Disney’s Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers program

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is continuously expanding (stay tuned for that!) and improving to make the Disney animal experience something you will never forget. Inspired by our world-famous Wilderness Explorer Russell and his doggy pal Dug from Disney’s Up, the team has created the Wilderness Explorers program to help you experience the park in a whole new way!

On the Wilderness Explorers program, guests can engage in activities like digging up fossils, hiking trails, tracking animals, listening to animal sounds, and learning more about what animals eat and how they are cared for! After completion of each activity, you can earn a badge for your Wilderness Explorer book! Families will enjoy the thrill of searching for all 31 badges as they work their way throughout the Animal Kingdom!

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The best part…..it’s is all self-guided! The badges are earned in no particular order and can be earned as you experience rides and attractions! The Wilderness Explorers guide book can be picked up along with your VERY FIRST BADGE at the Wilderness Explorers headquarters at the entrance of Animal Kingdom, right before the Tree of Life!

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Then…your adventure begins! Take in the sights, sounds, and even smells of Disney’s Animal Kingdom! The badges encourage you to learn a little more about the cultures, animals, and attractions! Each badge is different and unique!

  • Veterinary Badge – Help diagnose a sea turtle’s health issue
  • Dinosaur Badge – Join in the exploration for dinosaur fossils
  • Animal Find Badge – Check off each of the animals you see
  • Music Badge – Learn how to play an African drum pattern
  • Yeti Badge – Find Yeti artifacts and hear about the folklore

In order to earn the Asian Culture Badge, you must visit Asia and learn about their culture! UNIQUE FACT: Disney wants the experience to be authentic, so each country features staff from that country!

Hop on over to Rafiki’s Planet to earn 6 badges! How about touching what the animals eat! See that little WE symbol? Look for those throughout the park to guide you on your adventure!

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Many of the badges are given out by trained troop leaders that will be wearing a uniform. They were incredibly helpful and obviously passionate about animals! No badge is just freely given out, each one is earned with knowledge!

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Earn all 31 badges and you can become a Senior Wilderness Explorer just like Russell! The Wilderness Explorer program is a great way to truly experience Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is by far my favorite Disney park~ which is probably why I am so in love with the new Disneynature film, Monkey Kingdom! If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of this new film featuring Maya and Kip (the cutest little Macaque monkeys you have ever seen), it is in theaters everywhere! Take a peek at the trailer to see Miss Maya in Sri Lanka!

Remember, if you see Monkey Kingdom by April 23rd a portion of ticket sales will go towards the Disney Conservation Fund so monkeys like Maya and Kip can have a bright future!

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