Thrill Ride at Animal Kingdom Takes Riders to the Top of the Himalayas

Expedition Everest at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

In true Disney tradition, Expedition Everest, at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is not just a thrill ride but also a suspenseful story in a realistic setting.  The experience begins as you enter the Animal Kingdom and see Mt. Everest towering over the Central Florida horizon.  Next, head toward the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom park and pick up a Fast Pass if the wait is too long for you.  If you can’t wait for another second to start your expedition, join the line and your adventure will begin.

The scenery around the exterior of the Expedition Everest attraction captures every detail of a Himalayan village.  Linger just a few minutes, and you’ll be surprised to see a train filled with expedition riders burst out of the mountain and plummet down the icy slope.  This is a great photo opportunity!

As you wait in line, you’ll be winding your way through the Himalayan village and the expedition base camp.  You’ll see artifacts telling a story of an ancient creature called the Yeti (also known as the Abominable Snowman).  Guests are warned that legend claims the Yeti protects the mountain and does not like visitors.

When your turn to climb the mountain arrives, you’ll board a train and begin your ascent.  Your ride quickly turns into a fast-paced rollercoaster with sharp turns and drops as your train evades the dreaded Yeti.  Just when you think you’re safe, the train shoots backward and the chase is on again.  Eventually, your train makes it back to base camp safely, and the Yeti is left to wait for the next train of riders to pursue.

I love rollercoasters, and I enjoyed this ride.  It seems faster than Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom but milder than Rockin’ Rollercoaster at Disney-MGM Studios.  The height requirement is 44″, and the ride is definitely not for the timid or faint-of-heart.  The story that accompanies the ride is extremely well done and would take several rides to fully comprehend.  In fact, this is one of those rides that you could ride a hundred times and still see something new.  My only complaint is I wish the ride was a bit longer, but that might simply be because the train is moving so fast, the ride seems to end too soon.

Luckily, everyone escapes! It’s a fast and fun rollercoaster that you shouldn’t miss during your next trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom (if you can handle fast rollercoasters).

Bottom line, if you think you can take the action and suspense then you won’t want to miss this first-rate thrill ride.  If rollercoasters aren’t for you, then you won’t want to miss Expedition Everest simply to take some unique pictures and enjoy the detailed environment that the Disney Imagineers created so well.

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