Free Attractions in Marseille, France

If money’s tight from visiting Paris, there are still plenty of free things to do in Marseille, France. Tourists who enjoy history, beaches, and fine cuisine can never tire of the things to do in Marseille. With bustling streets and sun-soaked beaches, Marseille is considered to be idyllic for tourists. Thankfully, those visiting on a tight budget need not fear as Marseille can be greatly appreciated by simply exploring and soaking up the natural beauty and relentless atmosphere which encompasses this famous fishing port.

Free Walking Tour

Dip into Marseille’s rich history and learn about France’s oldest and largest city. Founded over 2600 years ago, Marseille’s winding streets and attractive architecture all have a story of their own to tell. Covering many aspects of the city’s existence, participants on the walking tour will learn about Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica Jardin des Vestiges and Marseille’s famous port.

The highest point in Marseille, Notre Dame de la Garde (Our Lady of the Guard)

Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica

The highest point in Marseille, Notre Dame de la Garde (Our Lady of the Guard) is perhaps one of the most famous tourist attractions in Marseille. Completed in 1864, Notre Dame de la Garde is 532 feet tall and topped with a statue of the virgin and child or La Bonne Mere as many tenderly refer to her. A great photo opportunity and one of the best things to do in Marseille.

The infamous arch of Etoile in Paris, was built in honor of Louis XIV and in memory of the end of the American War of Independence

The Arc De Triomphe (Porte d’Aix)

Built during the 19th century, The Arc De Triomphe was erected in homage to the triumph attained by the French Army in Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Built to resemble the infamous arch of Etoile in Paris, this Arc De Triomphe was built in honor of Louis XIV and in memory of the end of the American War of Independence. Tourists to Marseille cannot miss The Arc De Triomphe. Similarly to the Notre Dame de la Garde, it has become an essential photo opportunity when visiting Marseille.

Marseille’s main beach area

Parc Balneaire Du Prado

Marseille’s main beach area, Parc Balneaire Du Prado is perfect for families, children and water sports fans. Extremely popular with locals during the summer months, Marseille’s picturesque beach is best reached by bus, driving a hire car is not recommended.

Parc Borely

A picturesque segment of Marseille, Parc Borely is ideal for tourists who are looking to take a break from Marseille’s fast-paced inner city atmosphere. A peaceful area, Parc Borely is ideal for families and it’s very easy to spend a day relaxing on the grass enjoying a picnic and enjoying the scenery. Merely five minutes from the beach, Parc Borely is a great place to unwind and relax as the world flies past.

A gem of the Mediterranean, tourists is awash with the varied choice of things to do in Marseille. This beautiful city is over two thousand years old and will undoubtedly give tourists wonderful additions to their photo albums.

Old Port of Marseille

Also known as Vieux Port, this place is a natural harbor that has been used since ancient Greek founded Marseille about 2,300 years ago. Old Port of Marseille now serves mainly as a popular tourist attraction, but at one time, more than 17,000 ships a year berthed here. This place is perfect for relaxing over a glass of lemonade or wine at a sidewalk café. Moreover, one of the oldest Cristian churches in France is located here, St. Victor’s Abbey. Besides this, visitors can also see the famous lighthouse, the Phare de Sainte Marie.

Marseille (Photo Source:

Palais Longchamp

This beautiful structure was built to celebrate the construction of the Canal de Marseille. Palais Longchamp was opened in 1869 after 30 years of long and intense work. This beautiful building features a spectacular scene at night, due to its lightening. In present, it homes the city’s natural history and fine arts museum.

Chateau d’If

Chateau d’If is known as an island fortress placed in the Mediterranean Seas offshore from Marseille. This fortress was built in 1524 to defend the city from invaders approaching from the sea. Chateau d’If was quite successful in its defense purposes, but its location and security made it the perfect place to house political prisoners. Chateau d’If is probably very famous due to the 19th century novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” by Alexander Dumas. Tourists who want to visit this island fortress can reach it via boat.

Being the second-largest city in France, Marseille is visited by hundreds of tourists every month, due to its beautiful and incredible attractions. Have you ever been to Marseille?

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