2023 DISH Internet Review – How Does it Stack Up?

DISHNet Satellite Internet Review 2023

dishNET™ provides users with high-speed Internet access and if you’re on the lookout for a reliable service that you can use in the most remote of areas – this is your best bet. Not only will you get a speedy connection, but you’ll also save money as you’re no longer relying on additional cable and phone services.

DISH Network Internet Review

dishNET Satellite Internet Is a Great Solution For Remote Places

The main reason why this is the single most efficient Internet for people living in rural areas is because cable/dial-up Internet is either not available in entirety, or extremely unreliable. You don’t need a phone or a cable service to be able to utilize satellite Internet.Dish Network Internet download limits

Here’s how satellite Internet functions: Traditional Internet is basically you being connected to a cable or telephone line, hence you end up paying double the cost. Satellites that orbit the earth constantly transmit data back and forth and you’re getting your Internet through a satellite dish.

Any Limits They Impose On Your Downloads?

There are usually some download limits they’re going to impose (as is the case with most satellite Internet providers), although you’ll always be able to choose your own individual plan depending on your needs/preferences. The basic plans offer around 10GB per month and plans can go up to 30GB.Dish Network Internet speed

The good news is that you’ll be able to make the choice and you’ll have to take some things into consideration so that you don’t end up lacking. For instance, you should think about the streaming you do, the movies you download, how many emails you receive monthly, how extensively you use the Internet, etc. dishNET has a special page on their website that will let you assess your internet needs.

Let’s Be Honest: Will You Be Getting Constant, Reliable Speeds?

Absolutely. The speeds will always be consistent, no matter where you’re located. There are some varying factors you’ll have to be aware of, because your speed will mostly depend on the location. The usual speeds dishNET offers range between 5-10 Mbps.

Dish Network Internet connectivity


You’ll Probably Ditch Your Cable Network

dishNET does everything to satisfy its users and although they provide satellite Internet they acknowledge that Internet usage isn’t the same for everyone. If you’re living in a remote area and fed up of getting slow Internet speeds, this is your best bet at getting an Internet service that is both speedy as well as reliable.

They always keep on adding new features, so you’ll probably see some improvements the more you use them even though you’ll probably be satisfied with the speeds you’re getting right from the start.

Dish Network

It used to be hard for individuals in America to run an online business from those beautiful, remote areas, although satellite Internet from dishNET managed to change all that. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful scenery and reliable Internet access at all times.

The only thing satellite and cable Internet have in common is that users are no longer forced to install a phone line. This is the smartphone age where we tend to use mobile phones to do just about everything, thus you’ll be able to pretty much have the same access you would in an urban area without the expense to match.

Have It Installed Without Lifting A Finger

dishNET offers some of the best deals that are currently available on the satellite Internet market, not excluding discounts and specials which you should look into. There are certain requirements though such as committing to a 24 month plan as well as equipment leasing that you’ll have to take into consideration.

Dish Network Internet requirements

If you want to minimize your overall cost, it’s in your best interest to look into some of their special price plans. And if you need bundle pricing, you should look into getting multiple services.

One of the best things about DISH is that no matter how remote the area is – they will ensure all necessary equipment is brought to your doorstep, installed and running smoothly.

How Much Will It Cost You To Start?

As mentioned, there are different discount pages and specials they’ve made available for users all over the continental US. The basic elite Internet package actually costs less than $40 (when bundled with qualifying DISH TV) and you’ll be getting 5GB worth of anytime download data, as well as 5GB bonus download (for use between 2AM and 8AM) and up to 5 Mbps download speed. Their most expensive and largest package offers 30GB of data, 15 GB of “anytime” data as well as a 15GB bonus.

Dish Network Internet features

One thing you’ll have to realize is that you’ll be getting some extremely advanced equipment that is an absolute necessity to facilitate your Internet. The leasing fee is fixed at $10/month. You’ll also be able to upgrade your individual plan as well as get a discount on your activation (when bundling with qualifying DISH TV service).

Works With Your Current Equipment – No Need To Purchase More

Not only does it work in remote areas, but it is versatile in terms of compatibility. dishNET works with Windows and Mac systems, and it doesn’t matter which package you choose to go for as you’ll only receive a single bill. If you’re used to dial up or cable Internet, you’ll find not paying for phone and cable services extremely beneficial.

Dish Network Internet coverage

We noticed that they’ve imposed some restrictions on the bonus data that comes with their packages though. For instance, the time in which you’ll be able to utilize is from 2am to 8am in your local time zone. And if you go over the bonus during this time, keep in mind that your “anytime” data will be used then as well. You aren’t likely to exceed these limits, although if you do you might find surfing/downloading to be slower for the month.

No US State Is Excluded

When you take into consideration all the places you’re able to utilize dishNET to get reliable Internet access, it isn’t actually that expensive. It’s available all over the continental US, and there aren’t many areas without coverage. The only decisive factor in terms of speeds is your exact location.

Dish Network Internet support

Round The Clock Support For Users

This company is known for providing extremely good customer service constantly, in addition to a top notch service. If you experience malfunction at any time, you’ll be able to speak to a representative and get it fixed quickly.

Even if you’re satisfied with the speeds you’re getting but merely want to make a change regarding your plan, they’ll be there to accommodate you. You aren’t just limited to talking on the phone though; you’ll also be able to talk to representatives live online.

Quick roundup:


  • Speed 10
  • Reliability 9
  • Cost 9

Dish TV Reviews

Dish Network has been in business since the mid 90’s and considering their systems are now operating in well over 14 million homes, this is the fastest growing TV network in the US. When it comes to customer satisfaction, they’re consistently ranked as the leader.

As you’ll notice below, there is a decent variety in packages to choose from; most of which come with a huge amount of HD channels, pay-per-view events/movies, the ability to stream videos as well as a number of cool features. They’re the network that has the largest selection of channels and PPV content, has the most music/movie channels and great prices to accompany that.

The installation is fairly straightforward in itself: you’ll get the whole satellite system set up for free as well as their top-of-the-line Hopper receiver. The only downside to the installation process is that there’s an additional charge if you need it installed in more than 6 rooms (residential or business).

One of the main advantages to the Dish Hopper DVR is that this little device is able to record thousands of hours worth of media. You can do everything there is imaginable (pause, rewind, record, etc) and there’s also the ability to record a number of channels at once.

Current Dish TV Package Specials

  1. Smart Pack
    It comes with over 55 channels and it’s different to the rest of Dish TV packages in the sense that there is no introductory price for the first 12 months. The price is set at $29.99/mth.
  2. America’s Top 120
    This package comes with a lot more choice in comparison considering there are 190+ channels available. The price for the first 12 months is $29.99/mth and then goes up to $49.99/mth.
  3. America’s Top 120 Plus
    The Top 120 Plus comes with 190+ channels, an introductory rate of $34.99/mth and a standard rate of $59.99/mth.
  4. America’s Top 200
    The Top Plus comes with 235+ channels, an introductory rate of $39.99/mth and a standard rate of $64.99/mth.
  5. America’s Top 250
    The Top 250 comes with 290+ channels, an introductory rate of $44.99/mth and a standard rate of $74.99/mth.
  6. America’s “Everything” Pack
    The Top 120 Plus comes with 290+ channels, an introductory rate of $89.99/mth and a standard rate of $119.99/mth.

What About Sports Channels?

There is rarely a comparable satellite TV that offers the same amount of sports channels as Dish. The sports channel upgrade which costs an additional $11/mth and works with every package will give you access to Big Ten, NFL RedZone, NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, Fox Sports, Universal Sports as well as over 20 regional sports networks. You can also watch these channels anywhere with the “Dish Anywhere” feature, depending on whether your package qualifies.

Premium Channels

There‘s a number of Premium Channels you can choose to upgrade to depending on your needs. The most popular ones worthy of note are HBO, Cinemax, Showtime & Starz.


If you’re interested in international programming and would like to have foreign language channels as well as custom language programming, Dish offers that as well. This network is known for offering more international programming options than any other and there are well over 200 foreign channels to choose from including 30 different languages.

DISH for Business

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you can get a Dish business package that’s specifically catered to your needs. They currently have packages for hotel lounges, offices, restaurants, bars and shopping areas. The business packages are usually custom-ordered which is why you’ll have to reach out to one of their business specialists to get a quote.


There is quite the variety as far as adult TV offerings which customers can upgrade to ranging from Hustler all the way up to Reality King. They have top of the line adult entertainment options, all of which come in HD.

Clear HD Streaming

Even if you’re watching one of the busiest games out there, you can expect for the streaming to be clear to the point you’ll be able to see the stitching on a ball. The majority of their channels are HD and there’s also the option to upgrade to “Video On Demand” and see the newest releases in HD.

Local Channels

Depending on where you live, you‘ll get a number of local channels for free. Enter your zip code at their website and check out what they have to offer.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

This might surprise you but one of the main reasons people choose to switch to Dish TV is the revolutionary “Hopper”. This is a piece of equipment which singlehandedly managed to change the way we view TV. Some of the biggest problems people are currently facing when watching TV are the following:

  • They can’t find an actual TV show they’re interested in watching.
  • Even if the show is available, they just can’t make it there when it airs.
  • They have to worry about whether there’s any space left for recordings.
  • Dealing with frequent/annoying commercial breaks.

With the Dish Hopper, all of those problems suddenly disappear and you’re in for the ultimate TV experience. Even if the show that you’re really interested in seeing airs after you go to sleep, you don’t have to force yourself to stay up anymore.

You can basically record all that HD video you’re interested in watching remotely, skip through commercial breaks and transmit it onto other devices. It’s basically an infinite pool of options and about as good as it gets. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment, the answer is yes. You can view the shows you recorded on smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc.

This is something that people have been looking forward to for years and now it’s available to everyone.

How Does The Dish TV Hopper Work?

Although DVR technology has a general reputation for being outdated, this is the best DVR equipment to ever come out and can do amazing things. For instance, you’ll be able to store 2TB worth of content on it which basically amounts to a few thousand hours worth of TV shows/movies.

Not only does the Hopper record content you’re interested in but you can also use it to stream content to different TVs and smartphones in the house, that is as long as they’re connected to the network. There is a smartphone app that comes with the Hopper you can easily install and as soon as you’ve approved the streaming request, the content will show up on your phone. The stream starts instantly and can be described as flawless. You can read our DISH Hopper review as well.

Blockbuster Feature

If you consider yourself a movie junkie and want to get access to the most exclusive of movie releases (as soon as they come out) – this is the only upgrade you’ll ever need. You’ll be able to stream thousands of movies to different devices and if you aren’t a Dish user already you’ll get the first 3 months free of charge.


The Tailgater is basically a small antenna that will make taking your HD-quality TV anywhere easy. It’s extra convenient if you’ll be in need of portability and want reliable access to streaming mediums.

FAQs on Dish Internet

Can you get just internet from DISH?

Yes, you can get stand-alone internet service with DISH. To get started, visit the DISH website and choose a plan that suits your needs.

Is DISH internet good?

Overall, DISH offers reliable internet services. Its download speeds range from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps depending on the type of plan you choose. Additionally, its coverage area is one of the largest in the country, so chances are you can access its services no matter where you live.

Is DISH and HughesNet the same?

No, DISH and HughesNet are not the same. While both companies provide internet services, they have different plans and prices. In addition, HughesNet requires customers to sign a two-year contract while DISH does not.

How do I get internet on DISH?

To get started with DISH internet, simply visit the DISH website and select a package that fits your needs. Once you’ve made your selection, a technician will be sent to set up your equipment and get you connected.

Is DISH internet as fast as cable?

Yes, DISH internet is just as fast, if not faster, than traditional cable services. With plans ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps, you can enjoy streaming TV programming and other online activities without any lag or buffering.

How strong is DISH internet?

DISH has some of the strongest internet in the country, with download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps for stand-alone internet packages. Just make sure to select the plan that best suits your needs.

Does DISH internet go out in bad weather?

Generally speaking, DISH internet does not go out due to bad weather. Even though their dishes use satellites to transmit signals, the technology is designed to be resilient during adverse weather conditions.

Why is DISH internet so slow?

If you’re experiencing slow speeds while using DISH internet, it could be because of signal loss. This could be caused by several factors such as poor weather conditions or an unstable connection between your router and satellite dish. Make sure that all connections are secure and that your antenna is correctly aligned before attempting to troubleshoot further.

What is the best WIFI company?

That depends on your individual needs and preferences. Some of the top WiFi providers include AT&T, Verizon, Cox Communications, CenturyLink, Spectrum, and Xfinity. All of these companies offer reliable internet service with plenty of speed options, but make sure to compare them first before making a final decision.

How much is DISH senior discount?

Senior discounts vary depending on the package and region. For more information about specific packages and discounts available in your area, reach out to a customer service representative at 1-855-824-6389 or visit www.dish.com/senior-discounts/.

How does DISH internet work?

DISH uses high-speed satellite technology to deliver internet access directly to your home. It works by sending signals from satellites located in space down to small dishes installed on your roof or balcony. These dishes then transfer signals to modems in your home which convert them into usable internet bandwidth.

Does DISH have senior discount?

Yes, DISH offers senior discounts for eligible customers. Discounts and packages vary depending on location so make sure to contact a customer service representative at 1-855-824-6389 or visit www.dish.com/senior-discounts/ for more information about what’s available in your area.

Do you need a router with DISH internet?

Yes, routers are required to connect a computer or mobile device to the network created by the satellite dish and modem. A router effectively splits up the signal coming from the modem so that multiple devices can access the internet without slowing down speeds or causing interference.

Does DISH internet require a satellite?

Yes, satellite dishes are necessary for accessing DISH internet services as they act as antennas that capture signals sent from satellites in space. The size of the dish varies depending on where you live but generally speaking, they measure between 18 inches and 36 inches wide.

Which satellite internet is best?

That depends on your individual needs and preferences but overall, DISH is one of the most popular satellite internet providers due to its extensive coverage areas, reliable speeds, flexible plans and affordable pricing.

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