Top 10 Best Connecticut Tourist Attractions

Here you will know about state Connecticut, United States and its top 10 most beautiful places. You will know about the tourism areas and favorite tourist spots of Connecticut. There are so many things like beautiful parks, seaport, museums, and landscapes at the Connecticut. You can just make a tour to Connecticut to spend your weekend with your friends and family. Just go through the content and know about the beautiful places of Connecticut, United States. I’m sure; you will feel to visit Connecticut once after that.

10. The Mark Twain House & Museum

It’s one of the beautiful and top 10 most beautiful places in Connecticut, United States. The people who are interested in adventure and legacy then you must visit the Mark Twain House & Museum. It’s open museum for all. Anybody can go there to visit research and learn. It’s a great place to pass time while enjoying its beauty.

9. Mystic Aquarium

Underwater world is a fantasy to many people. Mystic aquarium is a good place for them to know about the mystery and beauty of the lives inside water. You can make a tour along with you. It’s a great tourism sector in the Connecticut. Tourists come here to visit the Nautilus live theatre, where they enjoy the underwater more. The Tails exhibit and the titanic exhibit will show you the closer view of living water life. This amazing aquarium has been found in 1973 and running successfully since then. It’s one of the top 10 beautiful places in Connecticut, United States.

8. The Beardsley Zoo

The Beardsley Zoo is a great place for spending some family time. There are lots of animals in the Zoo. Huge number of tourists visits the Zoo and made it a tourism sector of Connecticut. People enjoy watching animals and hiking as well. There is a wide range of entrainment facilities here. Children can enjoy at their most and learn how to protect the environment while going on a zoo scavenger hunts with your family. So go there with your family and have some quality time. It’s been 80 years. The Beardsley Zoo is entertaining their visitors.

7. The Hammonasset Beach State Park

I am sure everyone is willing to visit one of the most beautiful and playful tourism places in the world. Here comes the Hammonasset Beach State Park for you, with some most popular shorelines covering two miles. You are going to Connecticut, and then you should visit Hammonasset Beach State Park. You will feel that it’s complete now. You can go on a tour with your entire family and have fun, as there are lots of ways to have fun. You can go swimming, play with sands and make and castles, enjoy water sports or just walk along the beach with your partner holding hands. It’s a safe place to pass a quality bonding time at the parks.

6. The Roseland Cottage, Woodstock

It’s located at the Woodstock and founded in 1846. This is an old Gothic Revival style summer house. Doesn’t it sound fascinating, once you visit the house, you will know yourself. It’s called The Pink House, or Henry C. Bowen House. This is a historical tourist spot. You should make a tour to this cottage at least once. The cottage maintains an evergreen look, I mean to it looks just the same as it was in 19th century. Then it was used for the US presidents and guests. The wide garden in front of the house, the icehouse and the garden house will just blow your mind.

5. The Aldrich Contemporary Art museum, Ridgefield

The Aldrich Contemporary Art museum is a different type of art exhibition museum. It’s a contemporary art museum and the collections are not the same every time. It doesn’t contain the same collection. The themes keep changing. The two acre grounds are used as a sculpture garden. It’s located at 258 Main Street, Ridgefield. It’s famous tourism place at Connecticut.

4. The Gillette Castle Park, East Haddam

The Gillette Castle Park is a fascinating park covering 184 acre of land. It’s located at 67 River Road, East Haddam. The Castel was the home to William Hooker Gillette; the Castel Park was named after him. He was the original character of Sherlock Holmes and was known for that. It’s architecture and view is really amazing and enough to have some good time around it. It has now a well known tourism place in the Connecticut.

3. Lake Compounce Family Theme Park, Bristol

If you are in Connecticut, then you don’t have to worry about your children’s entertainment along with yours. There is huge number of tourism sector, where you can make a tour. Lake Compounce Family Theme Park is one of them. Lots of tourists come here with their family. It’s the oldest park of Connecticut, located at the 186 Enterprise Drive, Bristol.

2. The New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks

The New England Air Museum is the best place for the people who love aircrafts. It’s located at the 36 Perimeter Road, Bradley International Airport, and Windsor Locks. Tourists come here to enjoy the helicopters here. There are more than 70 aircrafts kept including helicopters, Jets, WWII aircrafts and many other types of aircrafts. It’s not limited in displaying them and tourist watch from far. Best part is you can try out a ride with them.

1. Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven

The Peabody Museum of Natural History is right place for the history lover and mystery lovers. Tourist from the entire world comes here to know about the Egyptian culture. It’s located at the Yale University. Visitors actually make this tour to this university for the Peabody Museum of Natural History. You can know about the dinosaurs from the most past time of world and about the Egyptian mummies, Native American and Indian artifacts as well. Their range is quite enrich is historical thing collections. I am sure will be interested too, if you are a history man.

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