Ditch Cable – Get Netflix!

I’ll admit that we aren’t normal. We don’t have cable. We don’t watch American Idol or Top Chef, at least not live. We have traded in our hours of TV watching for hours of blogging (and other things!).

We didn’t go cold turkey, however. It was a process. We started cutting our budget and we paired back our channels. Then another round of cuts came and we were down to almost no channels. We finally made the break and replaced our mindless channel surfing for arranging our instant queue on Netflix. For literally less than 1/10 the cost of cable we can watch almost anything we want, when we want it, even on the road! It really helps too when we are trying to save money each month so we can travel. We have come to really appreciate Netflix. For traveling families, this is even better!

hen traveling with little ones having some things from home can make all the difference. In a new place, new bed, new smells and sounds it is nice to have some things they know. After a tough day of travel, I love getting back to our hotel, breaking out the laptop or Ipad, and pulling up one of the kids’ favorite shows or movies. (If you don’t have a laptop or Ipad check out the ROKU box for $59!)

I love not paying a fortune for cable or for hotel movies. When we are at the airport on a layover I get on the WIFI and get an episode of Dora or Thomas or a new exciting movie to pass the time with the kids. We aren’t big TV watchers to begin with, but for those times when you want to unwind, whether on the road or at home, Netflix has been a win-win for our family. What are you afraid of losing if you get rid of cable, besides the big bill?

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