7 Places for a Family Holiday in Greece

Family Vacation: Greece with Kids

Greece is a wonderful family holiday destination with plenty of exciting things to do for kids and adults alike. If you already have visited Greece with your family, then you are aware of how much you and your family can enjoy spending time in Greece. But if this is your first time in Greece with your family, consider the following 7 perfect places in Greece to have some unforgettable experiences:



Corfu is a perfect family holiday destination full of colorful anemones, bushes, cypresses, olive groves, and a great number of endemic flowers. The long sandy beaches of this stunning island in the Ionian Sea provide a great example of marine flora. When on holiday to Corfu, some of the must-visit places include the Old Corfu town, a UNESCO world heritage site, French and British monuments, and some remarkable architectural works.

Corfu (Photo Source: bestofathens.gr)

Corfu is the most popular and northernmost of the Ionian Islands. This beautiful island is closely linked to the mythology and history of Ancient Greece. Also recognized as Kerkyra, the island has tourism and tradition that dates more than 120 years back. Corfu Island is the place where Odysseus stopped before returning to Ithaca. While wandering around this island, you will notice that Corfu reflects the diverse cultural and architectural influences of several foreign empires that ruled it down throughout the centuries from Roman to Venetian, Byzantine, French, and Britain empires.


You can’t exclude Athens from any list of places in Greece as it is home to some of the most remarkable landmarks in Greece. So, you should spend at least a couple of days in Athens to give your children some idea of the great history of Greece.


Santorini is arguably the most beautiful of all the Greek islands and it is perfect for all types of travelers. This beautiful island is known for its wonderful sunsets, 360-degree views, colorful villages, magnificent beaches, and delectable food and wine. With so many family-friendly and luxury hotels and resorts on this island, you can expect to enjoy your every moment in Santorini with your family.


Located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, Crete is home to the earliest civilization in Europe. This wonderful island is known for its stunning beaches, hospitable people and remote hinterlands. There are a great number of family-friendly resorts and hotels all around the island, such as the Domes of Elounda. You should join a good number of traditional festivals and visit the water park in Chania and Cretaquarium in Heraklion to enable your children to enjoy some exciting giant waterslides and Disneyland games.


Rhodes is one of the most visited islands in Greece for its wonderful sandy beaches and remarkable history. The excellent quality of water in Rhodes beaches earned a good number of Blue Flag awards. Some of the must-visit places in Rhodes include Prassoníssi for windsurfing, Dorian city-states of Ialyssos and Kameiros, and the ancient Lindos town. You can find some wonderful dance and art festivals in Rhodes. Your kids should love exploring Butterfly Valley and the Aquarium in Rhodes.


Zante is the southernmost island of the six main Ionian islands. The island is known for several family tavérnas with panoramic views over the sea, some inspiring Venetian works of architecture surrounded by fruit and olive groves, white-pebble Blue Flag winning beaches with azure waters, and lush vegetation. There are plenty of well-organized, family-friendly luxury resorts, and seafront hotels in Zante.


Halkidiki is a stunning peninsula in northern Greece with some superb beaches and wonderful resorts. Most of the beaches in Halkidiki are blue flag winners. The peninsula also boasts of lush green forest and a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. The cave of Petrálona, Stágeira, and Mount Athos are some of the must-visit places around here.


Ithaki is well-known from Homer’s tale of Odysseus. Ithaki is also called Ithaca and it is known to be the home of the famous Greek hero. Some of the sights in Ithaki mentioned in the ancient folklore are the Cave of the Nymphs and Arethoussa. The capital of the city is Vathy, which is also the place where you can find great cultural attractions, including the Maritime Museum, the Folklore, the cathedral of Panaghia and the Archaeological Museum.

Ithaki (Photo Source: discovergreece.com)


Paxi is the smallest island of the Ionian Islands. This island can only be reached by boat and it actually has only 13 km in length. Also known as Paxoi or Paxos, this island is a popular stopping point for yachts and offers visitors, boutique shops, luxury resorts and plenty of other attractions. In Paxi you can find gorgeous beaches, approximately 40 sea caves to explore and the ancient Venetian fortress of Agios Nikolaos.  The Ionian Islands are some of the most famous tourist destinations in Greece and also in Europe. Choose the perfect destination to spend there this year’s vacation! Have you ever been to Paxi Island?

Paxi (Photo Source: argotravel.com)


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