Best Cabin Location on Cruise Ship

There are many different cabins (staterooms) on today’s modern ships. On huge mega-liners, more than 20 cabin categories could be found. They differ from each other by several aspects like size, position, amenities and, of course, price.
Therefore, the right cabin selection is one of the most important points when booking a cruise vacation.

Typicl inside cabinStandard features in the cabins include a bathroom with shower, TV, air-conditioning, closet, dresser, telephone, night table, reading light, a couple of chairs. Depending on cruise line standards and category you may also find some extra features such as VCR or DVD player, radio, hairdryer, safe, sofa, mini-refrigerator, and Internet access.

Overview of Cabins by Type

Type Pros Cons Recommended for
Inside Cabin (Without Porthole or Window) Most affordable category No outside view Passengers who are absolutely sure that they won’t spend too much time in the cabin during the cruise
Outside Ocean View with Porthole or Window Have outside view Windows or portholes cannot be opened Passengers who seek cruise at an affordable price but with a view of the sea.
Cabins with Balconies or Verandahs Outside sitting area and access to ocean’s fresh air Balconies are small, with space enough for only two chairs Cruisers who want to have a private space where can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea
Suites Largest space available, separate sleeping, sitting rooms, and balcony. Most expensive category Cruise families who seek a lot of space, enjoy luxury accommodation in private and are willing to pay for it

Keep in mind that the actual size of cabins differs from one company to another and there are even different cabin sizes depending on the class of the ship within the same company. On luxury cruise lines even the smallest cabins are larger than most of the cabins on contemporary lines. Also, some ships have sub-categories of cabins like suite and luxury-suite.
Information’s about cabin features and square footage is available in the cruise line brochures or with travel agents.

Best Cruise Ship Cabin Location

Cabin with outside viewAnother important factor concerning cabin selection is the location. There are few issues to be considered before making a booking in order to avoid disappointment upon embarking.
Inexperienced cruisers sometimes accept an offer from a travel agent or cruise line for a “guaranteed” cabin in order to save some money. That means you have guaranteed just a certain type of cabin but not the location. So, before booking you may want to check the following, potentially disturbing issues:

  • Is the cabin located under the dance floor of a night-disco club? If so, your cabin could be irritatingly noisy.
  • Is the window of your cabin at the promenade deck? If yes, you will have people walking just by your window and not everyone may like that.
  • If you want a cabin with a view of the ocean check that it is not obstructed or limited by some object like a lifeboat or anything else. That happens sometimes.

Overview of Cabins by Location

Location Pros Cons
Higher deck Close to pool and sundecks area Higher price than those on the lower decks. More rocking motions especially on small ships.
Lower deck Lower price than for higher deck cabins. Less rocking on rough seas. Possible noise from ship_ engine or anchor movement. Access to pool and sundecks area requires the usage of stairs or elevators
Midship (Middle of the Ship) Less rocking on rough seas. Best access to all ship’s amenities. Possible noise of traffic in the hallways. Lifeboats or tenders can block the view.
Bow (Forward) Cabins Sometimes suites are located on this part of the ship and have big balconies due to the shape of the ship. Biggest rocking on the ship. Not recommended for passengers with motion sickness.
Aft (Rear) Cabins Often cabins with the biggest balconies and with a spectacular view. More rocking than on midship. Close to the dining room and lounges so a problem with noise is possible.

If a large family or group of people are on a cruise together, some lines offer the option of having conjoined cabins. Also, all ships have a certain number of cabins that are accessible for disabled people.

Balconies on Golden PrincessCheck what kind of beds are in the cabin and how that suits you. Most twin beds can be converted into one king-size bed for a couple.

Make sure that you get well informed about all the aspects mentioned above before booking. Having a good stateroom on cruise vacation will significantly improve your ship experience.

It will be your home at sea during the cruise.

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