Memorial Park Colorado Springs Honors Veterans

A Place to Remember with Joy!

Memorial Park Colorado Springs is 196 acres of beauty in the central area of Colorado Springs.

The name indicates the park’s first purpose which is to memorialize veterans who have been killed in the line of duty.  There are memorials for each branch of the service.  It is a place to remember all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country.


Of course, Memorial Park Colorado Springs is also a place that is designed for recreation purposes.  I think it is great that a place designed to honor the dead is also a place where families can play.

The central feature is Prospect Lake.  There is a swimming beach.  Boating is permitted.  You can even rent a boat during the summer.

In addition, these facilities are available according to the city:

Aquatics and Fitness Center (indoor pool), fitness room, social/playroom; swimming lessons. (Best access off S. Union Blvd. just south of E. Pikes Peak Ave.

Mark “Pa” Sertich Ice Center: public ice skating, lessons.

Velodrome: bicycle racing track, roller skate racing track.

Sports Center: Parks and Recreation’s Sports Division Administrative Offices; three baseball/softball fields, 15 football/soccer fields, 12 tennis courts with Tennis Center.

Other facilities: picnicking (shelters), large-group picnic area (by reservation), horseshoe courts, multi-play court, 5.3 miles of trails, 1.6 miles of bikeways, Prospect Lake Fitness Trail (hiking, biking, jogging, fitness)


Finally, there are three playgrounds.  We love taking our kids over there to play.  You can feed the ducks, throw rocks in the lake, and let the kids run around and wear themselves out.

Where is the Park

The city has a map of the facilities on the city website.  I’ve also created a map that will give you directions to get to the park wherever you might be coming from.

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