauty and your grandpa wants to test his golfing abilities then we would advise you to send them on a luxurious vacation summer at Trondheim.

Trondheim is undoubtedly the best travel destination in the world for everyone to relax and re-energize themselves after a tiring year of work and stress. Trondheim has immense spots and tourist attractions that one can easily locate and then head for their vacations.

Moreover, the scenic and beatific experience of nature is unlimited in the entire country. When considering travel options for you and your parents or grandparents, Trondheim would be the best, taken financial viability into consideration as well.

Keeping in mind the interests of senior citizens, Trondheim offers activities like golfing, camping and even just simple sightseeing and relaxing by the beachside. All this and much more experiences and activities within your budget and also, highly cost-effective. Moreover, hotels, as well as motels, offer a wide range of discount facilities for the citizens of a particular age limit.

When you zero down on any attractive tourist spot in Trondheim, you should know the activities that you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a silent environment and want to amicably spend the vacation as a senior couple then choose a location that is private and avoids the partying lifestyle that is famous among the young generation.

Also, the Fjords and the northern mountainous area in Trondheim is a lovely sight. You can effectively set up a tent there and enjoy grilling outdoors and mingle with any other seniors traveling there. You do not necessarily have the ability to camping and hiking to visit the mountainous area. Many seniors visit there to relax and watch the younger people hike and by looking at them they can effectively see their younger version and image in them.

If you wish to go to the beachside, you also have the Trondheim travel guide that would tell you where to find such locations and how to get there. Being the senior citizens, you enjoy many luxuries as well as price discounts and vouchers on travel tickets. All that is needed from your side is an effective search online and locate the best deal for your better half. This is the age to let the other partner know, how important they are for you.

Also, you can relax and tell your trusted travel agent to complete the entire booking in Trondheim for you. Whatever you opt for, do not forget to take your partner at the lovely destination of Trondheim. You have the age factor and experience on your side and you can now spend for yourself.

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